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  1. Squaw

    Youth Portal Account

    Trying to create a portal account and apply for the upcoming hunts for a youth, says you need to be 13 to create
  2. Squaw

    Mule deer vs Coues

    The ?what would you give for a Kaibab tag? has me thinking that it might be time to skip applying for Mule deer and start hunting the smaller coues With point creep I'll prob never see a late Kaibab tag and I can hunt Muleys in Colorado/Wyoming/Utah every year if wanted. Are the early...
  3. Squaw

    Unit 27 late hunt

    My brother has a tag this year. He has been scouting it pretty hard the past few weekends and not turning much up. He has been down off the rim into some more remote country thinking that is where the elk will be. Anyone been up there bow hunting or deer hunting have any pointers? Could the...
  4. Squaw

    new pup

    let the pup run and was able to get this picture
  5. Squaw

    shed in the snow

    I thought this was pretty cool
  6. Squaw

    colorado sunset

    what ya guys think?
  7. Squaw

    A little different..

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-08 AT 10:59PM (MST)[p] A little you like?
  8. Squaw

    Hunting Pup

    This is the new pup...what do you think?
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