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    Henry Pahvant

    Anyone heard of or own a pair of these?
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    Ideas for elk and deer?

    If you wanted to hunt elk or mule deer in 2022 and had a budget of $6,000+\- what would your preferences be? Obviously I’m looking for ideas for myself. I’d like to stick to rifle hunting in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Arizona or Nevada. Elk would be my priority but I’d also look...
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    Wyoming Advice?

    So, we're contemplating having my dad burn (or try to burn) his 15 deer points in Wyoming this year. My dad will be 79 years old in June. He can hike a little bit, but is fairly limited at this point on mobility. Currently I have 2 preference points. We've considered applying together for Region...
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    Water Filter?

    I'm looking for opinions and advice on water filters for multi-day backpacking trips. What have you used? What works and what doesn't?
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    Alaska Cruise?

    We are planning an Alaska cruise in 2020. This will be mine and my wife's first cruise (celebrating out 20 year anniversary). There's a ton of things to consider especially budget. Anyone been on an Alaska cruise recently? Opinions? Suggestions? 1-way? 2-way? Vancouver? Seattle?
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    Max points for Wyoming?

    Soooooo, yeah. I'm sitting on max points for deer in Wyoming as a non-resident (I know I know - no one has any business having max points for deer in Wyoming). I've had other things going on in years past so I've just been buying points. This year might be an ideal year for me to actually apply...
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    Mexico Vacay?

    This next summer my wife and I are thinking about going on a "budget friendly" trip to Mexico with another couple. We've heard some not-so-great things about Mexico and have even been told not to go because of "violence". We're trying to decide if we're actually going to go through with it...
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    20+ Bonus Points?

    Anyone have 20+ resident bonus points for deer in Utah who doesn't have a clear idea of what they are going to do with them? I'm just plotting on how I'm going to increase my odds of drawing a deer tag. :D
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    Hitting the Cards!

    LAST EDITED ON May-11-18 AT 10:52AM (MST)[p]I got a pending charge today for 4 general season deer tags ($160)! Here we go!
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    A couple of bucks during the hunt

    Here's a couple of smaller bucks I videoed while on my wifes Utah deer hunt. It's going to be a long winter! (sorry the video Isn't great quality)
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    Finding Accurate Velocity?

    So, I'm trying to get an accurate velocity reading for my new rifle set up. I personally do not own a chronograph but my brother-in-law does and he would let me use it anytime. As I was researching proper and accurate chrony use, it seems to me that there are many different variables that come...
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    Spotting Scope Opinion

    I have a pretty limited budget as far as purchasing a new spotter. My last spotter was a Vortex and I liked it enough to be open to buying another one. I have been looking at the Diamondback and Viper HD scopes. I'm looking for opinions on pros and cons of purchasing the Diamondback 20-60X80 or...
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    Twin Peaks CWMU

    Anyone hunted deer on Twin Peaks? I know some of these CWMU's in this area are no better then some general season units. I'm sure this is the case here based on applicants and drawing odds. Just curious if anyone has any info?
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    Sprinkler parts prices?

    Anyone had any experience as far as sprinkler parts pricing, specifically Sprinkler Supply Co. versus Lowes or Home Depot? Just curious if Sprinkler Supply Co's prices are comparable.
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    Remember when...

    Remember back when having a LE elk tag meant that shooting a bull smaller then 370" meant utter failure?? Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it really seems like times have change over the past 10 years. I'm not sure whether that's a bad thing or a good thing! It seems to me that it's...
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    Boobe Hole CWMU

    Just curious if anyone has hunted deer on Boobe Hole within the last few years or has any pertinent info. I'd like to hear about your experience. Thanks!
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    Utah Land forDeer?

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-11-14 AT 11:32AM (MST)[p]I have 2 parcels in Iron County Utah that I may be willing to trade for preferably a Utah landowner deer tag. These lots are west of Cedar City near Beryl Junction. The lots are unimproved. Electricity is close, but there is no water. Possibly a great...
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    Hogue Overmolded Stock?

    Weighing my options for a new stock for my 700 BDL. Any opinions or experience with the Hogue W/ Full bed block?
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    Monetary Value of Bonus Points?

    Currently I have 12 points for deer here in Utah and max points for deer in Wyoming. Over the past couple of years I have been trying to put a value on bonus points (JUST FOR FUN). The thought has crossed my mind that I would almost rather purchase a landowner tag for a unit like Vernon than use...
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    As non-residents, my father and I both have 7 points for deer going into 2013. MY plan is to hold out applying for a couple of years. My father on the other hand is interested in hunting asap. He's 70 years old, has had both knees replaced and has had major back surgery (twice). He actually gets...
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    Health Insurance

    I was just curious what everyone pays for family health insurance coverage and if anyone uses a supplement plan to help with high deductables, etc? My insurance premiums (through my work) are going up 45+%, so I was just curious.
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    Mallet Finger

    So I jacked my finger up at work (right hand, middle finger). I have what is called "Mallet Finger"... The doc told me I can't bend my finger for 8 weeks! Yeah right! Fortunately it's not my trigger finger! Anyone else had this? Did you have...
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    Junction Valley CWMU

    I have a Junction Valley deer tag this year. I was just curious if anyone has hunted deer on the unit and would be willing to share any advise. Thanks in advance!
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    Anybody know anything about the Scheels Sporting Goods store being built off I-15 in Sandy? Apparantly its going to be about 220,000 Sq. ft.
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    So each year I try to increase my hunting budget by a bit. so I recently confronted the wife and "told" her that my hunt budget for 2012 will be $2,000. The small yearly increments must be working because she didn't laugh in my face. Anyway, I want to hunt in Utah - more than likely a trespass...
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    Personal Hell?

    So I let my wife drag me to Ikea again tonight. This is my second trip in the past few weeks. The first trip was pure hell and this trip was no different. If I died and went to hell, I would be spending the eternities at Ikea. Just curious what YOUR personal Hell would be?
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    St George to Salt Lake?

    I know this is a BIG stretch, but I'm looking to hitch a ride with someone driving from St George (UT) to Salt Lake (area) on Weds March 28th after 6:30 pm. I would pay for some gas,if not all (depending on what you are driving :D ). Thanks for looking!
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    $2,000 Budget?

    Let's say hypothetically you had $1,500 - $2,000 to spend on a hunt (which obviously doesn't get much of anything). You wanted to hunt deer or elk preferably in Utah, but would also consider surrounding states. Are there any options available as far as landowner permits, trespass fees, etc...?
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    New Mexico 16B

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-29-10 AT 12:29PM (MST)[p]I have a chance of buying a landowner permit for NM 16A (I know the title says 16B, I typed it wrong). I'm just looking for some opinions on the unit from people who have hunted or are familiar with it. I am just beginning my research now and know...
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    Ballistics Program

    What is a reputable ballistics program?
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    Factory Round Choice?

    Anyone have any experience with the Hornady Superformance and/or Winchester Supreme Elite XPC's? I'm trying to decide what factory load to shoot out of my .300 Win Mag. Of course, all is determined how either will actually shoot. I've spent the $$$ for premium stuff in the past that didn't...
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    Just curious if anyone had a standard front Leupold scope base in matte that they wanted to get rid of. It's for a Rem. 700. Thanks!
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    Rings & Bases

    I am going to scope a 700 SPS in a .300 Win Mag. What are the advantages or disadvantages of standard bases VS dual-dovetail bases? I'm pretty set on Leupold 2-piece bases. Any suggestions or thoughts?
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    Eye Relief?

    I am looking at scopes for my .300 Win Mag. I like the Vortex Viper, but am concerned with the shorter eye-relief in comparison to a VX-II (and others). SHOULD this be a concern? Any thoughts or recommendations?
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    #11 to musket cap

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-15-10 AT 03:11PM (MST)[p]I just converted my Knight from taking #11 caps to taking musket caps. Any ideas of how significant this might change bullet trajectory? I know the musket caps burn hotter, just curious how much it might change the point of impact. Otherwise, I'll...
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    New Set-Up

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-24-10 AT 09:02AM (MST)[p]well, I finally decided a new bow was in order. I sold my old Mathews Legacy and decided on a new 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner. I've got a Rip-Cord rest and a TRU Ball Armortech HD sight. I really like shooting the bow. 28" draw and it's shooting 300 fps.
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    My sister drew an Oquirrh/Stansbury muzzleloader elk tag. Just curious if anyone has had any experience on the unit. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Continued Project

    I posted I pic previously of the finished stock. Since that time, I had the scope done and the bolt Teflon coated. I think it turned out nicely. This is a Savage 111 .22-250. Any other ideas? (glass bedding, etc...)
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    Barrel de-resonator

    Anyone use or have tinkered with one of these on your rifle? I wouldn't mind checking one out to see if they do anything. I'm a skeptic, but it's a fairly inexpensive gadget to try. Just curious if anyone has had any experience.
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    "Camo Dipped"

    Decided to have my Savage (.22-250) Walnut stock "camo dipped" in Kings Desert Shadow. Just got it back today and couldn't be happier.
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