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  1. Bwht4x4

    Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit

    I purchased this chronograph new off Amazon in 2018 and thought I'd use it more than I am. I'm tired of storing it! I've used it a couple times with my bow and works as it should. I'm letting it go for $50 plus shipping...
  2. Bwht4x4

    For Sale WTS or WTT Primers and Cases

    I have a handful of primers and cases I want to sell or trade. 500 - No 100 Small Pistol Primers - $70 500 - No. 210 Large Rifle Primers - $70 500 - No. GM215M Large Magnum Rifle Primers - $75 500 - No. 215 Large Magnum Rifle Primers - $70 500 - No. 155 Large Magnum Pistol Primers - $70 38...
  3. Bwht4x4

    Pistol Casings

    I have a large amount of once fired 357 mag and 38 special nickel casings I'd like to sell. I've included shipping in the prices below, so these prices are to your door. All the 357 and 38 casings have been tumbled, but not sized or deprimed. 357 mag, 250 pieces - $65 38 special, 250 pieces -...
  4. Bwht4x4

    SOLD - Rem 700 CDL Wood Stock, LA

    I pulled the wooden stock off a Rem 700 CDL in 30-06 a few years ago and its been sitting around collecting dust and getting a few scratches. I don't want or need it. It's free to whomever wants it, but you will need to pay shipping. In taking the picts for this post I fumbled it and put a...
  5. Bwht4x4

    NEW - Laclede Alpine Super Sport Tire Chain - $75

    Brand new, never used Laclede Alpine Super Sport Tire Chain, model #526-2526. $75. I'll be driving north on I-15 through UT on our way to Rock Springs, WY on Friday, Oct 1 if someone wanted to meet along the highway. Fits: 32X11.50-15LT 33X9.50-15LT P265/75R16 255/85R16LT 265/75R16LT...
  6. Bwht4x4

    Action Recommendation

    I just purchased a PROOF barrel and I'm looking for recommendations for an action. The barrel is a .284 caliber and I'm looking to build a 500-600 yard gun. I've been eyeing the Defiance Deviant line. Any others I should be considering?
  7. Bwht4x4

    Floor Mats from 2018 Ram 2500

    I bought a new Ram 2500 (4 door, not mega cab) and have these OEM floor mats from my truck. They've never been used....still new. $40 and I'll pay shipping to lower 48.
  8. Bwht4x4

    Montrail hiking boots - Women's size 9.5

    A pair of women's Montrail hiking boots in size 9.5. Barely used and in great shape! Asking $50 and I'll pay shipping to lower 48.
  9. Bwht4x4

    Thoughts on this one?

    Lots of "guess the score" or "estimate this buck" going around. Figure I'd join in. I've passed these picts around to a few friends to see what they thought. He's a perfect 5x5, but really narrow. It'd be fun to hear what others think he would score.
  10. Bwht4x4

    Rock Springs Potable Water Source

    I'm heading out on a mid-August hunt this year and Rock Springs is the last major town before I enter my hunt area. I plan on being in the unit for up to 3 weeks and I don't have plans on coming back out to town for food, water or fuel. I have about an 18 hour drive and don't want to haul...
  11. Bwht4x4

    Mathews Triax

    Anyone here on MM shoot a Mathews Triax? Been looking them and shot one today. I'm looking for some real world reviews if you have one. Thanks
  12. Bwht4x4

    AZ Strip Report

    Any current reports on the rut or general conditions out on the Strip? I'm heading out to help with a buddy with a DIY hunt and was curious what's going on. From what I can tell the Strip hasn't had rain since Sept 13th. I'm guessing it's dry!
  13. Bwht4x4

    2nd Draw Results Are Up
  14. Bwht4x4

    41-1 Elk - Oct 1st Rifle

    Anyone with any experience in 41 have any idea what the bulls will be doing on this Oct 1st rifle hunt? Based on the dates I'm hoping for solid bulging, but not sure the density of elk will be very high this early since it seems more of a migratory hunt. Should the first 300 inch bull be shot...
  15. Bwht4x4

    Roads and Access in 061

    I'm curious to know if the dirt forest service roads in 061 will get you up to the ID border if you drive far enough to the north. Is there private property blocking any of them? Can a truck with a small utility trailer make it that far? It looks like there are a couple (e.g. NF-016) that...
  16. Bwht4x4

    Camping in Flagstaff Area

    Not hunting related... The family and myself are doing a road trip back east in May and will be heading east on I-40 and will be hitting Flagstaff around 5 pm the first night. We're hoping to find a place on National Forest just before or just after Flagstaff where we could camp over night...
  17. Bwht4x4

    Looking for Info on 2 and 201 Deer

    Anyone with good knowledge on deer hunting in units 2 and 201 that is willing to talk with me about what I could expect please PM me. I have enough points to draw a tag and I'm wanting info so I can get out of the deer pref points in Colorado. Thanks
  18. Bwht4x4

    2018 Elk Season Dates

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-20-17 AT 01:52PM (MST)[p]If I'm not mistaken the archery elk hunts in Arizona start on the 37th Friday of the year. So, in 2018 does the archery elk season start on September 14th and run until the 27th?
  19. Bwht4x4

    Max Point Holders Status

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-10-17 AT 01:05PM (MST)[p]I'm trying to get some insight into where I stand with drawing a LE Henries deer tag in the future. I'm 45 years old and have 20 pts (nonresident) as of today (after 2016 drawing). Last year the Henries rifle tag had the following pool of top point...
  20. Bwht4x4

    WY NR Elk Results Now Available

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-25-16 AT 10:01AM (MST)[p]They're up! Unsuccessful for me.
  21. Bwht4x4

    15 deer Points for 2016

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-14-15 AT 04:58PM (MST)[p]I heard Colorado may possibly increase the deer tag numbers in 2016. Also, in 2015 there were quite a few new 4th season deer hunts that I'm assuming will happen again in 2016. With both of these combined, will the number of points needed to draw the...
  22. Bwht4x4

    Water/Diesel Between Elko and Southern ID

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-22-15 AT 02:11PM (MST)[p]I've got a hunt coming up and will be running north out of Elko on highway 225 and want to fill my camper with water and my truck with diesel at the last available spot. Is there any spot between Elko and Owyhee that has both diesel and potable water...
  23. Bwht4x4

    Replacement or repair T/C Omega Front Sight

    The other day I was messing with my T/C Omega and accidentally sheared off one of the bulged ends of the fiber optics for the front sight. The fiber optic is still there, but I envision it'll come out with some shooting and/or hiking. Is there a way to repair/glue it in place or actually...
  24. Bwht4x4

    Draw results are up

    Check them boys!
  25. Bwht4x4

    Sturdy Safes

    I just wanted to pass along that I was recently in the market for a gun safe. I looked at every make and model out there and narrowed it down to a few. The issue I was having was the costs for some of the safes, which end up looking like a showroom furniture piece. I wanted a solid safe, with...
  26. Bwht4x4

    Thoughts on Score

    Drawing season is upon us and I'm sure we're all getting antsy. Figured I'd see what you guys think these two bulls would score. Just so you know I don't have a clue. First is this 7x7. Another one of this 7x7. Next is this guy. And another.
  27. Bwht4x4

    Ridge Reaper Episodes

    Curious if anyone knows how you can watch previous episodes of Ridge Reaper? Pay or free I'd like to watch a couple of them.
  28. Bwht4x4

    Guides Recommendations for SWD Elk

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-23-14 AT 08:32PM (MST)[p]Anyone out there have recommendations for a guides/outfitters that hunt elk on the Southwest Desert unit. I may be interested in hiring one for my hunt, but I'm not sure at this point. I'd rather do it on my own though. I've spoken with a few guides...
  29. Bwht4x4

    Carrying Rangefinder while Archery Hunting

    I just bought a new Leupold TBD 1000 rangefinder and can't believe how small they've become. I was still using my mid-1990s era two handed bushnell unit. I'm trying to figure out the best way to carry the rangefinder so that it's very accessible for both pulling up to use and putting down to...
  30. Bwht4x4

    Info for Pioche and Panaca Areas

    Going to be up in the Pioche and Panaca areas for the archery elk hunt in late August. Been in this area for a few hunts, but it's been a few years. Trying to determine a few things before the hunt. 1. Is there a butcher shop located nearby that can cut up an elk? 2. Are there any locations...
  31. Bwht4x4

    NV Guzzler Book

    Anyone want a free copy of the 2003 edition of the NV Guzzler book? All I ask is you cover postage. I think $15 should be enough to send it out (we can use PayPal). Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  32. Bwht4x4

    Wyoming Unit 124 Elk

    I've got a buddy that drew a unit 124 elk tag this year and he's in the unit now scouting for the Oct 15th opener. He's doing it on his own and would never ask for help from any one, much less post on here for info. If anyone has any general or even specific info on elk in this unit that I...
  33. Bwht4x4

    Elk Wallow from Last Year?

    What do folks think? Are these muddy spots elk wallows from last year? The picts were taken last weekend and they're clearly not wallowing yet this year, but they look like they could have been made last year.
  34. Bwht4x4

    Cow Elk Behavior Question

    Question on cow elk and their movements... If a group of cow elk are found during July or August will they likely be in the same area during the late September rut? Or is it common for them to move to another area? I know bulls will move a long distance, but during my scouting I'm almost...
  35. Bwht4x4

    Northeastern Rocky Mtn Elk Rut Peak?

    From those of you that have hunted or been on a hunt in the Northeastern unit for rocky mtn elk, when you do think the peak of their rut occurs. Every area in the west is a little different and I'm curious as to what folks think the peak dates are for this area.
  36. Bwht4x4

    Elk hunt travel logistics

    I drew a premium elk tag this year in a huge unit and the groups of elk can be quite a ways apart. I need to stay as mobile as possible for this hunt. I'm trying to figure out a way to leave the trailer at home and still get my quad, two 150 quart ice chests and my hunting gear into my quad cab...
  37. Bwht4x4

    The world's biggest Forked Horn Buck?

    Here's a picture of a picture I took back in the late 1990s of a giant forked horn mule deer taken by someone unknown in Yosemite National Park. There's no Photoshop trickery here as this was the late 1990s and it was taken by me of a picture hanging on a wall in a taxidermist shop in...
  38. Bwht4x4

    AZ Unit 32 Info

    I posted this in the Coues section too. ----------------------------- I've hunted unit 32 a handful of times, but it's been about 10 years. I know access has changed quite a bit since then and I was hoping I could chat with someone really familiar with unit 32 to discuss current access. Shoot...
  39. Bwht4x4

    AZ Unit 32 Info

    I've hunted unit 32 a handful of times, but it's been about 10 years. I know access has changed quite a bit since then and I was hoping I could chat with someone really familiar with unit 32 to discuss current access. Shoot me a PM if you don't mind answering a few questions. Thanks
  40. Bwht4x4

    They're out!

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