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  1. 340Wby

    Texas Draw 2021

    I agree, liked it better when you could only apply for one hunt per category. spread things around a bit. The state finally saw it as a money maker and changed it.....but like most I have been in it for a while so I am going to stick with it at least it provides an avenue for a hunt!
  2. 340Wby

    Texas Draw 2021

    lol, I'll do a few this year, timing is not good for me for most hunts. But I will more than likely get a bunch of u suck letters
  3. 340Wby

    Meat hunters....

    I told my son on his bookcliffs tag a few years ago the exact same thing!
  4. 340Wby

    Forest/State land swap from Medicine Bow NF

    Larry Hicks huh?
  5. 340Wby

    90/10 General quotas?

    I fell over when I saw this , so I had to go look at the odds on the Game and Fish...there it showed 19 points. Don't know which is the correct data source. But thanks for pointing it out to me
  6. 340Wby

    90/10 General quotas?

    As a non resident, not enough points to ever (according to lifespan averages) to ever be in the preference point pool and now even less of an opportunity for tags in the random. Really don’t want to hunt cow moose, not why I put in. I’ll just wait and see before I decide on anything. It’s...
  7. 340Wby

    90/10 General quotas?

    Always enjoyed hunting Wyoming. Unfortunately in that no mans land with 14 Moose points. I'll wait and see what really happens before making any decisions. While I don't blame the residents for wanting more tags ( I would if I was in their shoes). Just do it and get on with it whatever it...
  8. 340Wby

    Two bear CWMU

    talked to them prior to putting in for the cow hunts, seemed straight up. they did go longer on the cow hunts this year with dividing the hunters up in three weekends. I'm curious about what differences are from the Two points opinion
  9. 340Wby

    Tags in the mail?

    got my green tag last week
  10. 340Wby

    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Way too many, (9). Figured I was in no man’s land, too many for most units and not enough for great units. With the new season structure thought I’d hunt now, leave the points game as I’m to old to draw again and enjoy the season.
  11. 340Wby

    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Well, successful for 2nd season 21. Be happy to hunt this year! Now the fun of scouting, researching, and take a few trips out there to see the country and find a good camping spot. Good luck to all who drew!
  12. 340Wby

    2021 NR Deer App Unit Choices

    2nd season Unit 21, 9 points
  13. 340Wby

    Any use in getting a 2nd rifle bear tag 66/67?

    Two years ago had a late season Arizona Coues tag and hunted the last five days of the year. Purchased a lion tag but like you thought the bears would be denned up as well so didn't spend the $150. Lo and behold second day of the hunt saw three lion's (mama and two kittens) at less than 200...
  14. 340Wby

    Newfoundland Ewe back from the taxidermist

    That's a wonderful mount!
  15. 340Wby

    34 year old grizzly....

    Amazing it was able to survive that long
  16. 340Wby

    spot and stalk mt lion in Utah

    I purchase a H/O tag every year....just in case. H/O is not good for all units I know. plus relatives have hounds so is always fun to see such a majestic animal. Had an opportunity in Arizona a few years ago, had it there dead to rights at 200 yard except it had kittens was cool to watch them...
  17. 340Wby

    Utah Game Wardens

    Been hunting Utah quite awhile; used to to see the warden on horseback every now and then but haven't for about 10 years. Been checked many, many times and only had two experiences that made me wonder wtf. Once we were about 60 yards off the road glassing a hillside and saw a bear, we bs'd...
  18. 340Wby

    Mule Deer CWMU recommendations and thoughts

    PM sent
  19. 340Wby

    Mule Deer CWMU recommendations and thoughts

    Thanks Legacy!
  20. 340Wby


    you are entitled to your opinion...........not entitled for everyone to agree with it though
  21. 340Wby


    Add archery to the list Muley Killer...
  22. 340Wby

    Mule Deer CWMU recommendations and thoughts

    Thanks for the feedback. Am/will do much of what you have suggested. Appreciate the note. thanks
  23. 340Wby

    Mule Deer CWMU recommendations and thoughts

    All right fellow hunters, looking for thoughtful recommendations on the following CWMU for mule deer (not in any order) 1. Deseret 2. Ensign ranches 3. Two Bear Which would you hunt? Why do you recommend the unit? Is there one that I am overlooking? Any other relevant information that you care...
  24. 340Wby

    Wyoming Unit 67 Camp Spots

    When I hunted the unit I went on the far south east side, right off the main dirt road overlooking the units border. Did a few recons prior to the hunt just to find a good spot in case of poor weather and needed a good place to park the 32' fifth wheel and a ATV trailer. when I draw that unit...
  25. 340Wby

    SOLD Cabelas HD Intensity15x56

    Just gained some new info---price drop-----250 TYD
  26. 340Wby

    SOLD Cabelas HD Intensity15x56

    Sent a PM Bugle
  27. 340Wby

    SOLD Cabelas HD Intensity15x56

    Used for three days for an AZ Coues hunt. Great shape, no scratches, like new. comes with Tripod adapter. 350 or 325 and you pay shipping or pick up.
  28. 340Wby

    Check out this awesome Antelope

    very unique! be awfully hard to pass something like
  29. 340Wby

    How big is this goat?

    Big enough for most folks including me
  30. 340Wby

    Would you take this ram?

    Without question!
  31. 340Wby

    Book Cliffs Roadless Bear (Spring)

    Well glad you are seeing bears! keep at it the bulk of the spring harvest is the last 10 days and the bears from the lower or south side should be moving into your area. Keep at it!!!!
  32. 340Wby

    Utah Sheep Tag

    Congrats and you will have a fine hunt!
  33. 340Wby

    Book Cliffs Roadless Bear (Spring)

    Had some friends and family run some bears on the top
  34. 340Wby

    Idaho Bear spring hunt

    As of 15 May you can purchase the non-resident license, see you all in Idaho in two weeks!!!!!
  35. 340Wby

    Judge allows lawsuit to ban bear baiting in Idaho, Wyoming

    Another attempt to ban hunting. the Grizzly is recovered, shouldn't be an issue to the feds, states should manage.
  36. 340Wby

    Idaho Spring Black Bear

    Congrats!!! like others this will be the first time in a while that I haven't had a tag in the pocket. Hopefully memorial day weekend will be available to us non-essential travelers to the gem state!
  37. 340Wby

    The Biggest Mistakes the DWR and Wildlife Board have made for deer.

    I think both of you (shoot'em and Thunder) have valid and legitimate points. The stats you posted are they statewide? If so, that skews numbers for some units. Is it true that we are limited in the number of tags? it sure is. Below is just my opinion; there are probably gaps and seams but...
  38. 340Wby

    Good heck, can I go camping yet?

    you are right vanilla, my enthusiasm and reading comprehension got ahead of me!!!! I was confusing Grand with Garfield
  39. 340Wby

    Good heck, can I go camping yet?

    Given what we know about this virus and the social distancing recommendations the best place you can be is outside!!! Happy to see that Grand county has rescinded the order on camping. Now they need to open the state parks following the social distancing recommendations. Everyone wants to...
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