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  1. Buckhunter1955

    New "Coon" Trap

    I just got my new coon trap a few days ago. Can't wait to see how it works.
  2. Buckhunter1955

    Yellow Fin Tuna

    Seared tuna topped with jalapenos, cilantro, ginger and soy sauce. Served with fresh tomatoes wedges, yellow rice and avocados. Washed it down with a Double Vodka and Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Cocktail.
  3. Buckhunter1955

    B Zone Blacktail

    My son Ethan hunting with his Father in law to be getting it done just like his Dad taught him. He continues to make me proud.
  4. Buckhunter1955

    Beef it's what's for Supper

    Tri-Tip, rare in the thickest part for me, medium where it tapers off on the ends for my wife. Tri-Tip sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.
  5. Buckhunter1955

    Not Many Bucks, maybe this is why!

    We need to start managing these cats while we still have a few deer left! What's it going to take? Some Senators kid killed by one of these Cats?
  6. Buckhunter1955

    Burning Points!

    I burnt 24 NR points on a Colorado unit 61 2nd rifle tag. Was anyone else as dumb as me to wait that long for a "good" tag.
  7. Buckhunter1955

    Grape Eaters

    These two were caught in the vineyard eating grapes.
  8. Buckhunter1955

    A Zone Rifle Opener this Saturday!!!

    Good luck to all this week end. It's going to be hot as hell, but our group has been getting together for the opener for 30+ years. It started with just my brother and myself with a couple good friends and has grown to include sons and a future daughter in law. I'll try to add to my collection...
  9. Buckhunter1955

    A Zone Archery Buck

    Not the best photo, but a hell of a Buck! I would of rather seen him hard horned.
  10. Buckhunter1955

    Dusty Hill of ZZ Top Dead at 72

    I've seen them three times live, you'll never get more out of any three "Rockers" ever. R.I.P. Dusty.
  11. Buckhunter1955

    Something new!

    It's 98 degrees here in Philo, I'm going to try something different.
  12. Buckhunter1955

    New Hat.

    I got a new hat, we'll see how it goes over in this liberal state.
  13. Buckhunter1955

    The forum is titled "Campfire"

    Here's ours at Buck Camp the night before opening day.
  14. Buckhunter1955

    The Killing Fields

    I've got a Coyote snare at the bottom of the gate where it's cracked open at the bottom.
  15. Buckhunter1955

    Double Turkeys

    Father & Son with a double on my place here in Philo. That tree has been the back drop for a lot of great photos.
  16. Buckhunter1955

    What kind of tree is this?

    I don't think it's a hardwood.
  17. Buckhunter1955

    Bigfoot's Toilet?

    Yes, No, Maybe?
  18. Buckhunter1955

    Fish Tacos

    My wife makes "Killer" Halibut fish tacos!
  19. Buckhunter1955

    Seared Yellow Fin Tuna

    Seared Tuna topped with cilantro avocado and ginger, with pesto rice, smoked artichokes and garlic mayo.
  20. Buckhunter1955

    Looking for Factory Ammo

    I'm looking for Federal Premium 180gr Nosler Partion in .300 Weatherby Mag. I lost my reloading room when my son was born, and I found out my rifle loves this load. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Buckhunter1955

    Two more bite the dust!

    These pigs are like Democrats, there everywhere.
  22. Buckhunter1955

    When we're not Hunting.

    When were not hunting, we have a pond full of these guys.
  23. Buckhunter1955

    Better than average.

    This is a better than average buck for our coastal A zone bucks.
  24. Buckhunter1955

    Pig Killer

    A Boy and his Dog!
  25. Buckhunter1955

    24 NR Elk Points Colorado

    I know I'm a fool but it seemed like a good strategy at the time. If I knew then what I know now I would of gone hunting every 4 to 5 years. That being said what would be my best move now. I'm willing to pay to go with an outfitter. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to use these...
  26. Buckhunter1955

    Nevada Again!

    Nevada has been good to me over the years. I hope to go again soon as I have 13 NR points, maybe this year. Thank you to the Moderator who was able to get my photo posted correctly. Computers are not my strong suit.
  27. Buckhunter1955

    Nevada Buck

    Here's a buck from several years back. I still haven't figured out how to scan an old photo.
  28. Buckhunter1955

    Mexico Coues

    These are some good friends that went to Mexico in January and did pretty darn good.
  29. Buckhunter1955

    Another Tag Filler

    It' been kind of slow here om MM, found a couple old photos. This one is my son Ethan with a big bodied coastal A zone buck. Hope you enjoy.
  30. Buckhunter1955

    More Pigs

    Just can't kill'em all, but we try!
  31. Buckhunter1955

    Missing our Garden

    It's the middle of February and I'm already missing our garden.
  32. Buckhunter1955

    Warming Fire!

    If you want to burn a pile in California bigger than 4X4 all you have to do is call it a "Warming Fire".
  33. Buckhunter1955

    Late Wyoming Elk Hunt

    After I shot this Bull we found an ear tag in each ear. Kept one and turned the other into Fish & Wildlife. Turns out this bull was tagged at 2 years old in Kemmerer Wyoming which about 200 miles as the crow flies.
  34. Buckhunter1955

    Our Neighbors Buck

    Here's my son holding a buck our neighbor killed in Nevada a few years back, I want to say he scored 212
  35. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota Mule Deer

    My brother and I with my brother's better than average buck for the area that we were hunting. This was a few years back. Things here on Monster Muleys has been kind of slow so I've been digging through some old photos. Hope you enjoy them.
  36. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota Cheater Buck

    Here is a good friend Steve, with a really cool South Dakota Buck.
  37. Buckhunter1955

    South Dakota West River Tag

    Two nice Whitetails and one Mule deer that would of been a great buck in a couple more years.
  38. Buckhunter1955

    Meat Buck

    This is my son Ethan with a "Tag Filler". Everyone loves a big rack, but we love the meat even more. He shoots better than he dresses.
  39. Buckhunter1955

    Fat Pig

    For me this is the best eating wild pig, a pregnant sow before she produces any milk. Their fat is still nice and white, later on the fat turns grey, not good.
  40. Buckhunter1955

    B&C Caribou

    Still learning how to scan old photos to my computer. I think you'll have to click on the pdf tab to see the pic.
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