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    Hunting diaries.

    Soul food is the one that you heartily share with family and friends. At Mafojani Safaris we foster more than relationships, we forge bonds.
  2. Mafojani Safaris

    How Famous Shurugwi hunter lost his Loins.

    I came across this folklore from Zimbabwe which i am pleased to share with you. Traditional Africans preserved meat by cutting it into thin strips and adding salt to it and drying it over a slow fire, or by drying it out in the sun. Kuomesa, the art of preserving meat by drying it out. Oral...
  3. Mafojani Safaris

    Hunting Economics

    “Do not be penny wise and pound foolish” Old world proverb. In the economic industry, the business trajectory is seen by the balance of trade within that particular business, income vs expenditure. Hunting is no exception, 5Ps are also a necessity. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. One...
  4. Mafojani Safaris

    Once in a lifetime Dark Giraffe Bull hunt for US$4000

    Mafojani Safaris offers a Dark Giraffe Bull hunt for US$4000. The Dark Giraffe hunt is for 1 hunter for 7 days. Additional trophies can be hunted at anytime During the Safari according to the provided pricelist. Additional hunters and observers are welcome at US$300 and US$200 per day...
  5. Mafojani Safaris

    Plains Game Hunt. South Africa

    Mafojani Safaris offers a plains game package for US$8 900. The plains game hunt is for 2 hunters for 7 days. The hunters can choose 1 species from the following categories; *Gemsbok or Blue wildebeest *Red Hartebeest or Zebra *Impala or Duiker Additional trophies can be hunted at anytime...
  6. Mafojani Safaris

    Why Hunting?

    I had a good chat with my friend Andrew* regarding hunting in Africa. The discussion circled around, what is the main pulling force towards hunters returning to the hunting grounds (not limited to Africa) and I am sharing with you the response. "Philip, the trophy for me and the thing that keeps...
  7. Mafojani Safaris

    Hunt Spiral Horn Grand Slam. South Africa

    The category of Spiral horned animals in Africa include, but not Limited to Eland, Kudu, Nyala, Bushbuck and Sitatunga. Mafojani Safaris gives this offer for US$8 990 which comprise of : 1* Livingstone Eland 1* Kudu Bull 1* Nyala Bull 1* Bushbuck Bull. All the animals are hunted on our...
  8. Mafojani Safaris

    Plains Game Hunt. South Africa. Limited

    2 Hunters Limited Plains Game Package for $5900 Mafojani Safaris in the Limpopo province invites you to join us on our Limited Plains Game Safaris. This is a 5 Days, 2: Hunter, All Inclusive for US$5 900. Additional trophies can be included as per the current pricelist. Additional Hunter can be...
  9. Mafojani Safaris

    Big Game Hunter's Gaiety.

    "The object of hunting dangerous game is only indirectly to get yourself stomped, gored, or bitten to death. In fact, it's to court the real possibility of death rather than to actually die. A humane hunter uses "enough gun" to kill quickly-hopefully instantaneously- for two reasons; first, so...
  10. Mafojani Safaris

    Hello from South Africa

    Hello hunters and huntress. My name is Phillip Bere and I am a Manager and PH of Mafojani Safaris in South Africa. I am new to the forum and I hope that we will have a wonderful adventures together. "An adventure can only be explained through experience."
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