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    Henry’s management tag???

    According to the officer on the Henry’s it can have as many browtines and base points as he can grow. They only start counting points after the first branch off the main beam(where the G2 leaves the beam)
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    Henry’s management tag???

    I saw quite a few good bucks down there last week but I really like this Managememt buck. Not sure if he’s the type of buck you’re after?
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    Lot of Under Armour barren ground

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    Pahvant cow tag

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    First Henry Mtns Tag

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    Henry Mountain Archery

    Hey barner107 I tried responding to your PM but it doesn't seem to be working. Shoot me an email
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    Henry Mountain Archery

    You're in for a fun Hunt! Plenty of good management bucks this year.
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    Bookcliffs south

    Lots of deer in Nash Wash that time of year.
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    Book Cliffs Elk

    This Book Cliffs bull was screaming his guts out last night and wouldn't leave his 2 cows. Saw 5 smaller bulls that didn't have cows.
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    Book cliffs deer

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    How wide and how old?

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    2015 Season Dates

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    Late season Youth any Bull Elk

    Hunt the Ouray wildlife refuge.
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    54 type 1 Bull Anyone?

    I was just wondering how everyone did. I thought this hunt would be great with an Oct 1 opener. I'm still sitting on max elk points and don't know what to do with them.
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    54 type 1 Bull Anyone?

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    Score this Bull

    G1's: 17, 17 G2's: 17, 17 G3's: 17, 17 G4's: 17, 17 G5's: 13, 11 Beams: 48, 48 Spread: 36 Mas: 55 Total: 347
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    Colorado unit 52 Deer

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    Both these toms measured 43"
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    Wasatch Moose

    Awesome Bull!! I took some pics of this bull in September. I thought he was around 50" wide.
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    Wasatch scenery photos

    Here is a photo from the Left fork of Hobble creek looking west toward the right fork of Hobble creek.
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    score contest 12 (2012)

    230 4/8
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    score contest 13 (2012)

    191 4/8
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    score contest 11 (2012)

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    Score contest 10 (2012)

    225 1/8
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    score contest 9 (2012)

    185 4/8
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    score contest 8 (2012)

    158 4/8"
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    R U Clutch!!!

    Cory Here's one for you. Archery hunt 2010, this buck and his little brother went into the brush. They switched positions and I drew back and shot his little brother thinking it was him. When he ran out the other side I was sick. Later Brandon
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    score Contest #7 (2012)

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