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    A little bit of Wyoming

  2. HorseCreek

    Thorofare Outfitter?

    I really want to hunt the Thorofare, I have horses and pack gear but I feel like its a trip and undertaking that's a bit over my head. I'd like to hunt it and enjoy the hunt much more than I feel like wrangling horses for a week. So my question is for those who have hunted the Thorofare. Who...
  3. HorseCreek

    AZ Late archery elk

    I knew I was up against the odds of killing a bull late in AZ. I saw a ton of elk. Some real good bulls and I came real close to killing a 320? bull opening day but he zigged when he shoulda zagged. Arizona never disappoints...
  4. HorseCreek

    Wyo Antelope

    After a frustrating September trying to kill an elk, I ?snuck? in to 653 yards of this lil guy and put him to sleep. Cutom 6.5-284 140 Berger 2770 FPS
  5. HorseCreek

    Bears and Wolves

    This is the main trail that goes up the canyon that sits about 100 yards from my back country elk camp. Lots of activity...😜
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    8 weeks til Arctic Red Dall hunt

    8 weeks til Arctic Red Dall hunt! This is my first sheep hunt. It's been a few years in the making. Booked, then postponed, now its getting real. Anyway, any advice or knowledge you might have from a similar hunt would be appreciated. Traditional >>>------->
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    Bessy as a cartoon? Traditional >>>------->
  8. HorseCreek

    Unit 23 late archery guides?

    I'm looking for recommendations on guide/outfitters for Unit 23 late archery. Let me know who you've used on that unit. Thanks! Traditional >>>------->
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    What velocities are you getting with hand-loads? I'm currently getting 2770 with 140 Bergers and H4350. I had some factory HSM with same bullet and they chrono'ed at 2900+ fps I'm showing zero signs of pressure but good accuracy. They are at max load per bergers manual. Traditional >>>------->
  10. HorseCreek

    Book Cliffs Bear?

    I'm headed out to the roadless in the Books in a couple weeks for spot and stalk bear. Anyone been out there recently? Are you seeing anything of interest? I'm gonna take the horses and most likely stay for 4-5 days riding, glassing and moving camp as I go. I can't's spot and stalk...
  11. HorseCreek

    2017 Utah general Bull

    Going out with a bang....I'm moving to Wyoming so this is my last bull as a Utah resident. I've missed two other velvet bulls in the past. I had some "giant" general unit bulls coming in pretty consistent but I couldn't pass a bull in the velvet at 15 yards. Cheers Utah....🍻
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    Velvet dreams

    Traditional >>>------->
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    Book Cliffs Bear?

    I drew a Book Cliffs fall bear tag this year. No baiting and no dogs. It's also the roadless area. My question is, can someone go up early for me and open the gate and grade a good road to a really good camp for me? I don't wanna get lost and I need to get my 42' 5th wheel toy hauler in there...
  14. HorseCreek

    Bad taxi work question?

    I got a rug back from a bear I killed. I let the pics do the talking. Any taxis out there please leave a comment with what you'd think is fair to make it right between me and the taxi. Traditional >>>------->
  15. HorseCreek

    Living in Hawaii

    Kona lava flows World champ John John Florence HIC Pro Sunset beach My daughter at sunset Hawaiian Pro Haleiwa Traditional >>>------->
  16. HorseCreek

    Wyoming general archery bull

    Scores 383 19/8's I shot him on the run at 123 1/3 yards Traditional >>>------->
  17. HorseCreek

    Wall tent or Tipi?

    Looking for a new back country tent. It'll need to sleep 3-4 people comfortably. I've used plenty of wall tents but I'm not keen on the bulk and the weight. I do love how warm and dry they keep you tho in bad weather. I've never used a tipi but I see they are gaining popularity. Whats the pros...
  18. HorseCreek

    Spring Bear

    Traditional >>>------->
  19. HorseCreek

    LE premium elk help?

    I wasnt expecting to draw with 2 points but it looks like I drew San Juan premium. Can someone give me directions to the mountain range? I'm pretty sure it's in central Utah but I could be wrong. Can you use drones on San Juan? If it's more than an hour from my home I don't wanna take the time...
  20. HorseCreek

    2015 antler growth?

    Hey Bessy! What's the antler growth percent looking like this year? I'd say it's down 3.25% from last year.... What's the word? Traditional >>>------->
  21. HorseCreek

    Guide/outfitter tips?

    I've never been on a guided or outfitted hunt before. However I leave in a few weeks to hunt bear in Alberta. What's a general rule of thumb for tipping on something like this. Food and lodging are provided for 5 days. Hunt is over bait so a considerable amount of time has gone into bait and...
  22. HorseCreek

    7mm LR Accubond?

    So now that we all concur that the Accubond is the most superior bullet in all of the universe... I'm looking for load data on the 168 bullet. Nosler lists Magnum, 4000MR, and Magpro. I have a bunch of RL22 and retumbo. Anyone with real world experience with the LR 7mm accubond tried these...
  23. HorseCreek

    Antelope results?

    I don't have a proclamation and I can't find it on my phone...when are results up? Thanks! Traditional >>>------->
  24. HorseCreek

    Is this legal? What would you do?

    I just watched three guys shoot m-80 bombs at a couple hundred deer while filming it with a drone. Is this legal on private property? Even if it is, it pissed me off pretty bad watching all those deer running around in the sage scared sh!tless. This was of course in intarsia. Traditional...
  25. HorseCreek

    Yukon archery moose outfitter?

    Looking for recommendations on good outfitter. I'm hoping to book something soon. Traditional >>>------->
  26. HorseCreek

    If you had $15k?

    if you had $15,000 to spend on a 2015 hunt? What would you hunt ,where would you hunt it, and why? Traditional >>>------->
  27. HorseCreek

    Utah sportsman elk

    The lady that drew the sportsmans tag killed a GIANT bull at over 1100 yards....are you cyber badasses gonna thump your chests at her too? Traditional >>>------->
  28. HorseCreek

    4 stands, 8 yotes

    Called a few in the other day... Had to shoot this one @300 yards due to her circling down wind and the terrain. This one came in with 6 others. Ive never called that many in at one time. It was crazy! Shot him with the .338 Lapua @60ish yards. 300 grain Accubond Never got a shot at the...
  29. HorseCreek

    Last day Montana MONSTER!!!

    Traditional >>>------->
  30. HorseCreek

    Ross outdoors burglarized

    keep an eye out for these items... Traditional >>>------->
  31. HorseCreek

    2015 Bows

    So I went and shot some of the 2015 bows from Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, and Prime. Ive shot Prime for the last 3 years but I always shoot as many brands as possible before I buy. I'm not brand loyal . The first day I shot PSE and Hoyt. PSE was better than past years bows. Not near as aggressive as...
  32. HorseCreek

    Deer tongue anyone?

    what do you do with your elk/deer tongue? Traditional >>>------->
  33. HorseCreek

    Wolf caught outside of Flagstaff AZ

    Traditional >>>------->
  34. HorseCreek

    2014 Wyoming elk

    Here's some pics of my hunt. It was cut short due to a couple circumstances outside my control, but it was still a great time with my dad and my lil sister. Enjoy the pics The sunrise opening morning The ride in 8 miles Home away from home Waiting for the big guy to show My pops and my...
  35. HorseCreek

    .338 Lapua Loads?

    For those that are reloading for this cartridge, what powder/bullet combo are you liking? I still need my dies but I'm trying to get as much info as I can before I get started. Thanks! Traditional >>>------->
  36. HorseCreek

    Name that location

    Here's a pic of where I've been elk hunting with my dad since 1990. It's been one of my favorite places on earth ever since. I just got back Friday from elk hunting. I had a 350ish bull under 30 yards at full draw 3 times but never got a shot becuz if how thick it is. Take some guesses...
  37. HorseCreek

    Name the cartridge

    I can't remember who did this a couple years ago but I thought it was fun and it was interesting to see how many guys know their sh!t. Ready go! Traditional >>>------->
  38. HorseCreek

    NFL's new ad campaign

    Traditional >>>------->
  39. HorseCreek

    Measuring loose powder?

    How do you guys get consistent measurement with loose powder? Especially in the field? I'm trying loose powder for the first time this year. 70 grains on my reloading rcbs scale is equalling out to 100 grains in the quick load tubes. I can weigh and pre load a few at home but in the field how do...
  40. HorseCreek

    Utah OTC Bull

    Traditional >>>------->
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