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  1. nvpinstripe

    My 2021 Idaho Buck

    Very nice work! Great pics.
  2. nvpinstripe

    B Zone Blacktail

    Very nice B zoner!!
  3. nvpinstripe

    2021 Vernon muzzy buck

    Love it! Can’t beat the hunts with your kids.
  4. nvpinstripe


    That is awesome’ congrats to you and you Dad.
  5. nvpinstripe

    A Zone success

    Can’t be prouder! Both my girls killed their first bucks this weekend. One shot one kill to boot for both.
  6. B8916249-CC03-4956-B880-38657DA291D6.jpeg


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  10. nvpinstripe

    3 best country musicians

    If we are talking new country! Morgan Wallen John Pardi Justin Moore But, I love all of the above as well!!
  11. nvpinstripe

    Jacked-Up Reuben!!

    Now that is a highway!!
  12. nvpinstripe

    Results are in

    Only the best tag in the state!!!
  13. nvpinstripe


    I likey!
  14. nvpinstripe

    Great Smoked Sausage Lunch

    Those are great! Found them at Sam’s Club as well!
  15. nvpinstripe

    Wyoming results

    Same.... No luck getting in.
  16. nvpinstripe

    Coues 30A vs 30B

    Those are both very tough units. Hunted them both and struggled.... Private land really hinders your access to the area.
  17. nvpinstripe

    Northern Elk

    Great to hear! Grassy ass!
  18. nvpinstripe

    Prime Is Always a Good Idea!!!

    Boom 💥 amazing looking!
  19. nvpinstripe

    Antelope Pics?

    My Utah speed goat from 2020. Very fun hunt. Wish I could do it more than once every 15 years....
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  22. nvpinstripe

    Card hit!

    Got hit for my first elk tag ever in AZ after years of applying. Finally!!
  23. nvpinstripe

    Little Piggys

    Love it!
  24. nvpinstripe

    Late archery units

    Very good genetics in 7. Check out Randy Newberg’s NV late rifle hunt with his son. It was unit 121. Give you an idea of quality!
  25. nvpinstripe

    Late archery units

    Late area 7 archery in November is amazing! I have been lucky to have drawn it twice. There is also a sneaky good late archery November hunt in unit 121! Great tag with super high success rate!
  26. nvpinstripe

    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    Message and phone calls sent! They are going to hear from me daily!
  27. nvpinstripe

    GoHunt vs. Epic Outdoors vs. ?

    I subscribe to Epic and love it for the detail and ability to talk with their experienced staff. For all my other general needs Go Hunt fills the void.
  28. nvpinstripe

    X Zones

    My son and I doubled down at the same time. Hot and dry, but time with my boy is always a good! We went 4 for 4 in our party. Best Cali Hunt I have ever been on!
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  32. nvpinstripe

    Randy Newberg you tube

    His crew and their work are the best thing going on right now in the western hunting realm! Randy’s dedication to conservation is unparalleled. Love it all! Keep up the great videos, pod casts and public outreach!!!
  33. nvpinstripe

    Antelope pictures

    Great looking buck!
  34. nvpinstripe

    Made it happen in Nevada

    I freaking love it! Nice work!!!
  35. nvpinstripe

    Archery goat down!

    Great goat! I think archery antelope maybe one of the toughest, but most rewarding hunts out there. Great job!!!
  36. nvpinstripe

    tag just showed up?

    Christmas came early! I love gifts from NDOW.
  37. nvpinstripe

    Whitehorse Antelope

    Sent you a PM
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