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    Meeker/Rifle /Rangely help if you need it 3rd season.

    Pretty cool offer man. I’ll be there for second season. Too bad you’re not going to be there then. I’d have a cold one waiting for you at camp.
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    What about NW part of the state?
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    Nocwalker s Co unit 21 Recap

    Great buck. Congrats!!!!
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    Nocwalker s Co unit 21 Recap

    I dont know you but I can tell I like your sense of humor. Cant wait to see the rest of the pics and for the love of GOD, I hope this thread ends with a pic of you holding a giant. lol
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    Co unit 21

    this is brutal...... update? pics?
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    CO Unit 22 3rd Season Deer

    all these 22 pics are getting me fired up! two more months.
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    280 AI -Nosler E-tip 140 gr.

    I actually saw some accubonds early on in this pandemic and were priced way too high. and then they were gone and haven't come back. Accubond and/or partitions are my go-to bullets. I'll switch once the shortage is over. I thought the same thing about buying this rifle; bad timing for sure...
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    6.5CM for cow elk

    Good point. Forgot about the wby.
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    6.5CM for cow elk

    I love things that are in point, my favorite caliber is the 30-06. I have four rifles in that caliber. it's popular because of its performance and versatility. Not because it has a trendy last name or it's something new. The 6.5CM is third on my list out of the current 6.5...
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    6.5CM for cow elk

    full disclosure, I hate this caliber. I don't really but I hate how it has become so popular. if Creedmore's last name was Jones, we wouldn't be having this conversation. If I had multiple calibers to choose from, it wouldn't be my first choice. My thought on elk is a .284...
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    280 AI -Nosler E-tip 140 gr.

    right on. thanks.'s a 2085 out to 600 yards and I will not be shooting that far.
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    280 AI -Nosler E-tip 140 gr.

    my guess is that I'll be shooting at 200-400 yards. 2796 fps at 200 and 2426 at 400.
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    280 AI -Nosler E-tip 140 gr.

    good to hear! I hope my gun likes them.
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    280 AI -Nosler E-tip 140 gr.

    Finally found some ammo for my new 280 AI. anyone use E-tip ammo recently? How did it perform on deer size game? they seem to have good reviews but I've never used this ammo before. It's either this gun or my 06 with a 165 accubond. I know what the accubond will do but want to reach out a...
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    Colorado OHV permit

    still need to get mine. thanks for the reminder.
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    The beast is home

    sweet mount!
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    Wtb 280 AI ammo.

    Open to any ammo options.
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    UTV gun rack/case

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a UTV gun case that doesn't rattle your gun around? I'll be hunting in Co so I believe they require the gun to be in a case while driving. Thanks, B
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    Second Drawing

    I agree with many on this. The difference for me this year was not knowing how many applied the previous year since this was the first year. Now we have a data set we can gauge for next year and the available tags.
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    Second Drawing

    good point as to where the unpaid tags should go and spot on. When the list came out for the second draw, there were 62 cow elk tags available for the unit I was after. I put in for this unit as a second choice during the regular draw. I'm assuming all 62 tags were unpaid since I didn't draw...
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    Second Drawing

    a common theme on this thread......must be a kid to draw. no luck for me on an elk tag. I'm guessing if they post the draw statistics, adult applications will decrease exponentially. congrats to all the tag winners.
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    Colorado Mule Deer Landowner Voucher

    That's steep. If that's the case, just go guided and get the client voucher price for $300-$500. I'm sure they're more now since the world is on fire and up charging everyone is the norm. however, you'll be paying the same cost by the time it's over given the $1k a year rule.
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    Tags in the mail?

    got my deer tag last week.
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    WTB Unit 22 cow elk voucher

    yes sir. saw that. thanks!
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    CO Unit 22 3rd Season Deer

    I'll be there for 2nd season and can touch base with you after my hunt,.
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    Hunt List?

    was going to ask what people are using for a gear list and found this thread. Has anyone updated this list. it seems pretty elaborate but this is from 2014. I'm putting my list together now and wanted some references.
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    Kodiak Bears

    I Hunted Kodiak for spring bears a while back when I was a resident of AK. Fished it several times too. Didn't get one and passed on a few small ones. However, cover can be dense so be cautious and use common sense. In November, deer should/will be at a lower elevation and even on the...
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    Craziest ammo prices you've seen?

    Swift A-frame 30-06 for $102.99 I keep saying to myself, "these prices can't continue like this" been saying that for over a year now.
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    WTB Unit 22 cow elk voucher

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    WTB Unit 22 cow elk voucher

    Any thoughts as to where I can find/buy one. any leads would be greatly appreciated. B
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    Unit 21 Deer

    I agree with El Gringo. Epic outdoors is a great way to gather data and has a member option that can put you in touch with others who have drawn that tag in the past. if you don't want to spend the $100, you should be able to PM some folk on this forum who have hunted it in the past. Lots of...
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    I called as well and had the lady I spoke with, send me my confirmation. I pretty much knew I drew cause my points were zero and my credit card had the charge on it but I'm not taking any chances on my deer tag. lol.
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    same. got my rejection email for elk but nothing for deer.
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    credit car hit, deer points at zero, unit 22 here I come. let's see how bad it is. lol.
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    HSM ammo/brass

    good to know. that's exactly what I was fearing. thanks B
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    HSM ammo/brass

    Never shot HSM before. How's their brass for reloading? going to buy some 280 Rem and fireform for my Ackley.
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    Hunting Rifles

    I have a Winchester Mod 670 30.06 I got when I was 15. Bought a replacement stock about 10 years in and refinished it. Turned out extremely nice and now has a floor plate. It's been my go-to rifle for 25 years. I now shoot a Montana X3 30.06 and it's a tack driver. shame they're out of...
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    What unit do they live in? I'd start there and work my way out. Good bino's and a map or app like onx goes a long way. Nothing better than boots on the ground. Heck, they're way ahead of the game as residents.
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    Trophy Bighorns and Buck Hunts in Mexico

    I agree. I really hate digging for prices cause it seldomly ends up being something I can afford. lol. I do think by not being locked into prices listed on their sites, gives them the freedom to adjust whenever they want.....gas goes up, their prices adjust, prices go up, they...
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    Turkey Hunting Time!

    Weren’t you defending hunting high fence on the Patagonia thread? And you want to talk ethics? Please stop. This is one of the best online hunting communities. Sucks to have the negative vibe on such a positive thread. Good luck on number 38 and I mean that sincerely. Keep us posted.
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