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  1. Muleman1

    Older Backcountry hunters?

    I’m 40 old man’s 70 he still gets around pretty good, I just saddle the mules and do most of the work. But he hates it that I do, don’t think he has much time in the back woods left, so I enjoy all the time he has left.
  2. Muleman1

    dolores triangle late season deer hunts

    Stud !!!!
  3. Muleman1

    20 gauge steel shot

    3 inch anything but slugs lol thank you I’m in SLC UT
  4. Muleman1

    20 gauge steel shot

    Anyone have any for sale I need some
  5. Muleman1

    CO 3rd Season Success

    Great buck
  6. Muleman1

    Double throat patch odds?

    Never seen one but would love to
  7. Muleman1

    Paunsagaunt issue

    yeah that’s what we need even more deer hunts we already hunt them 3/4 or the year 🤨
  8. Muleman1

    Sportsman Permits

    Unsuccessful here
  9. Muleman1

    My video from 21 cwmu

    Cool video nice buck
  10. Muleman1

    CO 67 buck

    Great buck
  11. Muleman1

    Cougar spot and stalk hunt Utah

    I had 6 different cats on trail cams but didn’t see one
  12. Muleman1

    2021 mule deer success

    Man what a stud
  13. Muleman1

    Cougar spot and stalk hunt Utah

    Just curious to see if anyone bagged one ?
  14. Muleman1

    When The Division Called…

    Hell of a buck
  15. Muleman1

    Barbwire Buck

    Pretty cool
  16. Muleman1

    Got Lucky This Morning!

    Congrats good buck
  17. Muleman1

    Exceptional buck

    Man what a buck congrats absolutely beautiful
  18. Muleman1

    Guess these buck's ages.

    Very cool post by the way thanks.
  19. Muleman1

    Elk recovered 6 months later

    I’d put $ on it if given the opportunity he would of shot another bull
  20. Muleman1

    Guess these buck's ages.

  21. Muleman1

    Horse property wanted wvc

    We’ll the time has finally come, I need to move my mules from up north to a closer location to me in Wvc. Anyone have a pasture that they’d let me use I’d pay and clean up after them I have 2 mules !
  22. Muleman1

    Alcatraz Island buck 2021

    Yeah I noticed that
  23. Muleman1

    Kamas/Oakley worth it?

    I’d say not worth it but hunting is hunting and you never know can’t get one if you don’t go !
  24. Muleman1

    Late cache or Ogden muzzleloader deer

    Absolute studs
  25. Muleman1

    Cache General Deer

    They never come back
  26. Muleman1

    Guess the score

  27. Muleman1

    Me and my dads Wyoming bucks

    Great bucks
  28. Muleman1

    Book Cliffs Deer Hunt Vid

    Nice job cool video I love the books
  29. Muleman1

    UTAH DFW to add General Elk tags to draw for 2022

    I knew it was coming after the 2020 on line debacle
  30. Muleman1

    Utah’s DWR Proposals

    Unfortunately your 100% right
  31. Muleman1

    8 crazy white tails from outdoor life

    Anyone have any pics/stories of anything crazy ? Years ago my uncle shot a mule deer buck with long hooves that crossed each other but no cell phone cameras back then for a pic the local rancher thought he seen the buck for 9 years! Probably a good thing he shot it, it wouldn’t of made it...
  32. Muleman1

    My daughters kill shot

    Great shot
  33. Muleman1

    Has anyone noticed any rutting in Utah?

  34. Muleman1

    8 crazy white tails from outdoor life
  35. Muleman1

    JR’s First Buck

    Great first buck
  36. Muleman1

    Video: Kill shot on my UT gen. buck

    What’s your first name I’m an allred as well
  37. Muleman1

    Finished up 2021 for Deer

    Awesome video
  38. Muleman1

    2021 bucks.

  39. Muleman1

    big bucks and bad weather ?

    the best time to hunt in my opinion is right after a storm
  40. Muleman1

    Cactus buck

    Cool buck !
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