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  1. toklat

    Az Banning Game Cameras

    Read an article that Arizona is banning game cameras beginning January 1 next year!
  2. toklat

    Two Anti 2nd Bills Passed in Congress yesterday

    Two of Sheila Lee Jackson’s (D) Texas anti second amendment bills passed the house yesterday. Provisions appear geared towards providing for longer waiting periods, no private sales and universal background checks. A National Registry appears to be the ultimate goal for firearm confiscation!
  3. toklat

    Two Anti 2A Bills Passed In Congress

    Two of Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D) Texas anti second amendment bills passed the House yesterday. Appears they are on a fast track to an ultimate National Registry whereby they can confiscate our firearms!
  4. toklat

    NM 2022 Proclamations

    Most all sporting goods and other vendors now have hard copies available!
  5. toklat

    Senate Bill 32 SB NM

    New Mexico SB 32 outlawing trapping in NM is currently being litigating at the NM State Legislature. Contact your respective representatives and make your voice(s) heard!
  6. toklat

    Youth Deer Late El Vado Unit 4

    Any lucky youth and results!
  7. toklat

    Swarovski 8x30

    Thinking of downsizing to an 8x30. Opinion Sregarding full body, EL or Companion! Leaning towards full body?
  8. toklat

    Win. Model 88 .308

    Looking for a good condition Winchester Model 88 in .308. Thanks.
  9. toklat

    CWD Mandatory Test (Deer) 2020

    Any detailed information on specifics/details how to get a deer tested this year? Specifically Units 77-78-771.
  10. toklat

    Virginia Gun Grab Laws

    Virginia Gun Grab Laws died in the Senate today. Apparently sent to a sub-committee for further review now and looks like will not be passed at least for this session!
  11. toklat

    Repost Kimber 84M Cartridge Clip

    New. Never used. $40 TYD.
  12. toklat

    Best Brand Mid-Range ?Finder?

    Thoughts/recommendations. For ranging up to 1,000 yards maximum and rifle not archery. Thanks.
  13. toklat

    Kimber 84M Rifle Clip

    New, unused rifle clip for a Kimber 84M model. Interchangeable for .308, 7mm-08, 6.5 Creedmoor. Paid $50.00 from Kimber. $40 TYD.
  14. toklat

    Kevin Weaver Custom Built Rifles -Colorado

    Anyone ever had a custom built rifle from Kevin Weaver in Colorado? (i.e., Weaver Rifles)
  15. toklat

    NM Wood Cutting National Forests

    Restrictions LIFTED as of today!
  16. toklat

    Leupold or Zeiss

    Which would you buy for a 6.5 Creedmoor! Leupold 3XVI 4.5-14x40 B and C Reticle or a Zeiss RDZ 800 similar magnification. Zeiss overall weight is about 8 ounces heavier.
  17. toklat

    NM A-PLUS Landowner List GONE

    Could not download the NM Antelope private landowner list this morning. Followed up with a call to G and F. Was informed by a representative that it was removed and will no longer be available. Inquired if it was possible to download a hard copy from the Department and was told it was not...
  18. toklat

    New Zealand Gun Confiscation

    New Zealand just past a comprehensive gun confiscation measure that is targeting all firearms, not just autos! Based on recent mass mosque shootings.
  19. toklat

    NM Passes Comprehensive Gun Control Bill

    A comprehensive gun control bill was passed yesterday. Some of the details include and will require background checks at gun shows, person to person sales and obviously already required purchases from gun stores. Interesting that transfers between immediate family members is not required at...
  20. toklat

    Quay County Second Amendment Sanctuary County

    Congratulations to Quay County. Just became New Mexico's first Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Hope this sets a precedent for more NM counties to follow!
  21. toklat

    Unit 77-78-771 Deer

    Wondering how the fourth season deer hunt south of Pagosa Springs (Valle Seco, Pagosa Junction, Cat Creek) went as far as quantity and quality. Any noticeable decline in antler growth due to drought observed?
  22. toklat

    Unit 4 November Rio Chama Youth Deer Hunt

    How did any lucky youth who had this tag do during this hunt? Roadrunner, hope your oldest daughter did well?
  23. toklat

    Unit 103

    Have done substantial research on this unit! Other than what's posted on success rates etc. on CDOW, any recommendations on early rifle vs. late rifle hunt? Believe it takes 4-5 points to draw and don't want to burn PPs if should look at other plains Unit! Also found mixed reviews on deer...
  24. toklat

    Eastern Colorado Trespass

    Hello. Wondering if anyone on this site might know of trespass type hunts for deer in the above mentioned area! Am a NR with 4 PPs at the current time. Have done an outfitted hunt by Wildhorse, Colorado several years ago and looking for a DIY trespass this time. Realize highly unlikely, however...
  25. toklat

    NM MDF Lt. Gov. Statewide Mule Deer Tag

    Any word on the above from anyone yet?
  26. toklat

    Recommendation Compact Laser Sight S and W Shield 9mm

    Any advise on which laser sights to look into for the above pistol platform? Thanks.
  27. toklat

    NM Statewide Bighorn Sheep Draw Results Today

    Desert sheep tag drawn by resident of North Carolina, Rocky sheep tag by resident of B. C.
  28. toklat

    S and W 9mm Shield

    What grain bullet do you recommend for this platform? 117 or 124? Any info appreciated.
  29. toklat

    NM Statewide Deer and Elk Permit Winners

    Any word on who drew the above yet?
  30. toklat


    Looking for any Intel on Unit 5A deer private? No honey holes, ranchers, contacts, etc. Has anyone gone that route and bought a private LO tag? Know area up against Jicarilla boundary is a plus. "Bushcreek", would you or anyone gone this route in the past recommend it based on past experience...
  31. toklat

    Unit 140 Goat

    Looking into hunting Unit 140 east of Trinidad for pronghorn. Odds seem to be 60% draw odds with no PPs. With those odds if correct, may question how good hunting is and if a lot of private? Still researching area but wondering if anyone has hunted this unit and a yea or nay on applying...
  32. toklat


    Hello fellow MMers. Any one know how the snow conditions and the deer are doing in the units referenced above? Particularly interested in the area south of Pagosa Springs by Pagosa Junction and the Colorado/ NM border?
  33. toklat

    Unit 52

    Rifle bull and cow tags for sale Unit 52 UW NM. Ron, 1-563-349-5518 or Rick 1-505-670-9970.
  34. toklat

    Unit 4 Elk Tags Needed

    Hello. Looking for several of each Unit 4 (Chama/TA) rifle and archery tags. Thanks.
  35. toklat

    Unit 58 and Rio Grande BHS

    Any idea who drew the new BHS hunt tags for the above areas? Be interesting to see how they did. Good luck.
  36. toklat

    Ute Hunter

    What ever happened to Utehunter? Always looked forward to his posts.
  37. toklat

    Rio Grande National Preserve, Pilar, NM

    Anybody draw one of the two BHS tags first ever hunt for the above in NM?
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