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    Climbing stand

    If its still available let me know. Looking for one for the kids. Im in the area
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    Alternate List

    I'm 351 for the deer combo
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    How many tags and hunts this year?

    Pulled a NR West River tag muledeer/whitetail in SD. It was a last minute app since I'd blanked everywhere else. If figured correctly I had less than a 1% chance to pull it.
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    Results tomorrow

    Same here. 100% draw with 1 point last year and over 70% odds for doe tags in the unit we applied. No dice here
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    Antelope Scores

    Roughed him about 75"
  6. 20200111_121556.jpg


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    Non Resident Elk- You in or just points?

    Points only. Itll make 8 or 9. I promised my 12 year old daughter we'd try for pronghorn or deer
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    UT Points

    Moose, bison, LE deer and pronghorn are all 12 Elk is 18 Bighorn and general deer are 17.
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    So what are you in for?

    Just points this year. Applied in Kansas for whitetail and Maine for moose
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    Kansas Deer Hunting

    We drew tags, but not the upgrade to mulies. Believe units 1 and 2
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    Kansas Deer Hunting

    We applied for muzzy tags with the upgrade for muledeer. My buddy has been the last few years and had decent success. All public and walk-in hunting
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    now that deadline is over, tell what you applied for

    Points was it. Trying a couple of other hunts this year
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    Just curious... LE Pronghorn

    Good to know. I'm starting to plan my hunt. I'm setting at 13 points after this year. Really looking forward to my first Utah hunt. Absolutely love the pronghorn. What's the trophy potential like?
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    Who has what tag?

    RE: Who has what tag? Our group of 4 has 47-1 antelope tags. Leaving on the 26th. My 3rd year out there and 1st for my buddies.
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    October Fishing near Alcova

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-26-19 AT 07:32AM (MST)[p]I was fixing to put almost an exact post like this up. We only drew buck antelope tags in 47 this year and were looking for something else to do. Is the "miracle mile" accessible from the bank? What kind of setups would work? Lures? None of us fly fish...
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    Wyoming Draw

    Our group pulled a 47-1 antelope tag in the random draw. Was hoping for my 2nd or 3rd choice to save my points to share w my daughter next year, but I'll take it. Hunted it in 2017 and had a blast.
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    onX Elite Membership Giveaway ... Win It!

    I want the Hunt App!
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    Another Question

    I hunted 47 last year. Lots of animals. I shot mine the first day, but should've waited. Plenty to choose from
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    Draw Results Coming Tomorrow!

    Our group applied for antelope tags. I'm just getting points for deer and elk this year.
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    What's a typical pronghorn mount running right now? I really like the ones with scenery or the pedestal mounts.
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    Small game

    I'm coming out for antelope in areas 47 and 43. I've got a cousin that wants to come out for the ride along for the rise, but I'm planning on using him as my pack mule. What can we expect for small game and what license does he need? Thanks
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    Antelope 47-1 and 43-6

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-09-17 AT 11:21PM (MST)[p]I've got a set of stocks that are a tripod, but I'm thinking of attaching a bipod to my gun. It's a Remington 30-06 topped with a Leupold 3x9x40 varx-II with the CDS shooting 165 grain ammo. Is it best to come out opening week or wait? I'm pretty...
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    Antelope 47-1 and 43-6

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm still trying to get all my gear in check and also deciding if I want to camp or not. I'll hold 9ff on the tires for now. How long of a shot can I expect? Farthest I'm shoot around home is about 300 yards.
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    Antelope 47-1 and 43-6

    Got drawn for my first hunt and am excited to be coming out. Got a few questions. How are the roads? Do I need a more aggressive heavier walled tire? I've got access to an Polaris ranger. Will it be needed? I'm going to concentrate on my buck first and then go for my does. I'm looking for a...
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    GPS units

    Yep pretty sure that's what I'm going to get. Was torn between the Montana and Oregon.
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    GPS units

    OnX maps was a definite in my choosing, but I don't want to break the bank. I've gotta get some other stuff to. I was looking at the Oregons or Montana's.
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    GPS units

    Looking to buy my first GPS unit for my upcoming Wyoming hunt. What's everyone's suggestion? I have an idea of what I want, but if like to hear some opinions
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    Draw results are posted!

    Drew antelope: 47-1 and 2 for 43-6. First time coming out west.
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    Cowboy country outfitters

    Anyone heard or or dealt with them? Met them at an outdoors show and am trying to get any info from any past hunters.
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    youth antelope NR hunt with 2 preference points?

    What's the age limit for kids to hunt? When can we start buying points for them?
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    What hunting is all about

    Great story and congratulations to her. Can't wait until my kids want to experience it.
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    Future Utah hunt

    Yeah I'm a NR. Biggest thing we have around here is whitetails. I figure this will be my one shot at a trophy hunt for elk so I'm wanting to make it worthwhile.
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    2017 Antelope

    Planning on applying for tags for next year. This will be our first hunt for lopes. Currently we'll have 4 points going into the draw. Would it be better to get another point and try leftover tags or cash in?
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    Future Utah hunt

    I'm looking at cashing in my points in either 2017 or 2018 for LE elk. I'll have 16 or 17 points depending on which year. What's the odds of drawing a good tag? With a 6 and an 8 year old at home I figure this is my best chance at getting a nice hunt in before all the expenses really start...
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    Points updated

    Just got my email where mine updated too. Looks like I'm going to have to start planning for 2018.
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    Combo Mulie/Pronghorn hunt

    Man its kind of overwhelming the amount of guides out there. Looked at quite a few already. Prices seem to be generally close for the most part. What areas of the state seem to have the best odds at being able to get a good representative of each species?
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    Planning for 2018

    Thanks for the replies. I checked when I bought my points for this year and looks like I will have 15 instead of 16. Still looking to try and draw tags and come out. Still a lot of planning ahead.
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    Combo Mulie/Pronghorn hunt

    Looking to do a father son combo hunt in 2017. We'll have 4 points going into the draw. Any suggestions for a good outfitter? This will be my first western hunt and my dads 2nd. Looking to get a good representative of each species if possible. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Planning for 2018

    Hey guys, First time posting here. Great site. I'm tentatively planning on applying for elk and or mule deer in 2018. Being from Ohio the western system is sort of confusing. I'm planning, Lord willing, to go with a guide when I come out. What are my odds of drawing tags with 16 points? I'd be...
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