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  1. rmanwill

    4 for 4 deer tags. My last one of the year

    Awesome year there. You are an inspiration to us. Thanks for sharing
  2. rmanwill

    Idaho Deer Tag Filled

    Great story. Thanks for sharing. Way to stay positive with the curve balls thrown your way. Congrats.
  3. rmanwill

    My 3rd season buck

    Congrats. That is a heck of a buck to consider passing. Thanks for sharing
  4. rmanwill

    Wyoming general bull

    Awesome. Family hunt. Love the photos with the little one. Thanks for sharing.
  5. rmanwill

    Shockey's wife

    WOW. Can't even think about how I would react to that. Prayers sent.
  6. rmanwill

    Not normal

    Rut/fighting causes numerous broken noses.
  7. rmanwill

    Cool OTC Buck with my son

    That photo of your son with the buck is priceless. Congrats on a lifetime memory there. Also congrats on a awesome buck. Thanks for sharing
  8. rmanwill

    CO 3rd Season Success

    Congrats. Great memories made there. Plus a great looking buck there. Thanks for sharing
  9. rmanwill

    dolores triangle late season deer hunts

    Awesome buck. You did well and earned that buck. Thanks for sharing. Been putting me and my sons in for that unit due to the later dates and not conflicting with other hunts for several years. I know it is somewhat weather dependent, but always has a few good ones. With the low number of tags...
  10. rmanwill

    Late Bull Utah

    Awesome 3rds. Great bull. Congrats
  11. rmanwill

    Utah late bull

    Awesome bull. Congrats. The Grace boys always get it done 👍
  12. rmanwill

    Mule Deer 4th Season 12,13,23,24

    Congrats. Way to get them involved. Great memories made there.
  13. rmanwill

    Wife’s 4th season buck

    Congrats. Pretty buck there. Thanks for sharing
  14. rmanwill

    Mule Deer 4th Season 12,13,23,24

    Congrats one down and one to go.
  15. rmanwill

    My 2021 hunting season.

    bagged numerous turkeys with 12 gauge shotguns over the years. Last turkey I took was with my bow and arrow to make it more challenging. That was a blast, with a couple close calls before getting it done. This year I bought a youth combo gun (410 barrel and a 22 barrel). Always wanted one of...
  16. rmanwill

    My 2021 hunting season.

    I have added my 2021 hunt adventure in the 2021 Hunt Adventures thread if interested. Photos included. Six of the last eight weeks has been hunting. Retirement is treating me well. April Texas hog hunt. May Utah turkey hunt. May Idaho bear hunt. September Utah general muzzy deer and helped a...
  17. rmanwill

    My 2021 hunt season

    Also was lucky to help a buddy on his big bull hunt in Utah, which was successful.
  18. rmanwill

    My 2021 hunt season

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  24. 20211012_171938.jpg


  25. rmanwill

    My 2021 hunt season

    Started out in April with a hog hunt to Texas with one of my sons and a hunting friends. Never hunted them and was on bucket list. Was invited to join a group going to S4 Hunting Ranch in Texas. Drove down and had a great time. Was put up with meals and all for 3-days. We all bagged our first...
  26. rmanwill

    CO 66 3rd success

    No slouch there. Congrats. Tanks for sharing
  27. rmanwill

    Colorado Muley worth the 25 Points

    Yep, that is one for the wall. Congrats.
  28. rmanwill

    Wish me Luck!!! First Hunt

    We all have had at least one in hunting camp that just did not fit in with the group. Just don't know sometimes until it's to late. Easy fix - they are uninvited and never invited back ;)
  29. rmanwill

    Wish me Luck!!! First Hunt

    Sounds like you gave it your all and learned alot. I've found out years ago that good hunting partners are hard to find. Keep the good ones you have and pick new ones very carefully. Enjoy the overall hunt and make some lifetime memories while out. Tagging an animal is always a bonus. No idea...
  30. rmanwill

    Wifes 201" Buck

    Stud buck. Congrats to her.
  31. rmanwill

    CO 61 Allout hunt

    Congrats. Awesome bull. Love the big 5x5.
  32. rmanwill

    Older Backcountry hunters?

    Them stone suck. Had five over the last 30 years. One where I was peeing blood on a backpack hunt in the high wyominv mtns. That one came out in surgery.
  33. rmanwill

    Older Backcountry hunters?

    Yep. 61 years old in 15 days. It wears on me more then before. Notice I stop alot more often now, but can get it done. Day hunts can go most places still, just alittle slower. Heck, yesterday my wife shot a good 4x4 rutting buck and I headed over a couple draws with the meat pack. Quartered it...
  34. rmanwill

    CO Buck

    Nice buck. Great length on those tines.
  35. rmanwill

    Western Colorado Success

    Awesome. You the man. Always helping out. Them hunts are some of the funniest
  36. rmanwill

    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    Best news I've heard all day.
  37. rmanwill

    Western Colorado contact list

    Hey Todd great offer. Great people here. I know Fred-Beaman & Chuck-R 270) have helped and talk to numerous people on here including myself before. You are in that same class. Be over in Paonia in 2 weeks for wifes 3rd season deer. Hope all goes well and I don't need help, but good to know...
  38. rmanwill

    GIANT idaho unit 45 deer

    Congrays and thanks for sharing. Pretty buck!!!
  39. rmanwill

    25 years

    I guess us hunters can have a hunting passion and still hang on to a good woman!!! Going on 35 years this spring with my pretty lady. Headed to Paonia Colorado for 3rd season deer with wife in 2 weeks for a week of hunting. She has the tag. Great memories to be made there ;)
  40. rmanwill

    25 years

    Awesome. Congrats to you and another 25 years together.
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