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    Meat processors in Susanville CA

    Can anyone tell me if there is a good meat processor in the Susanville area. We are hunting in X5-b and are staying the whole hunt. So with that in mind and the weather being what it is we need to have a place to take the deer once we have shot one. Thanks for the info in advance guys
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    Calling all surgeons

    I received an email from the Wyoming F&G today and they want you to remove the lymph nodes from your animal now and then send them into the F&G for study. The email goes on to show you how to remove them for study. Hell after this email I think I could be a surgeon and start a new career at...
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    Smoke from the fires has it improved

    Can anyone tell me how the smoke is up in Lassen county. Has it tapered off any at all. The two biggest fires are about 60% contained now and have slowed down somewhat. Hoping for the opening in about three weeks
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    Dixie Fire and surrounding areas

    Does anyone know what the fire it doing, how bad is the smoke? Can you see any distance? I want to go scouting but heard the smoke was terrible anyone with first hand knowledge so I don't have to waste a Saturday driving through the smoke
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    Justin's or Tony Lama's

    Ok what Cowboy boot is the best Justin's or Tony Lama's. I have worn both but I like Tony Lama's for the fit. Justin's seem to be harder to break in than Tony Lama's. Does anyone wear theirs hunting? Can't beat just pulling them on no shoe strings on or off....LOL my eyes aren't what they used...
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    8.2 Earthquake in SW Alaska

    A large 8.2 earthquake hit SW Alaska last night and I am hearing that the area is under an Tsunami warning for everyone to get to higher ground..... I hope that everyone can get to safety anyone hearing anything else on this one?
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    Pig Problem in California

    I was coming back from a fishing trip last week and was above Laytonville on Hwy 101 when I had to stop for a Herd? of pigs. Look at all of the little ones and they are very healthy as you can see. One boar and three sows and about 20 piglets. Barley got my camera out couldn't get to my gun fast...
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    Things Marriage teaches a man

    You guys will love this video I don't know the comedians name but this guy has it right
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    .338 ammo

    I went to Sportsman's Warehouse yesterday to look for ammo and I found some .300 mag copper bullets so it appears I will be able to hunt this year...LOL But I also looked at the .338 and the Remington Core Lock were $95.00 a box for the cheap stuff. Not even Copper I knew it was expensive but...
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    Two Texans in hell

    Two Texans go to hell so Satin thought he would go check on them and see how they were doing. When he enters their room he sees them happy and go lucky, furious he asks why are you so happy? They say because where we were at it was cold this is nice warm weather we can enjoy. Pissed off Satin...
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    X2, X6A, X6B

    Hey guys I need a little help, my son and I have decided to burn our points this year as we are one point behind max therefore we will never draw the G-39 or any of those kinds of hunts. With the point creep we are out of luck So if you were going to hunt any of the three zones I have listed...
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    6.8 Western

    Anyone tried this new 6.8 Western they say it is better than the 6.5 as it can use bigger bullets like 165-175 grains. And it is in between the 6.5 and a 7mm. What is your take on this one is it good or just another new caliber
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    Getting the Vaccine

    So I am scheduled to get the vaccine next week. Although I am a bit apprehensive I am really just glad to get this Covid thing behind me. Now I can schedule fishing trips this summer get ready for hunting this fall and I don't have to look over my shoulder to see if someone is standing too...
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    K-tards they are real

    I have heard the term U-tards all my life but on my last hunt we experienced a true blue K-tard. The story goes like this, we were driving up the mountain in the dark before first light when we passed a truck on the side of the road. Well when we went by it they pulled out and appeared to be...
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    Irish drinking joke

    There was a couple in a museum in Amsterdam looking at a picture of three nude well endowed black men standing together trying to understand it. Two of the black men had black penises and the one in the center had a white penis. The curator saw them looking at it for a while and he walked up...
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    Want to be a Doctor

    When I was young I decided I wanted to be a doctor, so I took the entrance exam to go to Medical School. One of the questions was to rearrange the letters "PNEIS" into the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect. Guesses?
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    Lance Trailers good or bad

    Hey Guys my wife and I are thinking about pulling the trigger and getting a new Lance travel trailer. These things are build with aluminum framing and have all of the extras. Cost is a little high but the quality is up there. I am getting older and it is not as much fun as it used to be when...
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    Best Deer Zone W 11 points

    Hey guys just wanted some input for next year. My son and I are sitting on 11 deer points each and are wondering what zone would be best... We have some ideas but would love to hear from you Wyoming guys or others. We want to burn our points over the next few years. You can PM me if you like...
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    S&W 40 caliber pistol Thoughts?

    I went out and bought a brand new 40 cal S&W semi auto pistol today and can't wait to shoot it. I have other pistols of similar caliber but not semi auto. I wanted some better bear medicine when I am in bear country, plus I just wanted a new toy. What are your thoughts on the 40 caliber?
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    Coin Shortage

    Now because of the pandemic they are saying that the banks may run out of nickels and dimes by the end of the week. Apparently the flow of coins has been interrupted because people were using credit cards and not money during this pandemic. So I always put my change in a jar each day and have...
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    No tag 39 years and counting

    Well I know now how Elk feels I have been putting in for Antelope in California for 39 years way before the points. I have max points and still can't draw an Antelope tag. Now my son and I are in limbo no place to hunt no tags not sure what to do. This was supposed to be the year then the...
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    Ahhhhh ain't it beautiful 2

    I just got my new Cocobolo knife and it is beautiful. I haven't shown this to my son yet as he will go crazy he didn't get one.LOL
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    Wasatch Late Elk hunt Guide

    I am posting for my cousin who drew the late Wasatch Elk Hunt. She wants to make the most out of the tag she got so she is considering hiring a guide. Do you guys have any recommendations on a good guide for the area. She would like to talk to a couple to see what her options are. thanks in...
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    Can we please go fishing in the ocean in June

    I had to cancel my first fishing trip to Shelter Cove this weekend. My buddy and I are not liking life right now. We should be going out this morning for Ling Cod, Rock Cod, Salmon, Halibut anything that will bite........But no here we are at work instead. We are scheduled again the first...
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    Max Antelope points

    My son and I have max points for Antelope and can' decide between Likely Tables, Surprise Valley or Lassen. I see some zone produces bigger bucks and more of them. Odds are close to the same on two zones but the remaining zone Lassen seems to get more attention. I have been trying to get...
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    Hatfield knives boys club

    Well I finally joined the Hatfield boys club as well as my son. I met RELH on a deserted hwy....LOL and looked over some of his fine work. I settled on two knives one for myself and one for my son. Both knives are as sharp as sharp can be and I did shave with mine to see if it would. RELH is a...
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    4200 Doe and Fawn permits area 1,2,3

    Is this a misprint or is this real. 4200 doe and fawn permits in Area 1,2, and 3. I don't know this area can it withstand this kind of kill off on Does and Fawns? All private which tells me the ranchers are behind this, or am I wrong.
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    Burn my points for Deer & Antelope

    I could use a little help with my point issue. We are thinking about putting in for deer in the Casper area. We also have about 7 points each for the Antelope draw. We want to do a combination hunt so with those antelope points what zone would you guys recommend to put in for given we are going...
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    Unit 143 rifle deer help

    Can anyone tell me anything about this zone. I believe we have enough points to draw it but I know nothing about it. From the looks of it, the trees are sparse and the big mountain in the zone is Diamond Peak. I just would like to know about trophy quality, deer density, access before we commit...
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    Cowboys need a new coach

    It's time we need to get rid of Jason Garrett. I am proposing to get either Tony Romo or Troy Aikman as the new coach. Garrett has had enough time to get the job done, but he is like Danny choke White he cannot win the big ones when they count. He's had 12-4 teams that exit in the first...
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    $28.50 a flush. City says it's worth it

    In SF today they have on the front page of the Chronicle that the City of San Francisco is Paying $28.50 a flush to provide temporary toilets to the homeless. That means it is cheaper to provide the $28.50 a flush toilets than the poop patrol.
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    Family Antelope hunting

    Hey Guys I was at a family reunion last week and my cousins and I were wondering if there is a unit that maybe 6 or 7 of us could draw a antelope tag so we could hunt together like we used to. not looking for a great unit just one we can draw with 0 points but there are antelope in it. Any...
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    Cottontails in Reno area

    Hey guys I want to take my grandkids up and go shoot some bunnies. Are there any bunnies in the Reno area we can hunt.... You can PM me if you want just want to go shooting and take the grandkids out and get the shooting out of their system.. Thanks in advance
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    Remeber When............

    I remember when opening day was a holiday from school as we got off on Friday for the annual deer hunt, you could hunt anywhere you pleased. Deer everywhere The parade down state street with bucks in the back of trucks showing them off. What the hell happened liberals put an end to that What...
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    Restaurants in Elko

    Guys can you recommend a couple of good restaurants in Elko that are good to eat at. Have some teenagers that are big eaters, any help would be appreciated We will be there the first week in October
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    Elko area bunny hunting

    Does anyone on here know any areas around Elko or the Rubies that hold some bunnies. My son and I are going up there this year and was hoping we could find some bunny hunting for the daytime when we have some spare time to just have fun.
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    Point Reyes Elk Hunting?

    They are talking about opening the Tule Elk hunting to Point Reyes park because they need to cull their numbers to make way for more grazing for cattle and small ranches that do chickens goats sheep and cheese. That being said WOW there are some real wallbangers in that area. Some have the...
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    Boy sells beer & gets cops called on him

    There was an article on the internet about a boy in Brigham City Utah who used a clever marketing scheme and got the cops called on him. The sign read ICE COLD BEER FOR SALE but in tiny fonts it said Root before the Beer. Cops came and he sold a bunch of Ice Cold (Root) Beer as business...
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    Max Non Resident points

    Does anyone know what the max points are now for Elk Deer and Antelope for Non Residents My son and I are trying to get enough points together to get out of the point game in the next two years. Just hoping someone can help me understand what and how many points I need to get some good tags
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    Too much Goose poop in Denver

    It appears the good people of Denver have had enough of the Canadian Geese in the city. There are apparently around 5000 of them downtown. They are going to herd them up and slaughter them and give the meat to the homeless or low income families. This is downtown so hunting them is out of the...
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