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  1. elkhunterUT

    Book Cliffs Bison-Bull Down!!

    My niece’s boyfriend (Mason) received a call from the DWR a week before the August 21st opener informing him that someone had turned in their Book Cliffs archery bison tag and he was next on the alternate list to receive the tag if he wanted it. Being brand new to hunting, he quickly reached...
  2. elkhunterUT

    Utah Bull’s Age

    Just got my 2020 tooth age data back from the DWR on my Utah LE bull. I figured he was an old bull, but was surprised by just how old:
  3. elkhunterUT

    Oak Creek vs Newfoundland Mtns Sheep

    Looking for input from guys that have experience with both the Oak Creek and Newfoundland Mtns California bighorn sheep herds. If you had the points to draw either tag, which would you choose and why? I would like to try and kill one with my bow, so looking for best opportunities at mature...
  4. elkhunterUT

    Favorite Trail Cam Pics - 2020

    Post up your favorite trail cam pics from this past year (2020) - would be fun to see what you caught on your cameras. I went through all of my trail cam pics from my Utah LE elk hunt and thought I would post up some of my favorites - here is part 1:
  5. elkhunterUT

    Swarovski NL Pure 12x42's?

    Has anyone pulled the trigger on the Swarovski NL Pure 12x42 binos and used them yet? Would love your impressions and any feedback on whether or not they are worth the price tag. I am pretty sure I know the answer, but gotta talk myself into spending that money:ROFLMAO:
  6. elkhunterUT

    SOLD Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 Rifle Scope

    I have a brand new (unopened in box) Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 Rifle scope with the Dead-Hold BDC reticle for sale. $200
  7. elkhunterUT

    Semi-live Utah LE Elk Muzzy Hunt

    I have always enjoyed the semi-live hunts on here so when service allows, I will keep you updated on my muzzy hunt that opens on Monday 9/21. We arrived yesterday late afternoon and got camp set up-our #1 camp spot was taken. Got out to glass just before dark and spotted 2 bulls, both good 6’s...
  8. elkhunterUT

    2020 Utah Archery Buck Down!

    My 77 year old Father-in-law drew a book cliffs archery deer tag in 2019, but hurt his back days before the hunt and had to surrender the tag. He was able to draw again this year and took his first ever velvet mule deer with his bow on opening morning. It was a blast for me to be there with him...
  9. elkhunterUT

    What do you think of this bull?

    I have quite a few trail cam pics of this bull-he has one of the largest bodies (huge gut and butt) that I have ever seen on an elk and I think it may skew the size of his antlers. What do you all think? Just for fun, what do you think he scores? He has a 2-3” cheater off of his left side G4 so...
  10. elkhunterUT

    Utah Tooth Data

    I received my LE elk tag a few weeks ago, but have not received any information or an envelope to turn in a tooth after harvest for aging. Is the Division no longer doing that? When I had an expo elk tag in 2009, I was sent instructions and an envelope to turn in a tooth. Just wondering if...
  11. elkhunterUT

    2019 Pics-Year in Review

    2019 was a great year for me-Most hunts were spent helping my kids take animals. Time spent with them drove home to me what hunting is all about-creating memories with those you love in God?s creation. Doesn?t get any better than that!! We started out with my 13 year old daughter taking her...
  12. elkhunterUT

    Box Elder, Newfoundland Archery Hunt

    Anyone here hunt, or know someone that hunted, archery Bighorn sheep on the Box Elder, Newfoundland unit this past season? I would love to hear about the experience. I have quite a few points, but still a bit under what it takes to draw the any weapon tag.
  13. elkhunterUT

    120-1 Deer Tag ?

    My 16 year old son & his 17 year old cousin drew the 120-1 deer tag with November 1-15 dates. We have a family friend with ranch property outside of Thermopolis & will likely hunt with his family, but would love to hear from anyone that has hunted this late hunt to hear your experiences &...
  14. elkhunterUT

    2018 WY & UT Bucks

    I don't know about you all, but I am getting antsy waiting for draw results & looking forward to this year?s hunts & adventures!! While we are waiting patiently, here are a couple pics from last year?s hunts in Wyoming & Utah. Wyoming 2018 My Brother, nephew and I packed into the backcountry...
  15. elkhunterUT

    Utah Rocky Unit-Box Elder, Newfies

    For those who have experience on, or have hunted, the Box Elder Newfoundland Unit for Bighorn Sheep what are your thoughts on the hunt? How are the sheep & rams doing out there & what is the quality/quantity like? Is the terrain conducive to bowhunting? Early or late hunt dates better? Any tips...
  16. elkhunterUT

    Draw results question

    Put in for Montana general deer combo for the first time ever this year. I see results should be available the week of April 16th. Is Montana pretty good about getting results out when they say they will (April 16th), and do they notify you via email or do you check results on their website?
  17. elkhunterUT

    Montana Application Question

    I am planning to apply for a NR Deer Combination license this year for the first time ever in a group of 5 and have a couple questions: 1. Does Montana require you to front the entire cost of the tag or do they charge your card after you are successful in the draw? 2. If applying as a group...
  18. elkhunterUT

    Beaver Unit - Archery Deer

    We used to bowhunt the Beaver unit for deer many years ago, but I have not been down there in quite some time. I will be running a 1/2 marathon on July 29th in the Tushar Mtn range and wondered if maybe I ought to start looking into the unit again for a future bowhunt. I have a couple of...
  19. elkhunterUT

    My 2017 Utah Bear Hunt Story

    I have started a story over on the HAC thread about my bear hunt this year if you want to follow along:
  20. elkhunterUT

    2017 - Year of the Bear

    Having drawn two great tags early on in 2017 that would require a lot of focus and vacation time, my big game application plans for my home state of Utah changed slightly. I opted for my 19th elk point and 17th Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep point and did not put in for general deer for the first time...
  21. elkhunterUT

    Drew Nebo Bear Tag

    I have a pending $166 charge on my credit card for Nebo Multi-season bear. I drew with 14 points. To say I am excited is an understatement!! I plan to hit the June hunt hard with bait and if I don't kill, will hopefully get one with hounds in the fall. Would love to hear about any of your...
  22. elkhunterUT

    Utah Bear Unit Recommendations

    I have 14 Utah bear bonus points and am looking to draw a Multi-Season Limited Entry tag to give me multiple options to take a bear (bow/bait, hounds, etc). Based on draw odds, I think I can draw most units with the exception of San Juan and maybe La Sal. I would prefer to hunt a unit closer...
  23. elkhunterUT

    Colorado Unit 74 - Mule Deer

    I am looking to talk with someone (privately if preferred) that has first hand "boots on the ground" experience hunting mule deer in the high country of Unit 74 on an archery tag, muzzleloader tag, or early rifle tag. If you have hunted 74 and are willing to share your experience I would...
  24. elkhunterUT

    Unit 74 - Mule Deer

    I am looking to talk with someone (privately if preferred) that has first hand "boots on the ground" experience hunting mule deer in the high country of Unit 74 on an archery tag, muzzleloader tag, or early rifle tag. If you have hunted 74 and are willing to share your experience I would...
  25. elkhunterUT

    Hoyt Trykon Bow & Accessories For Sale

    2005 Hoyt Trykon 75th Anniversary Model bow and accessories for sale. $300 or best offer. Here are the specs on the bow & accessories: 27.5" draw length 60-70 lb draw weight (80% letoff cams) 32" axle to axle New Winner's Choice Custom Strings & Cables 4 arrow Hoyt quiver Copper John Dead...
  26. elkhunterUT

    Dad's 2014 Bull Back from Taxidermist

    My Dad got his 2014 LE Utah bull back from the taxidermist last night and we got everything in place at his house. It turned out awesome next to his Book Cliffs Archery buck from a few years ago!! Dustin Beratto out of Herriman, UT did the taxidermy work on both the deer and elk and did an...
  27. elkhunterUT

    Early Utah Velvet

    Early velvet is looking good here in Utah - this is a bull I filmed using my PhoneSkope and Vortex Razor spotter from a long ways away over the Memorial Day Weekend.
  28. elkhunterUT

    2015 Utah Draw Odds?

    So how long do you think it will be until we see the 2015 draw odds for Utah? This seems to come up every year, but I truly and honestly do not get why Utah doesn't have the odds posted within days of the drawing results. What prevents that from happening for Utah? Every other western state...
  29. elkhunterUT

    Dad's Dream Bull

    My Dad's muzzy elk hunt has been over for almost a month now and even though I am just getting around to posting the experience here, we are all still on cloud nine after a hunt that could not have been scripted any better. Over the past 35 years of elk hunting, my Dad has had a "mature bull"...
  30. elkhunterUT

    Sitka Gear Shirts & Core4Element Pants For Sale

    Sitka Gear shirts & Core4Element Pants for sale. Clothing has only been worn once and in perfect condition. Will sell individually at prices listed below, or altogether as a package for $170. Sitka Gear Core Zip T (3/4 Zip) in Mothwing Mountain Mimicry Camo Size Medium Retails for $89 On Sale...
  31. elkhunterUT

    2013 WY Elk Hunt Pics/Story

    My Dad and I both had Wyoming elk tags this year and were hoping for success during the archery hunt in late September. Some close calls on elk the first couple days of bowhunting were quickly squashed by some wild Wyoming weather that sent us home after a foot of snow and what seemed like 100...
  32. elkhunterUT

    Meat Processor in Farson or Lander?

    Is anyone familiar with a place in Farson or Lander that we could take meat to for storage or processing? If we shoot one early and the rest of the group wants to keep hunting we would like an option where we can take the meat. Thanks and best of luck on the hunts this year!!
  33. elkhunterUT

    Beach Recommendation -So. Cal/San Diego?

    I am taking the wife and kids to Disneyland & Sea World/San Diego next week. If you had time for one beach visit on the trip, which beach would you recommend and why? I have read online that Mission Beach and La Jolla are good ones to hit, but would like to hear recommendations from those with...
  34. elkhunterUT - Get Signed Up!!!

    Wanted to give a shout out to the guys at and encourage you all to go to their site and sign up for the chance to win free gear and hunts in the future. They recently sponsored a contest here at Monstermuleys on this thread below where they encouraged people to sign up at...
  35. elkhunterUT

    2/20 - WY NR Elk Draw Results Posted

    I just saw on the Wyoming Game & Fish website that NR elk draw results are to be posted tomorrow 2/20. Good luck to everyone on the draw!!
  36. elkhunterUT

    Best Utah RM Bighorn Sheep Unit??

    For those who have hunted or assisted on RM Bighorn Sheep hunts in Utah, what is the best unit in your opinion (quantity and quality of rams), and why? What units are more DIY/Bowhunter friendly? I am sitting on 12 points, so still have a ways to go to guarantee a tag, but I am feeling lucky :-)
  37. elkhunterUT

    Wyoming Elk- What to Do?

    I have 5 Non-Resident Elk preference points and my Dad has 0 going into the draw this year. My Dad and brother hunted a lesser limited quota unit last year and my brother killed a smaller 5x6 bull on the archery hunt and my Dad killed a spike later on the rifle hunt after several decent...
  38. elkhunterUT

    Wyoming Elk Questions & Help Needed

    I have 5 Non-Resident Elk preference points and my Dad has 0 going into the draw this year. My Dad and brother hunted a lesser limited quota unit last year and my brother killed a smaller 5x6 bull on the archery hunt and my Dad killed a spike later on the rifle hunt after several decent...
  39. elkhunterUT

    How big is this buck?

    What are your thoughts on this buck's score? He is a straight 4 point and very symmetrical.
  40. elkhunterUT

    Honest opinions on Unit 90 WY Antelope

    Looking for honest opinions from anyone that has hunted Wyoming antelope in unit 90-1, 90-2, or both preferrably. It looks like I have close to enough points (I have 4) to draw the 90-1 tag this year judging by last years draw results. Should I go for this tag or hold out for 90-2 for another...
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