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    2021 Archery Buck Success - Daypack for the winner!

    Cameron’s Nevada Muley!
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    Cameron’s biggest buck yet.

    Cameron got it done again on his biggest buck yet. Took us seven days but in the end he was able to make it work.
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    2020 Archery Buck Photo Contest

    Cameron's Nevada buck.
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    Any 101-109 Archery success? Still sitting on my tag.

    Elk_nuts better check the smoke before you make the long drive and can't see anything. I live here in Spring Creek and the smoke is so bad I can't even see the Ruby's.
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    Cameron's 2020 velvet buck

    Cameron was able to close the deal on this good buck!
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    2020 Trailcam Photos Contest ... Couple Prizes for Winner

    Oasis in the desert! I know it's just a moose, but this is in Nevada!
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    Norther Nevada taxidermy

    These are all done by Wildlife Revolutions!
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    Drew 035 archery deer

    Pm sent
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    051E Elk

    PM Sent
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    Nevada was generous this year

    Scottie, not sure how your planning your bear hunt but I have a buddy with dogs. He doesn't charge just loves to run bears and does a great job of it. He can't run bears unless he has a tag holder, if your interested let me know and I could hook you up with his #.
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    Unit 35 Archery

    Couple bucks from that area you should have a great hunt.
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    111 late elk

    PM sent
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    Anyone have a NV guzzler map?

    RE: Anyone have a NV guzzler map? Download OnX maps they have all the guzzlers. Easier to use than that guzzler map book anyways.
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    Bull Elk Depredation Hunt Units 144, 145 Late

    Jon, I sent you a PM.
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    Let's See Some Photos! Win Stuff!

    Some sheep scouting.
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    NV 081 China Jim Mountain

    What are you scouting for deer, elk or antelope?
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    076,077,079 and 081 cow elk.

    Doz, Yes you are correct, he has killed a couple good bucks. This is the one you probably remember.
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    076,077,079 and 081 cow elk.

    PM sent back.
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    What permits stamps etc do I need?

    Absolutely! look it up. Any off road vehicle has to have a valid sticker. I was checked by a game warden and he said they starting to write tickets. It's been in affect for three or four years now.
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    076,077,079 and 081 cow elk.

    After 5 days of chasing elk with a stick and string Cameron Billows finally connected. We had guys park above our blinds, fires and rifle hunters to deal with. I guess that's public land hunting.
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    What permits stamps etc do I need?

    Just remember you'll need a license for any side by side or OHV you may be using.
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    ELK 076, 077, 079, 081

    My wife has the same unit just the early hunt. If your interested pm me and I'll let you know what we found and where.
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