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  1. Outdoordan

    Family Fun! Thanks Wyoming

    Great job! Congrats.
  2. Outdoordan

    Awesome Idaho bull

    Heck yeah! Very nice.
  3. Outdoordan

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Great Buck! Congrats!
  4. Outdoordan

    2021 AZ Bull

    Awesome! Good job to you both.
  5. Outdoordan

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Excellent! Nice job.
  6. Outdoordan


    10-4. Great gesture.
  7. Outdoordan


    Damn! You is a heavy hitter!
  8. Outdoordan

    Ruby Mountains Deer

    Good job you two! Way to get it done! Beauty of a buck.
  9. Outdoordan

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    Very cool. Congrats to your family and everyone else involved.
  10. Outdoordan

    If yer gonna shoot it....

    I think what he was saying was it was somebody else's elk he ended up pulling out when they never came back for it. Good on him.
  11. Outdoordan

    Idaho Bull

    Nice bull! Congrats on a great hunt.
  12. Outdoordan

    WY Ram Success

    Beauty of a ram. Congrats!
  13. Outdoordan

    Now my daughter is going Bighorn Sheep hunting!

    Put the update in the hunt adventures. It's a little long winded, but we had a lot going on. Thought I'd post a picture here. Thanks for asking about the hunt!
  14. PA120521.JPG


  15. Outdoordan

    Lil Carny's Hunting Adventures on Youtube

    So, we were finally down to our last 3 days. We had heard of some half curl rams, and wanted to check them out. Next morning we found them. They were pretty young, but Ginger decided she'd be happy with one. A poorly executed stalk, where we got caught by a Ewe on her feet had all of the...
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  18. Outdoordan

    Lil Carny's Hunting Adventures on Youtube

    We did have other cool experiences on our big hikes. On one hike, we walked up on a bear feeding on a deer kill. When I say "walked up", I mean to 15' or so. She was sooo fat from eating the deer, she could barely waddle up the mountain away from us. That'll be in our next video. The next...
  19. Outdoordan

    Lil Carny's Hunting Adventures on Youtube

    So, Lil' Carny and I couldn't wait to get back to the sheep area, which was about 7 hours away. I decided to take her out of school for the first week of October until the last day of Season on the 13th. We figured we'd get it done the first few days, shoot some birds, catch some fish, and...
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  22. Outdoordan

    Lil Carny's Hunting Adventures on Youtube

    A couple of weekends of elk hunting was all I could muster because of the loss of an employee and lots of work. We did come close, with a 40 yard standoff whereby the bull wouldn't come out of the jackpines.
  23. Outdoordan

    Lil Carny's Hunting Adventures on Youtube

    Labor day was Ginger's and my first trip out for sheep. We had my friend Trent and his wife and kid come out and stay as well. That gave us the ability to split up and look for sheep. 4 days, and no rams were spotted. However, we did see plenty of Ewes and Lambs, and small Rams. They are...
  24. small rams and ewes.jpg

    small rams and ewes.jpg

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  26. Outdoordan

    Lil Carny's Hunting Adventures on Youtube

    So, I will try to summarize what has happened thus far. In August, I got a chance to try and shoot an antelope with my bow, and I had one day to get it done. Fortunately, I did! A spot and stalk got me to 55 yards. Good start so far! I was also able to check my trail cam for elk sign...
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  28. Outdoordan

    Now my daughter is going Bighorn Sheep hunting!

    Yep, just trying to clear my plate so I could do a proper update.
  29. Outdoordan

    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

    Excellent job, and glad she could rally for her bull! Congrats.
  30. Outdoordan

    Selling non-resident Wyoming Party Elk Hunt, 14 point share

    My question, why buy points you'll never use? Bizarre.
  31. Outdoordan

    My Wifes Elk

  32. Outdoordan

    Proud dad moment

    Great job Dad and Son! Hunting with kids rocks!
  33. Outdoordan

    SxS vs Tacoma

    Here in Idaho there are many atv trails I can take my sxs and even some old jeep roads that you couldn't take a truck or jeep. I can also go pretty fast and those mushy low pressure tires just soak it up. Last year I put 4 new dents in my truck and said "that's it", and got the sxs. I put...
  34. Outdoordan

    Idaho Legal Muzzleloader

    I've got one you could use if your in a pinch. I'm in boise.
  35. Outdoordan

    WY max deer points.

    Wow, talk about a one sided conversation.
  36. Outdoordan

    Thousand Lakes Buck

    Congrats! Good times.
  37. Outdoordan

    Swing and a miss (no mans land)

    Yeah, I'd say a miss. Must a been a squirrel down there he was shooting at.
  38. Outdoordan

    CO Ram down!!

    You have more pictures?
  39. Outdoordan

    CO Ram down!!

    Moose and Ram? Wow, you're having a great season Congrats on a GREAT ram.
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