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  1. wilydawg

    APR Left hand 33 Nosler

    Don't need to sell, but not sure when I'll get around to using this so I thought I'd throw it out there...Brand new, never fired. Alamo Precision Rifles 33 Nosler Defiance Tenacity action - left handed 26" Proof Research barrel 1-9.4 twist Area 419 Sidewinder muzzle brake Trigger Tech Primary...
  2. wilydawg

    A letter from Hodgdon...

    In case there was any doubt as to the reasons behind a lack of powder availability. Just received this from Hodgdon: WHY CAN’T HODGDON SHIP MORE POWDER? The current powder situation is due to a record demand for all reloading components and NOT a reduction in the supply of powder. With...
  3. wilydawg

    Left hand .300 Weatherby Ultra lightweight

    Thinning the herd. Rifle was re-barreled at the factory and has less that 25 rounds since. Zeiss 4.5-14 Conquest with sunshade. Rifle has typical small blemishes but overall in excellent condition. Has always done 1 MOA or better with 180's and 200s. Prefer to sell local (SLC area) $2500.00...
  4. wilydawg

    Left hand Savage in .204 Ruger and shooting material for sale

    Thinning the herd. This rifle has about 20 rounds downrange so it's virtually new. One of the first loads I put together printed 1/4 MOA (see picture) so it shows promise. It has just sat in the safe since. Selling as a package and prefer local pick up in SLC area. If I don't get it sold I may...
  5. wilydawg

    REI Half Dome 4 Plus Tent

    Brand new, never taken out of bag. Comes with footprint. Paid $375. Will take $275 shipped CONUS or $250 local pick-up (SLC, UT area)
  6. wilydawg

    Wanted WTB 22 Creedmoor brass

    WTB 22 Creedmoor brass Thanks
  7. wilydawg

    ISO Sierra .224 77 Grain TMK's

    Looking for Sierra .224 77 Grain TMK's Can pay cash or have lots of other reloading supplies for possible trades. SLC Utah area. Thanks
  8. wilydawg

    Loads for .45 using BH209

    Looking for help with loads for my new muzzleloader. No data on the Blackhorn site for .45 cal. I'm hearing 100 gr. by volume is a good starting point. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance... - CVA Accura V2LR - .45 cal - BH209 Powder - CCI 209 Primer - Powerbelt ELR 280 grain
  9. wilydawg

    Garmin InReach Explorer for sale BNIB

    Brand new in box. Charged battery and turned on to check functionality. Never taken outside or activated. $350 OBO shipped CONUS
  10. wilydawg

    Garmin Oregon 650T 4G for sale

    Garmin Oregon 650T 4G internal memory. Takes an SD card as well. Only used on one hunt. There are some small scratches in the screen, which happened while riding in my bino harness. The picture actually makes them look worse than they are (the smudge on the left center isn't a scratch, it's how...
  11. wilydawg

    Vortex Kaibab 15 x 56 HD for sale

    Excellent condition Vortex Kaibab HD 15 x 56. Only used a couple of times. Includes everything they came with in original box. I'm also throwing in a Vortex Uni-Dapter for tripod use. $800 shipped in CONUS. Paypal F & F or Post Office money order.
  12. wilydawg

    Looking for advice on NR 2018 Elk hunt

    Hi guys, I've accumulated 10 NR elk points going into the 2019 draw and am considering cashing them in. Due to limited time I've decided that after investing a decade in gaining points I'd opt for an outfitted hunt. According to the draw odds on the WY website it looks like I'd be 100% draw...
  13. wilydawg

    Ramsey Winch, Diamondback Bed Cover, etc.

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-01-17 AT 03:22PM (MST)[p]3-1-17 Prices lowered *** Stuff is too big and heavy to ship, pick up in the Salt Lake City area. 15,000 lb. Ramsey Patriot winch (brand new - never used) includes wired remote and wireless option and Ramsey brush guard/winch mount. Fits 2006 Chev...
  14. wilydawg

    .22 TCM Complete Package

    Putting this on here to see if there's any interest. Rock Island Armory .22 TCM / 9 MM Can send pics, but it's this model: As new condition with a round count of less than 200. Comes with: - 9 mm barrel - Extra...
  15. wilydawg

    WTB Swarovski 65mm HD Straight Spotting Scope Cover

    WTB Swarovski 65mm HD Straight Spotting Scope Cover Thanks...
  16. wilydawg

    Phone Skope Adapter Samsung S5

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-11-17 AT 06:38PM (MST)[p]Phone Skope adapter for Samsung S5. The phone adapter only. Will need an adapter for your optic. These sell new for $49.99 This one is as new. $25 shipped in CONUS ***SOLD***
  17. wilydawg

    RCBS Rangemaster 2000 Digital Scale NIB

    Like the title says - $100 shipped in CONUS Paypal gift or Money Order
  18. wilydawg

    Magnetospeed V1 Chronograph For Sale

    Magnetospeed V1 in as new condition. Only used a couple of times and works flawlessly. The main differences between this one and the newest version which sells in the mid to high $300s is the new ones ability to measure autoloading handguns easier and shotguns. Practically speaking if you are...
  19. wilydawg

    7 NR Points going into WY antelope draw

    Hey guys, My nephew and I have 7 NR pts. going into the draw this year. I've killed a number of good antelope bucks over the years, including a couple right near 80", my nephew has only killed one, it was mid 70s. We're not jonesing to burn our points but would also like to hunt this year, in...
  20. wilydawg

    Utah Limited Entry Elk - 17 pts.

    I posted this in the Utah forum too but thought I'd throw it on here as well... So I find myself going into the draw this year with 17 resident elk pts. I have my own ideas of where I might apply but would be interested in other peoples opinions if they were in my shoes. Here's my criteria...
  21. wilydawg

    Utah Limited Entry Elk - 17 pts.

    So I find myself going into the draw this year with 17 resident elk pts. I have my own ideas of where I might apply but would be interested in other peoples opinions if they were in my shoes. Here's my criteria: -Any weapon -Looking for something hopefully in the 350" range - but an overall...
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