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  1. pymulies

    338 Federal Bullets FS

    2 Full Boxes $90.00 + shipping
  2. pymulies

    General bull 2020

    Here’s the bull I took opening morning in WY. My son (3 yrs) stayed at camp because of the hike and being cold, but I went back afterwards and brought him up. PY
  3. pymulies

    WY Whitetail

    Killed this buck in Wyoming this year. Passed him up last year. 2019 2020 py
  4. pymulies

    Leaping elk crashes helicopter Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY ? An elk leaped into a research helicopter that was trying to capture it and brought down the helicopter in a collision that also killed the elk, authorities said Tuesday. The elk jumped into the chopper's tail rotor as the aircraft flew about 10 feet (3 meters) above ground in a...
  5. pymulies

    24 elk

    Just a heads up that there is the potential that a new oil well will be drilled on Green mtn during the Mule deer and elk seasons. They can start construction in August but drilling may continue through October. Due to timing stipulations the company cannot access the area any earlier than mid...
  6. pymulies

    Utah ATL

  7. pymulies

    Proposed Tags

    Does anyone know when the proposed tag numbers will be released? Or if someone has a digital copy from regional meetings, I would love to see it. Thanks PY
  8. pymulies

    New Fire 21 elk 82 deer

    For those guys that haven't heard. Looks like it's going to close most of 21/82 south of the highway between Baggs and Encampment py
  9. pymulies

    100 Elk

    Anyone have this tag? py
  10. pymulies

    Wyoming Shed Season BS

    I got one for you guys that don't like the shed season. I see in Area 82 they are letting out 550 doe fawn tags (type 6 and 8) The type 6 runs Oct 1-16 and the 8 from Dec 1-Jan 31. And here I was thinking that shed season was closed for wildlife protection/harassment issues after Jan 1. But it...
  11. pymulies

    Trifecta Moose 2015

    Ben Jackson Snowy Range Bull. 10 Yards archery. Now he's headed after Bighorn. py
  12. pymulies

    Wyo Sheep

    Another Cody Brown Guided Sheep py
  13. pymulies

    New World Record Bighorn

    I may be out of touch, but I heard a big ram was found but had no idea he was this big!!! 209 4/8 py
  14. pymulies

    Monster Bull from Big Horns

    Just saw this on the book of face py
  15. pymulies

    Last day antelope

  16. pymulies

    Non-Typical Outfitters Monster

    I've seen a deer that Robb got one of his hunters this year! Absolutely HUGE deer. Big drop tine and a really long kicker both off the left side. Very comparable to "Magnum" from a few years ago. I really want to post the pic, but thought I would see if maybe Robb was on here to post it himself. py
  17. pymulies

    Big town buck

    I'm sure some have seen this deer but I just like big deer. py
  18. pymulies

    Nosler Buck?

    Any word on the sheds? py
  19. pymulies

    Jason Carter Muddys Sheep

    I just got an e-mail with a photo of a great ram that said "From the Muddys". I don't know the hunter but Jason Carter is in the background. Anybody know about the sheep. I was going to post the picture but everybody goes all Nazi on someone with out the permission of the owner and all that...
  20. pymulies

    Found this hilarious!

  21. pymulies

    395 Bull
  22. pymulies


    Moose from this weekend. I'm no moose expert but I think he's a keeper. PY
  23. pymulies

    Paper Application DUE MAY 15!!!

    Just read this on the G&F website. Paper applications will be due by May 15th! Does that mean that we should be getting our results faster, considering everything else will be electronic. No more excuse of the extra time needed to go through paper...
  24. pymulies

    How to change you application

    OK MM'ers I got this question today and after briefly looking at the website I couldn't find an easy answer for the guy. Anybody know off of the top of their head? He wants to change his resident sheep and moose applications to a different area. py
  25. pymulies

    Residents Draw

    Resident draw date is set for May 8th for Moose, Buff, Mt.Goat and Sheep. Hoping for a buff tag but not holding my breath. I know this isn't news for some. I'm just tired of waiting for draw results already and its only been 6 days. py
  26. pymulies

    Question for MM

    I had a guy ask if he could go hunting with me and another guy last year. Well when the draw came out he drew and we didn't. Since I had said I would take him, I lived up to my promise and took him. Well the hunt was decent but I didn't really enjoy the company as much as normal. Not a bad guy...
  27. pymulies

    Locked Set of Elk Shed

    This is a locked set of dead heads and a six point shed that was laying right next to them. The match to the single was about 150 yards down the draw.
  28. pymulies

    WY Shed Law

    So does anyone know the specifics of the new law that you can't hunt sheds on the west side of the continetal divide? Specific dates and so on....i haven't heard yet. PY
  29. pymulies

    Shed Dates

    So does anyone know the specifics of the new law that you can't hunt sheds on the west side of the continetal divide? Specific dates and so on....i haven't heard yet. PY
  30. pymulies

    E-mailed Buck

    Just got this info on the buck just says in CO somewhere.
  31. pymulies

    Region W

    SO.....i was wondering how everyone was doing in region W...Looks to me like the winter kill did some pretty good damage on numbers. I think the consensus is that there is Jack $#!T Nothing out there. OH Well, there's always ten years from now when the numbers and age rebounds from the general...
  32. pymulies

    A Few ATL

    Here are a few as they lays from the other day. PY Match Monster set Another Set Good one w/out Match.....YET! Couple little ones Same buck? I think so... End of the Day Nice Sets This year, this buck was dead right next to the sheds....burs matched the skull, too bad looked only...
  33. pymulies

    Rawlins Buck

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-31-08 AT 07:20AM (MST)[p] Not sure if they have scored them yet. But can't believe the mass. WOW! PY
  34. pymulies

    A few from last night

    Here are a few pictures of some "ok" deer that i found last night while out for a drive. i was looking for a coyote but nothing showed up. Sorry about the was a long ways away and through a spotting scope. PY
  35. pymulies

    Management Idea...what do ya think?

    So i've been pondering the pros and cons of elk quality vs quantity. I've been thinking and not saying it's right or wrong but I thought i would put the idea out there and see what everyone on MM thinks. IDEA: Limit the number of bull tags in an area with high numbers of elk already...
  36. pymulies

    Waiting for the First?

    So how many people are waiting for the opening season of rifle to go hunting....We haven't been seeing many pictures from bow season. I'm headed out this weekend to hopefully get a buck with my bow, but if not I want to find one for the opener on Monday. Good luck to all and if you have some...
  37. pymulies

    Unit 21 Wyoming Burn Check out the wyoming forum
  38. pymulies

    Unit 21 (Elk) Burn

    The forest circus has decided to burn unit 21 (Elk) which is also unit 82 (Deer) in August. They are trying to get a handle on the beetle kill. So if anyone was thinking of being on the west side of Roaring Fork Creek, plan on lots of forest service people and a lot of fire. I'm going to go out...
  39. pymulies

    WYO Sheds

    Hey guys just found a set of big sheds but my pic are too large and was wondering how to resize or if i could e-mail them to somebody. Right side- 88-1/8 Left side 79-7-8 gross around 190 PY
  40. pymulies

    Wyoming Opening Morning

    Finally scored on a big deer. This is the first buck i have shot in eight years. Snuck up on him in the aspens and let him have it. He is only 27 1/2 wide but i grossed him at 193 2/8. He really gets killed by the 8 1/2 inline on one side. Which drops him down to 181 1/8 net typical.
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