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  1. ORHunter81

    Wyoming G deer points to split with someone

    Thanks for the info. I’m actually hunting elk in 64/63 starting on 11/1 so am hoping to see some deer that would be worth burning points on while I’m over there.
  2. ORHunter81

    Wyoming G deer points to split with someone

    I have 14 WY deer points and regret not going to G years ago and don't really see many options for better deer hunts. I may just share them with a friend or use them for a different hunt but thought it would be cool to trade for a whitetail hunt or something similar. Anyone interested?
  3. ORHunter81

    Elk Pack Out Option for Wyoming 63/64?

    Any recommendation for a pack out service if we tip one over 5 or 10 miles from a trailhead? I plan on archery hunting this in September and would like to have the option if anyone knows somebody local that would be interested. Thanks
  4. ORHunter81

    Nevada Antelope 61, 62, 64, 71, 73

    How’d the hunt go? I drew the archery tag this year.
  5. ORHunter81

    Wyoming area 63/64

    How’d your hunt go?
  6. ORHunter81

    Draw results

    Tomorrow’s the day!
  7. ORHunter81

    Expo results Posted

    Trust me. If I was going to lie I wouldn't be claiming an average antelope tag that I can draw with 4 points as a NR😂🤣
  8. ORHunter81

    Expo results Posted

    I just got an email saying that I drew an archery antelope tag. Heart about blew out of my chest when I seen the ”you successfully drew a hunting permit in the 2020 Hunt Expo drawing”
  9. ORHunter81

    Sled Springs Elk

    I have the archery tag this year. I'll pass on any useful info after my hunt.
  10. ORHunter81

    Velvet at 13,000 feet

    Awesome! Opening day in the high country can't come soon enough.
  11. ORHunter81

    Durango Wildfires

    Hopefully this rain is going to help a little? NOAA is showing rain today and heavy rain coming on Saturday.
  12. ORHunter81

    Backpacking unit 45 in September

    >I have packed into the wilderness >a couple of times. I >have had no problem in >the wilderness finding water. I >did the muzzleloader hunts and >packed in about 5-6 miles. >You will have a great >time! Thanks for the info. Looks like awesome county!
  13. ORHunter81

    Backpacking unit 45 in September

    What is the water situation like? I will be in The Pecos for 2nd archery elk this year and want to stay on the move. Will I bump into water every day even if it's not raining? What are the average temperature swings around 10k? 40-60 or is it getting colder at night? When I archery hunt in...
  14. ORHunter81

    Unit 444 third season rifle for muleys

    I hunted 4th season back in 2012. I drove from Oregon and spent 5 days before the season looking for a nice buck. I found a basket 4x5 with a little sticker the evening before the opener. Pretty buck that probably would have scored around 160. I decided not to go after him on opening day and...
  15. ORHunter81

    Nevada Results Email

    >Those are your Utah results. Ok that makes sense. It is from SCI Nevada so that threw me off. Ok I wasn't expecting to draw in Utah so I can relax a little. Thanks
  16. ORHunter81

    Nevada Results Email

    I just got an email from Nevada saying I was unsuccessful for LE Deer and LE Elk. It doesn't say anything about sheep. It is also dated for May 29th. Anyone else get this?
  17. ORHunter81

    Draw Deadline Today! - ??? of the Day

    >Reminded all my friends about getting >their deer bonus point in >Wyoming a few years ago >about 3 days before the >deadline, then I forgot to >get mine, so now I >am one under max. >OUCH!!! I'm in the same boat. I was driving out for a hunt and had terrible reception when it dawned...
  18. ORHunter81

    2014 Wyoming Elk Hunt - VERY long!

    Awesome write up!
  19. ORHunter81

    Growth Pics of a Good Bull

    Great pics with the time frame. I think he will go between 300-310. Good luck!
  20. ORHunter81

    Unit 51 elk

    Pm sent
  21. ORHunter81

    Unit 51 Wolves during late muzzy hunt?

    Anybody been out for the late season? How's the rut coming along? It's killing me having a tag in my pocket and having to wait another 10 days before I leave.
  22. ORHunter81

    Proud Husband!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your service and congrats! That's awesome.
  23. ORHunter81

    Unit 51 Wolves during late muzzy hunt?

    >We've hunted mid to late Nov >twice, including 2012. Never >saw a wolf, wolf track, >or heard a howl. >Not to say they aren't >there. > >I would have a tag, but >I wouldn't prepay for a >mount or anything. Thanks for the info. How were the deer numbers that time of the year?
  24. ORHunter81

    Book Cliffs Archery Video 2013

    Great job on the vid and for putting two nice bucks on the ground. What was your primary camera for recording?
  25. ORHunter81

    Unit 51 Wolves during late muzzy hunt?

    I am going to be hunting unit 51 around Thanksgiving for mule deer but am wondering how likely it would be to run across wolves while I am out. Any area that time of year that would be worth looking into if I tag out early? I plan on spending around 9 days hunting and checking out some new...
  26. ORHunter81

    Shooter? Any guess on a score?

    Here is a buck that posed for me today. I've been glassing since Sunday and this appears to be the biggest I've seen so far. He is a 4x5 with eye guards. What do you think 160? Season starts tomorrow.
  27. ORHunter81

    Any bird hunting around Glenwood Springs Gmu 444 area?

    I'm a NR heading over next weekend for a 4th season deer hunt. I am coming 4 days early and may stay a few extra days after I hunt. Is it worth bringing one of my dogs with me? Preferably some kind of upland. Quail, pheasant, chukar etc. Thanks for any info
  28. ORHunter81

    444 4th Season Info

    Thanks for the info. I prefer to drive in and then hike on foot as well. I have been on hunts though where the roads are really nasty and a 4wheeler is the best way to get from camp to where you are hiking so thats good to know. 1 less thing to bring.
  29. ORHunter81

    444 4th Season Info

    Hey All, I drew a 4th season deer tag for Co 444. I am just starting to put together a plan and was hoping to get a little info. I plan on doing a solo trip and was wondering if anyone has hunted this in the past few years. What kind of conditions can be expected in mid-November? I like to hike...
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