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    bibs ?

    What kind of waterproof bibs would you recommend ? im looking to spend 200 at most . Ive been looking at sportsmans warehouses website and came up with a few . grundens transmit waterproof bibs . For 179.99 . what would you recommend ?
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    big bucks and bad weather ?

    along time ago in 2002 i was at sportmans warehouse and there was a video on sale called big bucks and bad weather . by sunset productions . i purchased it right away IF any of you remember ? I was wondering if anyone one on monstermuleys was one of these lucky dudes that made and was in the...
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    hey guys do you think theyll be another stimulus ? i hope so so i can get me a pair of swarovskis !!!! thats mY GOAL GUYS WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR STIMULUS IF THERES ANOTHER ONE ? MAYBE A NEW GUN OR BOW OR MUZZLELOADER ?
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    whats your favorite tree ?

    i was wondering what your favorite tree was 1 ASPEN QUICKIES 2 PINE TREE 3 OAK BRUSH 4 SAGE BRUSH 5 MAHOGANY 6 JUNIPERS ? what is your favorite ? i like OAK BRUSH and SAGE BRUSH . those two are my favorite for shed hunting in the spring
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    have you ever spotted a shed that you never retrieved ? i have a couple times one was brown 4 point that i spotted through my nikons and I spotted a big white 4 point that i spotted through my nikons that i never retrieved .
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    YES !

    i got my 2 releases in the mail today SCOTT QUICK SHOT TRUBALL SHOOTER BUCKLE RELEASE there really nice . anyone use any of those releases i mentioned ?
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    peep sight ?

    hey how many inches above the nocking loop do you put your peep sight ? please help me out thanks , how do you know where exactly to put the peep sight ?
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    pins on sight ?

    is the top pin for longer yards or closer yards ? where do you you sight the 60 yard pin the top or bottom pin , I really want to set my pins up right . i want a a 60 yard pin a 40 yard pin and a 20 yard pin ?
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    Dang I wish

    Right now im wishing I had a archery elk limited entry permit for the Wasatch mountains darnit guys
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    what compound bow do you shoot ?

    i shoot a pse spyder and a pse nova. what do you guys on monstermuleys shoot ?
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    nock points ?

    hey im wondering how you take off nock points without cutting your string. I want to get rid of some old nock points thanks in advance
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    Xtreme pawn buck mounts

    I took some pics of some buck mounts at extreme pawn on redwood road and 7100 south here they are. You guys tell me what these bucks score ? and pick a buck out of all of these that you rather shoot ?
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    Copper john

    I was at the pawn shop today and couldn't hold my self down so I got this copperjohn dead nuts 3 5 pin sight here's the pics guys
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    Res archery elk Utah

    Ya I was on looking for leftover or otc permits or tags what ever you call them . I came across something that said res archery elk . I clicked on it and it says license options I clicked the licence option and it said Archery Elk Hunters Choice ?What does that mean ? Does it...
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    I want!

    I want keys to every gate in chalk creek Utah that's my wish guys here at monster muleys also if I had keys to the gates I would let you guys hunt there for a price.I would make it all rifle hunting though. Get your rifles ready guys !
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    Full body mount

    My dream mount that I would want is a full bodied mule deer doe ,and a full bodied giant mule deer buck in my house I hope one of these days my dream will come true .
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    How about some shrimp and chicken with garlic sauce I ordered it from empire Chinese kitchen for delivery
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    Who tried sticking me with a bullet ?

    Hey back In 2007 I was walking on the property of holiday gun club and I was walking back towards big cottonwood canyon road. All of a sudden high powered rifle bullets go flying I hurried up and fell straight to the ground luckily the bullets missed me I can see why you decided to shoot me with...
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    Gps advice

    Hey what gps would you recommend for shed hunting ? I want one where I can mark on the map of where I found the shed and also where I've searched already thanks in advance
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    I'm the only hunter and fisherman In the family my 3 younger brothers don't hunt or fish my mom told me directly that I'm the only one that hunts and fishes in the family I'm wondering if any of you have brothers or sisters that hunts or fishes any posts are welcome
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    What kind of digital camera do you use

    I thought I could start a thread about what digital camera do you use I use a Canon rebel t7 it has a 18-55 zoom lens.
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    I changed my name

    I changed my name from camtopps1988 to Canonphotography just to let you guys know thanks
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    Sunset pond ?anyone

    Anybody ever been fishing at sunset pond In draper utah it's a community fishery I hammered the rainbows , largemouth bass , bluegill ,sunfish , and catfish this was back in the day around 2002 to 2007 just wondering If any one has been fishing to sunset pond
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    The secret

    The secret behind Peter eades photography. What digital camera does he use? Does he use manual or auto ? I would love to know
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    any body ?

    anybody want my secret spot revealed ? for muley sheds its in northern utah anybody want to go shed hunting let me know im in salt lake city utah
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    pics #2

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    heres some pics of the mountain
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    my own business

    i want to start up my own business selling digital cameras and camcorders how do i get started ? let me know thanks
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    just testing posting photos
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    Antler auction when

    Hey when is the antler auction at the Lee Kay center this year or is it a cancellation because of covid
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    is it just me

    is it just me or is the time frame different with monster muleys than my time on my smart phone and laptop
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    hp 15.6 laptop

    i got this new laptop today its a touchscreen hp windows 10 intel core i3 it really does the job it stays connected to wifi also just thought i could let you guys know that i have a laptop ill be posting pictures to soon
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    Canon elph 180

    Good or not good I got this digital camera this morning
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    Nikon prostaff 5

    I was at Walmart today and I saw some Nikon binoculars that I couldn't pass up the price was 163 and 174.82 with tax fast focusing I can't wait to try them out shed hunting
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    Im going finally!!

    Im going out Monday wish me luck guys
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    Swarovski cl compact binos

    Are these binoculars worth it let me know thanks
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    Swarovski bino question

    Im looking into getting me some swarovski binos i was wondering if the 10x25 compact binos or the cl companions 10x30 which would be the better choice any advice would help thanks in advance
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    Hooray !

    Hey i got some bushnell binos and now i need to get my antler gathering certificate printed off then i go shed hunting wish me luck
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    Hooray!! Im going shed hunting

    Hey everyone here on monster muleys im going antler hunting on thursday morning taking the taxicab there wish me luck thanks
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    Baseball cards

    Does any body collect baseball cards ?
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