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    Small game

    I'm coming out for antelope in areas 47 and 43. I've got a cousin that wants to come out for the ride along for the rise, but I'm planning on using him as my pack mule. What can we expect for small game and what license does he need? Thanks
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    Antelope 47-1 and 43-6

    Got drawn for my first hunt and am excited to be coming out. Got a few questions. How are the roads? Do I need a more aggressive heavier walled tire? I've got access to an Polaris ranger. Will it be needed? I'm going to concentrate on my buck first and then go for my does. I'm looking for a...
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    GPS units

    Looking to buy my first GPS unit for my upcoming Wyoming hunt. What's everyone's suggestion? I have an idea of what I want, but if like to hear some opinions
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    Cowboy country outfitters

    Anyone heard or or dealt with them? Met them at an outdoors show and am trying to get any info from any past hunters.
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    2017 Antelope

    Planning on applying for tags for next year. This will be our first hunt for lopes. Currently we'll have 4 points going into the draw. Would it be better to get another point and try leftover tags or cash in?
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    Future Utah hunt

    I'm looking at cashing in my points in either 2017 or 2018 for LE elk. I'll have 16 or 17 points depending on which year. What's the odds of drawing a good tag? With a 6 and an 8 year old at home I figure this is my best chance at getting a nice hunt in before all the expenses really start...
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    Combo Mulie/Pronghorn hunt

    Looking to do a father son combo hunt in 2017. We'll have 4 points going into the draw. Any suggestions for a good outfitter? This will be my first western hunt and my dads 2nd. Looking to get a good representative of each species if possible. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Planning for 2018

    Hey guys, First time posting here. Great site. I'm tentatively planning on applying for elk and or mule deer in 2018. Being from Ohio the western system is sort of confusing. I'm planning, Lord willing, to go with a guide when I come out. What are my odds of drawing tags with 16 points? I'd be...
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