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    Taker Buck or Pass?

    In a heart beat Founder!
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    Just a thought

    I agree. The thread entitled "A couple of Bow Bucks" is mine and didn't even notice till after pictures where taken and looked at, at home. These where both solo hunts so my son was alone and so was I when arrowed them. I can tell you in our case there was no hidden anything from anybody...
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    Brothers unique buck from last year!

    That is one of a kind and I like it!!
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    2020 Mule Deer Video

    Outstanding footage and thanks for sharing this video.
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    Wyoming Migration

    Thanks for sharing that video. Very informational and well put together.
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    Family hunts...everything

    That is a great deer and thanks for sharing your hunt.
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    Displaying multiple euro mounts

    I have thought many times through the years of trying to attach racks to a post some how. I like what you guys did with displaying your horns.
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    Couple of bow bucks

    No not bragging bucks, not ever my intention to do that. Just wanted to share what I love to do. I visit here all the time but don't post very much. There are some incredible crazy big game monsters harvested and pictures here on MM.
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    Couple of bow bucks

    I really do thank you for your comments. I'm an old guy getting tougher each year to bow hunt the rough country so each mature harvested buck means the world to me. I bow hunt only so disappointments, blown opportunities is my middle name. Bow hunting has given me more memories in the...
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    Couple of bow bucks

    Just wanted to share a couple of bow bucks from this year. I know they don't measure up to the monster bucks here but wanted to share our success. My son arrowed this one a few weeks ago. I got this one last week. I bow hunted ~50 days and had many opportunities and many blown opportunities.
  11. IMG_5676.JPG


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  13. IMG_5523 (2).JPG

    IMG_5523 (2).JPG

  14. IMG_5512 (2).JPG

    IMG_5512 (2).JPG

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    Muley Success Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    WOW! All great bucks congratulations to all. My son and myself arrowed two great bucks on our ranch this fall but wouldn't compare to these great bucks pictured.
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    Wife's Mulie

    Great!! If I had a chance at a big two, I would take him in a heart beat. I tried hard for a big 3 point this year that would of been a great wall hanger but never happened.
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    2020 Buck Down

    That is a great buck!
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    November Muleys

    Well done and thank you.
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    Which one to get after???

    I really like 1 a lot, but I would hunt 2 because he has more character.
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    Allan "World's Best Strings"

    08-31-2020, 07:47 AM Not sure if this was posted yet but Allan has passed away suddenly. He is very well known in the archery circle for his bow strings. I bought every string and cables from him through the years. He was true professional in every way. I will miss his talent for ever...
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    When are most big bucks killed?

    I bow hunt only and in my success through the years there really isn't one part of the day that has been better then the other. I have arrowed them mid morning, mid afternoon and evenings.
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    Trophy Buck on the Wall Photo Contest!

    Man are there some beautiful animals on the wall. I'm very jealous. I'm hoping to take a life time buck while I'm still here on earth.
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    Was your biggest buck off a limited entry unit, private land or general season public land

    I bow hunt public land about 95% of the time.
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    2019 Wyoming Deer now on the wall !!!!

    You have done well, SIR. Those are one in life time bucks if I would have taken any one of them.
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    Big Archery Buck Photo Contest!!

    2019 archery buck MT 27" heavy/dark
  26. IMG_2978 (2).jpg

    IMG_2978 (2).jpg

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    Big Archery Buck Photo Contest!!

    2015 archery buck ND 26" heavy/dark.
  28. IMG_1386 (2).JPG

    IMG_1386 (2).JPG

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    My 2019 Colorado 2nd season buck

    That is a great buck.
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    Mid 180" buck

    180's all day and all night. Great animal!
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    Sweet Big Buck Score for Me!

    That is a WOW buck! It doesn't matter what it scores. Great buck!
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    13b archery

    WOW! Nice.
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    4-point Buck Down

    That is great! The picture says it all.
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    LOL! Love all them.
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    Another awesome buck. Comeback post #2

    Amazing beautiful bucks.
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    LE Giant 34.5wide 5x5

    Great story and great buck!
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    Need help with horn display

    Beautiful! You have a beautiful room for mounts etc. and some great bucks. Wow! I might have to do something like you have done. My image was a tree log with these racks placed around the post but not sure it can be done to make it look like anything. Thank you for sharing your pictures.
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    100 Gr Muzzy Results

    >LAST EDITED ON Oct-05-19 >AT 07:56?PM (MST) > >Hope you were able to track >and recover him! :D > > >I've had similar experience with minimal >blood trails on broadside double-lung >shots - bow and crossbow. > Here's a crossbow bolt >from a recent 30 yard >double-lung. I was shocked...
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    My 2018 Ut general buck back from Taxidermist

    That is a beautiful buck.
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    Mule Deer

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