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  1. BigMass

    Mariposa Ranch

    Anybody ever hunt the Mariposa ranch for deer?
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  3. BigMass

    Alder MT

    It is really a strange phenomenon, most of these people seem pretty sane when you talk to them in town at the gas station or store. It's like they get elk fever and temporarily loose all judgement. It can be very scary. Not the experience I'm looking for. It reminds of what happens when people...
  4. BigMass

    Alder MT

    The fence is seriously built, it's on Ted Turners place, it sustained no damage. They had opened a lot of gates on both sides of the road to make it easier for the elk, but they still hit the fence.
  5. BigMass

    Alder Mt.

  6. BigMass

    Alder MT

    Been hunting out of Alder since last Wed. temperature hit minus 18 one night. Things are warming up now and my trailer has thawed enough that everything has started working again. I had hiked up on a ridge yesterday looking for mule deer, saw a couple of does and fawns and two tiny bucks. When I...
  7. BigMass


    Really you guys???????????? What does any of this have to do with hunting?????? All of you sound like a bunch of little kids calling each other names, knock it off!!!!! It's childish and irritating. How about trying to respect everyone's opinion and have a civil debate without all the trash talk.
  8. BigMass


    One problem with that suggestion chasendeer, that would be in Nevada and the last time I checked they really frowned on people hunting Nevada with a California tag.
  9. BigMass

    Ruger American 7mm-08

    I finally got to the range last week. It was crowded and I was limited on time. Found paper and got the 7mm-08 fairly close,took longer than I thought due to the range being crowded. By then I was running out of time and couldn't fine tune it. I am hoping to get back to the range in the next...
  10. BigMass

    2013 Big Game season

    Pulled 4th season Colorado deer GMU 71/711. Should get Region D Wyoming deer no problem not sure if I will pull my antelope tag there.
  11. BigMass

    Ruger American 7mm-08

    The bolt is light, but I would not call it sloppy or cheap. The whole gun is light, that is one of the things I like about it. I have a 300 win mag stainless synthetic stock Ruger M77 and a Savage weather warrior in 338 mag. Both are heavy guns to stand up to the magnum calibers and can tire out...
  12. BigMass

    Ruger American 7mm-08

    Won a Ruger American in 7mm-08 at the mule deer foundation dinner and just topped it with a 4-12 Nikon buckmaster with the BDC recticle. Picked up some fusion ammo in 140 grain. Can't wait to take it to the range and dial it in. I love the new adjustable trigger Ruger put on it. Very similar to...
  13. BigMass

    Ruger American 7mm-08

    Won a Ruger American in 7mm-08 at the mule deer foundation dinner and just topped it with a 4-12 Nikon buckmaster with the BDC recticle. Picked up some fusion ammo in 140 grain. Can't wait to take it to the range and dial it in. I love the new adjustable trigger Ruger put on it. Very similar to...
  14. BigMass

    71/711 4th

    LAST EDITED ON May-23-13 AT 01:10PM (MST)[p]I pulled the same tag this year with 8 NR points. I hunted that area years ago but have not been there in a very long time. There used to be some areas around McPhee reservoir that held local deer all year round and migratory deer in the winter. I...
  15. BigMass

    Nice Blacktail

    Incredible blacktail and fantastic photo!
  16. BigMass

    Adin coyote shoot

    Thanks Joey.
  17. BigMass

    Adin coyote shoot

    Adin California 7th annual coyote drive. The big valley is the area around Adin and Bieber California.
  18. BigMass

    Adin coyote shoot

    Anybody have any property in the big valley they would let me and a buddy hunt coyotes on for the Adin coyote shoot this year in Feb.?
  19. BigMass


    X5b if you can draw it.
  20. BigMass

    talked to the biologist

    I pretty much had narrowed it down to the late hunt in 52, 411, 521, then I talked to the biologist and he told me most of the deer would be on private property by then so it's back to the drawing board. Running out of time and can't make a decision. NR7 points.
  21. BigMass

    NR 7 points deer

    I think after looking at odds of drawing in several places, I will most likely go with 52 4th season. The way things look I should be able to pull that tag and the dates will hopefully catch the rut. If drawn I will go back a week before the season starts and do all the scouting I can before it...
  22. BigMass

    NR 7 points deer

    OK, I was looking at odds from a different source and it looked like I could draw them for sure and now that I look at the odds listed here it looks pretty iffy.
  23. BigMass

    NR 7 points deer

    I have narrowed it down to 55 3rd season, 66 2nd season, or 67 3rd season. They all have good to excellent access and seem to be improving each year. I have 7 NR points and should be able to draw any one of the three. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  24. BigMass

    how much do antelope shrink?

    I have four antelope shoulder mounts and three antelope skull mounts done by two different taxidermist and they all shrank a surprising amount. Some a little less than yours and some a little more. Yes it is normal for them to shrink that much.
  25. BigMass


    Naturally grown foods are not a scam, the term organic is misleading and is something of a scam. I have a close friend with vineyards Napa county, the natural pesticides they are allowed to use and still be considered organic are far more toxic than ones that are engineered for a specific...
  26. BigMass


    SpectraCell to assess levels of vitamins and minerals, how reliable is this process? Is it worth doing the test? According to their website, this is what the people who promote SpectraCell say, "Welcome to SpectraCell Laboratories. Our company is the industry's leading provider of Functional...
  27. BigMass


    Sounds like the old Hair Mineral Analysis scam. It shows up every few years claiming to show your deficiencies and what supplements you need to correct them. This has been exposed by national network shows such as sixty minutes and twenty twenty but after a few years people forget and it shows...
  28. BigMass


    +1 on that Grizz.
  29. BigMass


    Extremely well put BeanMan!
  30. BigMass


    Why are people so toxic?????? I didn't know they were. Is there a specific study you care to cite?
  31. BigMass


    Horsecreek sounds like a typical supplement salesman. The old worn out scare tactic of our soils are depleted is a scare tactic that surfaces every so many years to sell various supplements and simply isn't true. Any farmer will tell you depleted soil means poor yield and that translates to less...
  32. BigMass

    Wall's Taxidermy is a Joke!!

    RE: Wall's Taxidermy is a Joke!! I will be the first to admit i got &%$@ in the @&& BY HIM i am ashamed of my self for letting it go as far as it did everyone told me not to send him any more money bu I have no experience with Wall's taxidermy. That being said I strongly disagree with founder...
  33. BigMass

    711 4th season

    I'm out of state and have 7 points going into this next draw. I haven't hunted Colorado in over twenty years. The last time I was there hunted the sage hen area by Mcphee reservoir. By the time I found this area I only had a couple of days to hunt it and saw some real nice bucks. What do you...
  34. BigMass

    $10K Blacktail

    Those ears are way too big for a blacktail, as was alluded in an earlier post, hybrid maybe, pure blacktail no.
  35. BigMass

    MT Eddy

    Anybody familiar with this area? I'm leaving Saturday to hunt the last two weeks of the season. I have a deer and bear tag. Looking for a good place to set up camp and hunt out of.
  36. BigMass

    Supplement to help with cramps

    The three most common causes of muscle cramps. Most common cause dehydration, number two not enough calcium, number three potassium. Drink MORE water. Take a calcium supplement that includes vitamin D and magnesium to help it absorb three times a day. Eat a banana every day. If you take calcium...
  37. BigMass

    pronghorn mount

    I second that, I have four antelope shoulder mounts and Tom did the last two. They make my other two look bad. He does a great job and very reasonable turn around time.
  38. BigMass

    B zones

    No worries eelgrass, I did not take it that way, I was just stating my condition. I am very used to temps over a hundred degrees. Although this year it won't warm up enough to get my garden growing. Hey nickman, how you doin? I see they have a special buy lots of lottery tickets hunt for tule...
  39. BigMass

    B zones

    I'm fifty seven and very active. The heat isn't the problem so much as the distance and my schedule that will make it hard to do any preseason scouting. Realistically I might get one scouting trip in before the season.
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