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  1. pymulies

    57 antelope

    Not a bad one, but a worse moisture. py
  2. pymulies

    Results tomorrow

    Drew Antelope Buck, Additional Cow, Buck Deer, 2 Additional Doe Deer everything but LQ Elk, but still get a GEN. py
  3. pymulies

    Results tomorrow

    Not quite D but he was close
  4. pymulies

    Wyoming antelope hunt

    PM sent py
  5. pymulies

    Wyoming antelope hunt

    Splitting 7 points or 7 points each? py
  6. pymulies

    338 Federal Bullets FS

    $80.00 + shipping
  7. pymulies

    338 Federal Bullets FS

    2 Full Boxes $90.00 + shipping
  8. pymulies


    Congrats.....Nothing for me py
  9. pymulies

    Need help, pick a pronghorn unit

    Personally, I would rank them: 1. 92 2. 101 and 53,95 as equal py
  10. pymulies

    Wy Antelope units 114, 58, 62, 67

    I don't know 114 at all but I'd say 62 py
  11. pymulies

    Wy unit 57 or 67?

    Most of 57 is having a normal winter. I don't think this storm even put 2" across the unit. 67 has had almost no snow all winter and they didn't get that much out of this last one as the unit is concerned. The rim got snow, but the antelope don't usually stick on the rim during the winter. py
  12. pymulies

    8.6 antelope preference points

    PM Sent
  13. pymulies

    Wyoming unit like the book cliffs???

    84 is pretty checkerboarded.....hard to find deer that you have access to. Don't have to go with an outfitter, but they have most of the deer habitat in their favor.. 80 and 81 have a lot more public ground to hunt. py
  14. pymulies

    Mule deer outfitters
  15. pymulies

    Antelope unit 57 and 64 water hole access

    I've hunted both and it wouldn't be hard on either. 57 has less water as a unit but there is water spread throughout it. 64 has more water in the north part of the unit as a whole. There are some big lakes in the south part of the unit but overall it is dryer in the south of 64.
  16. pymulies

    General bull 2020

    I killed this bull in the exact same place 2018
  17. EAF7DFC7-FB37-4B8F-8B43-D9A5AAF60A07.jpeg


  18. pymulies

    General bull 2020

    Here’s the bull I took opening morning in WY. My son (3 yrs) stayed at camp because of the hike and being cold, but I went back afterwards and brought him up. PY
  19. BAF31883-9724-4633-A5E3-138A0EF2C587.jpeg


  20. 5F306D7D-E549-42C2-BEA9-104EFF077FC3.jpeg


  21. pymulies

    Wy unit 57 or 67?

    57 on a good year is hard to beat....
  22. pymulies

    Droptine Buck Photo Contest

    Founder, do you remember the guy from Canada, that had some huge sheds off a palmated droptine buck like the sheds above, and he then ended up killing said buck a couple years later? The sheds had been chewed pretty bad. This had to have been early 2000's. Those sheds above sure brought back...
  23. pymulies

    9 elk points

    I understand what you are saying, but I think you could explain more about the type of hunt you are looking for. Example: 280-300" bull, day hiking trips with a base camp, mid to steep terrain...… ext. That could help get people involved. I am a resident and no help, but sometimes a little more...
  24. pymulies

    Monster Whitetail.....

    Good job bud, that is one of the best posts I've seen all year py
  25. pymulies

    WY Whitetail

    I really don't care if you like or agree with the scribbled face. I still like a little bit of anonymity in this digital world. Thanks for the kind comments. If you have questions I can answer any in pm's. If you have been on here as long as I have, you see the crappy side of this site and I...
  26. pymulies

    WY Whitetail

    Killed this buck in Wyoming this year. Passed him up last year. 2019 2020 py
  27. BD99682D-97A9-4599-AB1A-259313E28A24.jpeg


  28. 38192F28-2F87-4F05-8F3F-2AAB67787DAD.jpeg


  29. 51304BDE-0E21-4C1E-9F2D-E2CCA1D6F442.jpeg


  30. pymulies

    Bear pictures!

    2020 Spring Wyoming
  31. bear1.jpg


  32. bear.jpg


  33. pymulies

    Fun WY antelope hunt

    that is the requirement to be considered a resident, but you have to be there a full year prior to becoming a resident. ie have a post office box/lease agreement/bills/drivers on and so forth. “Resident” means a United States citizen or legal alien who is domiciled in Wyoming for...
  34. pymulies

    Elk Outfitter Recomendations

    PM Sent
  35. pymulies

    Wyoming Antelope in Area 69?

    Like greatwhite leery of the roads that aren't graveled when it rains. py
  36. pymulies

    Wyoming checkerboard lands Purchase

    I think you should all be prepared for tons of wind energy development on the properties that will support it. The state is broke and will be looking to make those lands as profitable as possible. The I-80 corridor is more than likely going to be a forest of wind mills to push energy to the west...
  37. pymulies

    Region W

    The point restriction was lifted last year. They killed more bucks in W than they had since 2007. They also killed the second most does since 2007. On a below carrying capacity population (according to G&F), that doesn't sound like a sound management plan. Sounds like a "we need money management...
  38. pymulies

    Region W

    Still below carrying capacity and age structure in the herd is not good.
  39. pymulies

    So what are you in for?

    I know of a 89 that wasn't from 57. I'm with you. Any unit can be a producer, if you can judge and given enough moisture at the right time.
  40. pymulies

    Wyoming-Sweetwater/Green Mountain Deer herd

    Had a pretty hard winter two or three years ago. Since then they have faired pretty well. Population is still down according to G&F and the trophy quality is even lower. Still a few good deer, but they are few and far between. Pretty much like most of western Wyoming.
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