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  1. CouesFanatic

    Where to buy mounting bracket

    I am looking for a bracket that is used on the back of the mount to hook the deer onto the wall. Its usually shaped like an upside down v so the bolt rests in it and holds it up. What is is thing called and where can I buy one?
  2. CouesFanatic

    New to Washington, Planning 2012

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-16-11 AT 10:15PM (MST)[p]I'm moving to Vancouver and will be attending graduate school starting January 2012. Just trying to get an idea of how the hunting is in Washington. I picked up the Regs for Oregon and Washington. I just want to put some meat in the freezer but...
  3. CouesFanatic

    Water in the backcountry

    I am going on a backpacking hunt in Arizona next week. Planning on packing in water. How much water should I plan on using daily. I will be using water for Mountainhouse meals also.
  4. CouesFanatic

    90 trophy deer unit?

    I've been looking at a lot of deer everywhere in unit 90 and have yet to see a decent buck. Is this really that great of a unit? Glass, Glass glass is what I am told. Anyone with any suggestions?
  5. CouesFanatic

    leftover tags

    Does obtaining a leftover tag eliminate your bonus points?
  6. CouesFanatic

    Are the ticks out yet?

    See any ticks lately? What part of the state?
  7. CouesFanatic

    Last Years 2009 Elk and Antelope Regs

    Does anyone have a link were I can find last years reg book?
  8. CouesFanatic

    Timney or Shilin

    Which trigger is better? My gunsmith says Shilin but all I hear about is Timney. Whats the difference?
  9. CouesFanatic


    Any yet in Northern Utah/southeast Idaho?
  10. CouesFanatic


    I bore sighted in my scope with a laser recently. But I didn't check to make sure the elevation and wind adjustments are at zero before I sighted the gun in. Do I need to turn the elevation and wind adjustments to zero and redo the sighting in?
  11. CouesFanatic

    Vortex Viper or Vortex diamondback

    I'm looking to buy one of these scope but I'm not sure if there is a big difference besides price. I don't want to cheap out and buy something thats not going to hold up but I also am not sure if the extra 200 is worth moving up to the viper. What is the difference between the two? I know the...
  12. CouesFanatic

    Best Scope Rings

    I'm looking for the best scope rings made. I hear its warne? What's the consensus?
  13. CouesFanatic

    Gunsmith Southeast Idaho

    I bought a new 300 ultra mag. I'm looking to get a muzzlebreak put on. I know it runs around 180 ish. Can anyone recommend a a reputable and decent priced gunsmith in Southeast Idaho. I called Max's gunsmith in Idaho falls. They claim to reduce kick by half and 6 o 7% increase in noise. Inform...
  14. CouesFanatic

    300 Rum with muzzle break without earplugs?

    Does anybody shoot one?
  15. CouesFanatic

    Fee increase, anyone out?

    Just wondering how many people are not going to Idaho this year because of the fee increase. Anyone?
  16. CouesFanatic


    Are wildlife management areas open in the winter? I thought they close for wintering game but the website says they are open year round. Anyone know?
  17. CouesFanatic

    Meat Processor

    Anyone have a suggestion for a good processor near rexburg rigby area? Or anywhere around?
  18. CouesFanatic

    Anyone with a 63A Moose tag?

    If so pm me, I have some help for you.
  19. CouesFanatic

    Archery Deer

    Anybody wack a deer yet? Somethings had to have gone down by now.
  20. CouesFanatic

    Primos Scent Elimination

    Has anyone used Primos new scent elimination stuff? Particularly the silver stuff. Any Ideas? good or bad?
  21. CouesFanatic

    Salt Blocks

    Are salt blocks legal to use for deer? Can they be used as an attractant for trail cam pictures? I know in Arizona they are legal but i'm not sure about Idaho. Thanks
  22. CouesFanatic

    Results Are Up

    Check the home page under headlines
  23. CouesFanatic

    Idaho General Hunts

    How are the general deer hunts particularly in the southeastern region? This is my first year in Idaho and will be my first mule deer hunt. I have been around mule deer a lot, but I have been hunting Coues until now. If I scout some can I expect to find a big three point or small four point?
  24. CouesFanatic

    Whats up with these turkeys?

  25. CouesFanatic

    Hunting with a Jeep Wrangler

    Does anyone do it? Where do you put the deer? Do you debone the whole thing first?
  26. CouesFanatic

    Draw/ Success odds

    Does Idaho put out any data on % kill and % draw?
  27. CouesFanatic

    Help me find a pistol

    I want to get my first pistol ever for carrying while out hunting/plinking around/personal protection. I would like a bigger caliber for protection while hunting. (I think) A 9mm is too small right? I would like my wife to be able to shoot it. We have a lot of yotes, wolves and lions here...
  28. CouesFanatic

    Idaho Elk

    Is there any elk at all in the mountains range between Swan Valley and Victor? Do they winter on the Swan Valley Side?
  29. CouesFanatic

    Colorado, Utah....When Idaho??

    Is Idaho gunna help these winter deer? Or are they already? Anyone know?
  30. CouesFanatic

    Idaho Gun Laws

    I wanted to get a pistol to carry while out in lion and grizz country but I am a resident of Arizona. Can I buy a pistol as a nonresident living here currently for school?
  31. CouesFanatic

    Kiabab Early

    Anyone headed up for the hunt? How is it looking for this year? Its getting down to 19 at night up at Jacobs Lake so that may be good. Anyone been up there?
  32. CouesFanatic

    3A/3C Archery Arizona

    I have 7 days left of scouting before my archery hunt starts and I am in the search for a big big bull. I have seen a few pretty darn good bulls but I am still looking for THE bull. Has anyone hunted this unit in the past? I have looked lots of places in the unit and I am still a little unsure...
  33. CouesFanatic

    MT ORD Yotes

    Anyone know if Ord had a few yotes on it?
  34. CouesFanatic

    Where in Yellowstone?

    I'm headed to yellowstone for the first time. Where are the elk at this time of the year? What are the "must see's"?
  35. CouesFanatic

    A Few Trail Cam Elk

    I got a few of these on my camera. What do you think they score around?
  36. CouesFanatic

    A few random pics

    A few months ago I got the Sony H-5 point and shoot. I don't know much about photogaphy but I am starting to learn a little finally. Here are a few pictures with the cam:
  37. CouesFanatic

    Anyone live in Show Low Arizona?

    How dry is it? How is the elk growth going to be this year? Average?
  38. CouesFanatic

    What would you hold out for?

    Last year I took a 367 bull with my bow in New Mexico. This year I have the Arizona 3A/3C archery tag. What kind of bull should I hold out for? What would you do?
  39. CouesFanatic

    ATL Pics

    These are a few pics from this year, nothing great but they are still sheds. 1st of the year 2nd Closer up Another This picture has three sheds in it although one is very hard to see, its up on the top in between the two. These were within 10 yards of eachother and none of the three...
  40. CouesFanatic


    My girlfriend got a call from the expo saying she won a all expense paid trip. Has anyone else gotten this call? Is she getting scammed or is this the real deal?
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