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  1. nvpinstripe

    A Zone success

    Can’t be prouder! Both my girls killed their first bucks this weekend. One shot one kill to boot for both.
  2. nvpinstripe

    Anybody in Thermopolis

    A group of us are going to try and fill the freezer with some fine meats and were lucky enough to draw some doe/fawn whitetail tags for 37-6 and 120-8. If anybody knows of some landowner's in the Thermopolis area, who may allow access just for the doe/fawn tags, any info would be greatly...
  3. nvpinstripe

    NV Leftovers

    Looks like the left over list is up. Not much left....
  4. nvpinstripe

    Results are posting

    All unsuccessful so far... Good luck to everybody else!
  5. nvpinstripe

    Any Success in Unit 47 deer?

    I was just curious if anybody had any success in unit 47 for deer during the early season. My son (Mr. Lucky) as I like to call him, drew a late season deer tag for unit 47 later this November. We are really excited and this weather has us pumped!
  6. nvpinstripe

    Area 16 Antelope

    Picked up a goat tag for area 16. Just curious if anybody has hunted this area of Wyoming for goats. I could not draw a tag in my favorite western Wyoming areas, so I had to get one out east! I have located some public and state ground in the unit but, was wondering how what quality of animal...
  7. nvpinstripe

    Anybody ever hunt speed goats in unit 66 WY

    Just looking for some general info about the antelope hunting around Lander, WY in unit 66. Thanks
  8. nvpinstripe

    Camping and Fishing around Lander???

    Heading up to Lander for Antelope season. Just wondering if there a nice place to camp and do some fishing while in the area. Thanks, Paul
  9. nvpinstripe


    This is my first time drawing a tag in Wyoming and I am really looking forward to this hunt. Just curious if anybody has hunted this unit (66) recently and may share some info on pronhorn populations, size expectations, and possible places to camp for the opener in mid September. Any info is...
  10. nvpinstripe

    When is OR going to post draw results

    If I am not mistaken, OR has posted it's draw results on June 11th or 12th for the last couple of years. There is no new info on the website and no draw results yet. Anybody have any idea when they are going to post???
  11. nvpinstripe

    Late Fillmore Pahvant elk

    Well my lucky brother-in-law drew a late season elk tag for the Fillmore Pahvant unit. We are really looking forward to the hunt. We are going up to the unit a week early to scout and get the lay out of the unit. I am not looking for a personal honey hole; however, I would love some information...
  12. nvpinstripe

    Chetco Elk

    I drew an elk tag in the Chetco unit first rifle season. Just looking for a place to start scouting this summer. Also, would it be worth while to purchase a southern coastal deer tag for that unit so I can hunt deer and scout. Any info would be appreciated. I can exchage hunting info for NV, ID...
  13. nvpinstripe

    Chetco Elk and Deer

    I drew an elk tag for Oregon Chetco #1. I was planning on buying a deer tag as well so I can scout for elk and hunt deer at the same time. Anybody have any pointers on places to start looking for either elk or deer in the Cheto unit. I can provide info for Nevada, parts of Idaho and California.
  14. nvpinstripe

    Idaho Unit 47 Lope Hunt

    I drew an Idaho unit 47 Antelope muzzleloader tag and was looking for some places to start looking. I am from Nevada and have a wealth of knowlege concerning most game species and areas in Nevada and area 45 and 52 in Idaho. I am just looking for some place to start scouting.
  15. nvpinstripe

    Idaho early elk hunt unit 45

    I finally got lucky and drew an early rifle hunt for bull elk in the Bennett Hills unit 45 and unit 52 in Idaho. I have been in the area before for excellent mule deer hunting. Just curious if there are any big bulls roaming those hills. Any info on elk in the area would be excellent.
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