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  1. Chesterwyo

    Wyoming general bull

    That’s a gross over exaggeration.
  2. Chesterwyo

    Unit 97 cow/calf

    Good luck. Prepare to put some miles on to find an elk.
  3. Chesterwyo

    WY 128 Doesn't Disappoint Again

    That’s a thick buck.
  4. Chesterwyo

    Newfoundland Moose Hunt

    Looks like a lot of fun. Kid made a really good shot too
  5. Chesterwyo

    Asking the location of where they shot their animal

    “Right behind the shoulder”
  6. Chesterwyo

    Nevada bull

    Nice bull. No broken points either, pretty uncommon.
  7. Chesterwyo

    28-1 Youth Deer Hunt Thumbs Down

    Anyone using the word “seen” in the context you did should be discredited immediately.
  8. Chesterwyo

    Task force gives seal of approval

    I hope you’re right. 🤞🤞
  9. Chesterwyo

    Task force gives seal of approval

    Nothing more than an avenue to appease the unwashed into accepting transferable landowner tags and outfitter set asides. “But look at the work we did in getting 90/10 done”
  10. Chesterwyo

    When will WY abandon the 14 year old restriction?

    I’m going to laugh so hard if you’ve had a 12-13 year old kid not hunting in Wyoming because YOU didn’t think he was old enough.
  11. Chesterwyo

    Ate the tag

    Good for you for not shooting a smaller buck to avoid eating the tag. Wish more people would have the same restraint.
  12. Chesterwyo

    JR’s First Buck

    Cool buck. 👍🏻👍🏻
  13. Chesterwyo

    unit 89 antelope non resident

    Good area.
  14. Chesterwyo

    Wyoming General Elk Mistakes

    True of most places in WY
  15. Chesterwyo

    No PC for Harbor Freight

    Most people who would be outraged by that wouldn’t have a fuggin’ clue that’s even a gun.
  16. Chesterwyo

    Leoupold 3.5x14x40 vx3

    Gold ring in the objective?
  17. Chesterwyo

    Wyoming Region G poor deer hunting this year

    Why do you think I put the word “big” in quotations? Swing and a miss on your part.
  18. Chesterwyo

    Looking for ideas on one last elk hunt for my dad

    Be a good son and buy him a commissioner’s tag and hunt area 100.
  19. Chesterwyo

    Wyoming Region G poor deer hunting this year

    Seems people have forgotten that nearly an entire age group of deer are missing from the herd due to the fawn losses of 2018. That age group would be the “big” bucks people are looking for this year.
  20. Chesterwyo

    Mt Goat Palisades Unit 2

    Indian creek as well.
  21. Chesterwyo

    Savage Accidental Discharges?

    Those are pretty easy to put a new trigger in. Order a Timney, and put it in yourself. Watch a YouTube video if you need instruction.
  22. Chesterwyo

    3030 winchester ammo

    Knows how to text a pic. But not how to post one here. Curious.
  23. Chesterwyo

    Winter Storm

    As long as it’s not fogged in. Should be great.
  24. Chesterwyo

    Hunters wanted

    Erichhartmann AKA “highfastflyer”
  25. Chesterwyo

    870 Wingmaster

    They made them with 34 inch barrels so that if you missed you could just flip the gun around, grab it by the barrel and swat the fuggin’ bird out of the sky.
  26. Chesterwyo

    Custom 7 Mag

    Doesn’t seem all that affordable. 😂😂
  27. Chesterwyo

    Why cops may start ignoring fleeing criminals.

    I’d have to know the political affiliation of the indicted police officer before making a judgment.
  28. Chesterwyo

    Another attack

    How exactly does that work? How does a dead bear deliver the message to the others?
  29. Chesterwyo

    A story about piles of stupid, compounded by stupid, with a side of stupid

    That generation didn’t pave the fuggin’ way for anything. They sucked the marrow out of this country, while buying homes and building wealth during the easiest time there ever was to be a working American. And they want to decry my generation for “not working hard enough” GTFO with that nonsense.
  30. Chesterwyo

    Which one are you?

  31. Chesterwyo

    A story about piles of stupid, compounded by stupid, with a side of stupid

    Judgement clouded by tater tot casserole and lutefisk.
  32. Chesterwyo

    Unit 100 antlerless Elk

    Just drive up the Bar X or Tipton Road as it's getting daylight. The hardest part should be not spilling your coffee as you get out of the truck.
  33. Chesterwyo

    Trying out new bullets this year

    Prepare for some explosive exit wounds.
  34. Chesterwyo

    Obvious Poaching Problem In Wyoming?

    Sounds like a productive draw.
  35. Chesterwyo

    Dell creek elk feed ground shut down?

    I think feed grounds need to be phased out. But it will come with a lot of consequences. The main one being an elk season similar to how Montana does it. We’ll be hunting elk in February to appease landowners
  36. Chesterwyo

    Elk unit 98 lodging

    As natural gas prices continue to increase, Pinedale will get busier. So yes.
  37. Chesterwyo

    Tragedy at casa hossblur

    The flat brim is the modern day dunce cap.
  38. Chesterwyo

    .284 Nosler bullets

  39. Chesterwyo

    Headed to Rock Springs

    You’re welcome at my single wide anytime.
  40. Chesterwyo

    Elk unit 98 lodging

    Any of the motels in Pinedale are fine. I would reserve the rooms now however. There will be an uptick in oilfield activity during that timeframe.
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