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    Might also try and reach out to TriState on here also he can help with Panhandle Aoudad hunts.
  2. BlackBear53

    Idaho Deer Tag Filled

    Really cool looking buck
  3. BlackBear53

    He wants to ban assault weapons

    Nomination withdrawn by White House...
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    Torn Meniscus....?

    100% we had 2-3 kids a year get staphylococcus from the turf. It was bad enough that we almost always used our grass practice fields even though we had a bubble facility.
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    Torn Meniscus....?

    Two in college, astro turf is horrible stuff. Both scoped within a week and never missed a game. Its probably the most common knee issue among active folks I would say. Shearing motions seem to get it pretty easy.
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    Another Genius at Work

    My personal favorite from our friends at Helmerich and Payne.
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    I have had 2 6.7 SuperDuty's and all I run is Shell Rotella synthetic 5W-40 and I go about 10,000 between oil changes about half my driving is on ranch roads or lease roads the other half on highways. I have put about 10-15 percent of my miles pulling one gooseneck or another with the trucks...
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    Baby pack

    Osprey is the best hands down.
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    Alternate List

    377 right on the bubble
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    Looking for bullets

    Cabela's Canada has them and will ship to the US for bullets just not ammo, primers, or powder it looks like.
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    Wildlife task force 90-10, etc.

    Thank you
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    Wildlife task force 90-10, etc.

    Hey guys hope yall are well, what animals are included in this big 5? I'm assuming: Sheep Mountain Goat Moose Bison ???
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    Never seen this before

    If this was up by the Jicarilla its a program that the tribe, CO and NM are working on to better understand the migration, started in 2014.
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    draw results

    Nonresident, unit 207
  15. BlackBear53

    draw results

    All unsuccessful for me but the wife hit the lotto and got her desert sheep tag!
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    Work boots

    The google says they are made in either the UK or Thailand. They stand up really well to oil base that for sure.
  17. BlackBear53

    Work boots

    Doc Marten except no substitutes
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    what is your favourite hunting dog

    Catahoulas are great.
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    Some advice to any and all posting for help in units they drew and never been in.....

    I don't understand why its so tough for some folks. If you really want advice all you have to do is use a little work ethic and most folks are more then willing. Call the local BLM or forest service office and talk to the biologist, if he wont talk talk to the road crew or rangeland folks they...
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    209 primers

    Ammoseek has several 209 options online
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    Fun fact why the Keystone pipeline matters, the bulk of our Gulf Coast refineries were build in the 70's and 80's when most oil was either imported from the Middle East or was conventionally sourced. IE not from horizontal shale wells. This resulted in the refineries being build for about 35...
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    Draw Question...

    Pretty sure there is a check box when you pick the permit that if you don't draw you can either get a refund or get the general tag instead.
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    Last minute thoughts before we leave? SE MT here we come

    Just got back from the Jordan area. Lots of rutting action even though it was warm last week. Surprised by the amount of midday action. Saw a ton of deer and elk up and moving between 1130-230. Got a nice heavy 2x3 on a type 1 BMA. Good luck on your hunt.
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    Is 87 really all gloom and doom?

    GoHunt has all three units (89, 87, 34) at 100% draw odds with 11 points in the special and all but 87 in the regular.
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    Transfer fuel tanks

    Take a look at Titan
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    Truck tires

    I have had really good luck with Toyo's the Open Country AT II's and AT III's, they have been good tires for us on a F-350 SRW long bed. Do a pretty good amount of towing and they handle the lease roads just fine regardless of weather.
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    Call Mike Lee NOW!

    Passed the senate (73-25 no less) today shouldn't have an issue with the house
  28. BlackBear53

    Call Mike Lee NOW!

    Called my two senators, who are not cosponsors, their offices aren't even open left a few voicemails. Nothing like using the pandemic as a rationale for not responding to your constituents. Hoping we get some better options come primary season.
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    Wyoming elk 100 type 1 tag

    Congratulations on the tag Bonecollector, I hope one day to draw that one also! In case you are still looking to PM Waptiti all you will need to do is hold you mouse over their icon above their name on this thread and a pop up will show up and you clip the start conversation button. Anyway...
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    Wyoming NR access question

    I would recommend that you reach out to the County Road and Bridge Department for the county your unit falls in they will have either Maps or GIS data that will show the publicly maintained roads in their jurisdiction. Some roads will be private even on public land either maintained by the...
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    Post up what you drew

    2B mule deer late rifle for me, super excited for the opportunity.
  32. BlackBear53

    Mule Deer Scouting Pic Contest!

    That's a really cool looking buck HiCountry
  33. BlackBear53

    Any good news?

    Great time to refinance a mortgage
  34. BlackBear53

    Fuel prices!

    $1.86 in beautiful Montgomery County TX. Worked ourselves out of a job yet again. Natural Gas sub $2/mmcf, at least the electric bill will be cheap.
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    28 Nosler

    My experience with Bergers is the 150 grain VLD's in .270 Weatherby and for deer and antelope sized game and a purposeful double lunch shot they hammer the animal. Have yet to have one run over about 40 yards, have used on about 15-20 deer, antelope, and hogs. The flat out shoot any other...
  36. BlackBear53

    Mule Deer Scouting Pic Contest!

    Awesome pics thank yall for sharing.
  37. BlackBear53

    Paranoid or saving my own butt???

    The Chinese opened up to the WHO with their international doctors so yes tough but more likely then not. WHO has no reason to lie or support the Chinese government if they did.
  38. BlackBear53

    Paranoid or saving my own butt???

    Fatality rates are calculated only from folks that recover or died from the disease. IE total fatalities divided by total of fatalities and recoveries. testing rate is irreverent.
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    Do deer actually worry about what is "fair"?

    Wow, just wow. Gee thanks.
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    Do deer actually worry about what is "fair"?

    Founder, I respectfully disagree with your comment on probably not increasing the herds. Elk, bison, whitetail deer, and turkey have all increased in numbers over the last 20 years and significantly over the last 50 plus years. Increasing the population represent the greatest way to increase...
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