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  1. 30Hart

    Happiness is a 400 qt Grizzly

    Definitely. Right after I bought it I traded my Tacoma for a full size...fits just
  2. 30Hart

    Happiness is a 400 qt Grizzly

    Just for giggles to show the size here's my grizzly 400 picking it up from Sportsmans on the Tacoma.
  3. 20210407_182652.jpg


  4. 30Hart

  5. 30Hart


    That's going to be hard to find. DIY would be better in New Mexico. Bigger rams in Texas though in body and horn size. My outfitter I book for in West Texas is on a 48 for 48 streak on gold medal free range rams and worth every penny.
  6. 30Hart

    Task Force Meeting the 18th

    Thanks for the link
  7. 30Hart


    Amen brother.
  8. 30Hart

    What does he score?

    155 to 160
  9. 30Hart

    Bullet Performance On A California Big Horn Ram

    Congratulations on a really nice sheep.
  10. 30Hart


    Just learned from the trial he was yelling friendly, friendly, friendly as he was being chased down. Mob mentality is nothing to mess with...he's lucky he's alive.
  11. 30Hart

    Wyoming Unit 90 Deer Failure

    By the time a unit appears in a magazine its usually ruined as far as how many points it takes versus quality. 90 are desert deer, big ones are there...locals I know have taken several 190 to 200+ but they can hunt the whole season easier, multiple seasons with relatives and really get to know...
  12. 30Hart

    Daughter and Dad Moose Hunt

    Way to get it done, memories for life!!!!
  13. 30Hart

    Unit 51-1 Elk Hunt Summary

    Things happen sometimes in camp...a guide gets sick or quits. So I can see a 1x1 turning into a 2x1...but turning into a 3x1 to 6x1 is wrong. That's why I don't book outfitters I haven't hunted with personally and consider the cream of the crop. Though not always possible it's always best to...
  14. 30Hart

    Nice Tom

    Nice job!!!
  15. 30Hart

    WY Ram Success

    Congrats on a great ram!!!
  16. 30Hart

    Max points Wyoming NR

    16 is a great hunt but whether guided or not it's a hunt for 320 to 330 bulls not 350s. Alot kill under that mark and only a couple over that mark.
  17. 30Hart

    For Sale Berger Elite Hunter 108 6mm, Qty 300

    100 for in person sale
  18. 30Hart

    For Sale Berger Elite Hunter 108 6mm, Qty 300

    120 shipped lower 48. Paypal friend or add 3%, thanks.
  19. 30Hart

    Hornady LE TAP 5.56 75 grain T2

  20. 30Hart

    Hornady LE TAP 5.56 75 grain T2

    $450 for person.
  21. 30Hart

    Region Q Deer 90-1

    Congrats thats exactly the caliber buck you can expect from the unit.
  22. 30Hart

    Hornady LE TAP 5.56 75 grain T2

    $460 for everything in person.
  23. 30Hart

    Hornady LE TAP 5.56 75 grain T2

    Hornady LE TAP 5.56 75 grain T2, have 2 unopened 200 round case same lot and another case different lot 182 rounds. Hornady new factory ammunition TAP LE new stock. Full cases......$200 shipped each. 182 case....$175 shipped. All 582 rounds...$500 shipped. Paypal friend or add 3%, USPS postal...
  24. 30Hart

    2021 Barbary! Couldn't be more grateful and happier with this ram...

    Congrats, should have my mount from 2020 back in a couple weeks...great animals to hunt.
  25. 30Hart

    Region Q Deer 90-1

    Find the water find the bucks if you hunt early. Little springs here and there aren't obvious but wild horses will let you know where they are. Hunt as late as possible for the big ones. Glass till your eyes hurt then Glass some more.
  26. 30Hart

    22-243 Wild Cat Custom F/S

    That's a brand new rifle then. I have that exact same stock on 2 of my rifles...its my favorite.
  27. 30Hart

    22-243 Wild Cat Custom F/S

    Might want to list a round count on that barrel burner!!!
  28. 30Hart

    Utah Axis Deer Taxidermy Recommendations

    Ross is doing my life-size bear and my daughters bear rug. He'll treat you right and does outstanding work. His turnaround time is worth it alone. His brother is a tanner...both my bears pelts tanned a few weeks after drop off. No worrying about the tannery taking forever, damaging them or...
  29. 30Hart

    Moose, how wide

    Ya that's about what I figured on!!!!
  30. 30Hart

    Moose, how wide

    Congrats buddy that is a really impressive bull with plenty of wow factor...has to be one of the largest pics of a single brow tine bull I've ever seen. Can't wait to hear what it scores. I would have shot that in a heart beat, congrats!!!
  31. 30Hart

    30-06 AI

    Winchester 22 inch...2910 fps with a 180 partition RL22.
  32. 30Hart

    Manti Fall Bear

    You are asking the wrong question. Just because someone sees a bear why is it there? It may just be traveling through and never be back. Fall bear hunting is all about hunting them over food sources...whether acorns, berries, soybeans, corn, salmon or even moth larva at 11000ft. Find the...
  33. 30Hart

    Ram down!!!!!

    Great ram congrats!!!
  34. 30Hart

    Most disgusting water you ever filtered

    Never got sick.. Did that for 8 full days.
  35. 30Hart

    Most disgusting water you ever filtered

    Completely algae filled dead lake in Alaska. Only could get 8oz of water out of the filter at a time and had to tear it apart and clean it for each 8oz of water because it clogged.
  36. 30Hart

    Wyoming Area 100 Elk 2021

    Better get out there and get some serious scouting in. Make sure you bring plenty of gas cans and at least 2 spare tires. I've needed both spares before in the same morning. If it rains your not getting around at all. Nice area you are just a little remote. Most guys shoot 5 or 6pt bulls...
  37. 30Hart

    2021 AK Sheep hunt

    What are you talking about that 2nd pic is his field photo after too much celebration with the whiskey.
  38. 30Hart

    2021 AK Sheep hunt

    What's that a picture of roadkill on the Dalton.
  39. 30Hart

    Moose, how wide

    Nice bull but with your tag I'd keep looking. His palm lengths are really short which will really hurt the score with the single brow. He has good width and palm width but not as many points as you'd like. For shiras if you have to talk yourself into a bull you'll be disappointed. On both my...
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