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  1. time2hunt

    Special cougar draw

    I think the special cougar draw must be out. I have a pending tag available for purchase 😜👍
  2. time2hunt


    Closing her down
  3. time2hunt

    Fire info

    Any info on the Douglas pass fire I think it’s toward Texas mountain Thanks Brian
  4. time2hunt

    Super tags

    Phone call being made ? Any lucky winners yet
  5. time2hunt

    Southern units Antelope ??

    I have a question about a certain antelope unit along the southern border any one that lives or is will to answer questions please PM me . Thanks Brian
  6. time2hunt

    Super hunts raffle

    Anyone know how to find out if drawn or when the draw is for the super hunt raffle?
  7. time2hunt


    What's the odds they post results on Friday ?
  8. time2hunt

    Help delist wolves

    What can a couple minute of your time cost please fill out.
  9. time2hunt

    Replacement CC

    Had some jack wagon hack my Credit card everything worked out on replacement. My question is how do you go about notifying dept of game of change in card status? Thanks Brian
  10. time2hunt


    Had company last night glassing for a youth hunt also rookie mistake didn't have a gun.
  11. time2hunt

    Throw some number one this one
  12. time2hunt

    Wolves in Washington

    Woman surrounded by wolves in Central Washington rescued from tree
  13. time2hunt

    45 vs 50

    So my question is why so many states require you to shoot 45 cal. for deer and 50 cal for elk and larger game ? The bullet diameter between the two is no much different especially if shooting a sabot 50 cal. All and any input appreciated Thanks Brian
  14. time2hunt

    OIL refund

    Anyone have a idea when we will get are refunds back?
  15. time2hunt

    Washington nuclear bull
  16. time2hunt

    Cougar attack

    1 dead, 1 injured in cougar attack near North Bend Washington
  17. time2hunt

    High altitude prep

    With two elk hunts already planned this year one in Colorado and the other in New Mexico both unit at 9000 feet plus in elevation. Beside getting in physical hiking and backpacking is the any other secrets to combat high altitude sick and fatigue ? Special supplement ? Diet beside carb load and...
  18. time2hunt

    Texas Auadad

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-20-18 AT 11:42AM (MST)[p]Took a little trip to Texas on a free range auadad Hunt what a blast.
  19. time2hunt

    Threelinks outfitters

    Anyone know what happen or if threelinks is still in business.
  20. time2hunt

    Archery elk unit 83.

    Have a invite to hunt unit 83 archery what caliber elk does this unit produce. Brian
  21. time2hunt

    Muzzy 21 Info please

    I received a phone message Friday afternoon saying someone turned there 21 muzzy tag back and I have until Monday afternoon to let them know if I want it. So I'm trying to gather as much info as I can right know. So any help and info would be appreciated main concerns are there still some...
  22. time2hunt

    Transfer points

    Can you transfer sheep point over from one person to another ? Thanks Brian
  23. time2hunt

    colorado muzzleloader deer unit 21/30

    Any info would be appreciated prior to the draw deadline. Are the deer there or do they migrate into these units and what class buck is one looking at. thanks Brian
  24. time2hunt

    Barbary sheep

    I'm really interested in hunting a Barbary sheep but have no idea where to start on a good unit to apply for any info would be appreciated PM welcome Thanks Brian
  25. time2hunt

    OIL completed

    I harvest this 9.5 billy on Sunday which helped me complete Washingtons OIL tags:) 1999 Ram 2001 moose
  26. time2hunt

    Read the comments
  27. time2hunt

    muzzleloader bullet

    hey guys, Head to idaho and can't shoot sabots whats everyones recommendations for a 50 caliber bullet. Thanks Brian
  28. time2hunt

    muzzleloader bullet

    Hey guys, I see that I can't shoot sabots so what is everyone using for a 50 caliber bullet in there muzzleloader. Thanks Brian
  29. time2hunt

    big enough

  30. time2hunt

    what the story

  31. time2hunt

    Springer New Mexico

    I have a friend that just got a land owner elk tag around the Springer area he is from Washington State. What caliber bull can a person expect to see and and is there alot of elk in this region. Thanks Brian
  32. time2hunt

    Waterbloc 600

    Anyone ever use or have one of these bags a light weight waterproof down bag.
  33. time2hunt

    52a muzzleloader deer

    Well my dad drew this tag and looking for a little words of wisdom, when would you hunt this Nov.10th the opener or wait till the last week of this hunt. What should a person expect to see in Quality any pic would be welcomed. Thanks Brian
  34. time2hunt

    Horse rental

    Well we were able to draw the early 82/86 high buck hunt and I'm looking for possible horse rental than hualing are horse from Washington state any info would be appriciated. Thanks Brian
  35. time2hunt

    Salt lake to Washington state

    Anyone Coming from the Salt lake/Ogden area to Washington State please let me know, I'm will to pay for tank of gas to bring hound pup up. Thanks Brian
  36. time2hunt


    Im in the process of looking for a bluetick pup I've hopefully narrowed it down to Crazy cascade blueticks(Oregon) or Harrels high lonesome(montana) Has anyone bought a pup from these gentleman and how has the dog preformed. Just looking for a honest report Thanks Brian
  37. time2hunt

    unit 33

    what kind of buck does this unit produce? Thanks Brian
  38. time2hunt

    unit 33

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-11 AT 07:34PM (MST)[p]Just kind of wondering what this unit produces for deer? colorado Thanks Brian
  39. time2hunt


    What kind of bucks is this unit producing since the date were moved up ?
  40. time2hunt

    SPEED GOAT!!!!

    Heres one less Idaho antelope what a blast
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