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  1. OutdoorWriter

    For Snoopdog

    My bride talked me into getting the afro after she had it done. So I went to a hair salon & had a gorgeous blond as my stylist. Thus, I continued to have the 'do redone just so I could see & have lecherous thoughts about her. Sometime later, I did a photo shoot with her as the model. The photo...
  2. OutdoorWriter

    Post One Photo Per Day

    See FOR SNOOPDOG thread in this section.
  3. OutdoorWriter

    For Snoopdog

    I separated this out so as not to gunk up the photo thread... Zumbo & I have been friends since we first met in Yellowstone NP in the mid-'70s. We have lots in common; we're both Siciliano, born on the east coast in Nov. a year apart & have a similar education in biology & journalism. Jim was...
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  6. OutdoorWriter

    Older Backcountry hunters?

    Man, some of you old guys have really abused your whole body. :rolleyes: If my skinny a$$ had a new set of lungs, I'd still be climbing mountains. It just wouldn't be as fast as I used to do it. Let's get it on!!!
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  8. OutdoorWriter

    A little bit of Mexico...

    Yeah, they are my lazy man go-tos. I use either them or just a regular flour tortilla for a 'soft' taco.
  9. OutdoorWriter

    Post One Photo Per Day

    I had it for about 4 years. Then I let it grow out as in these two pics... With my trusty appy, Chiquita... With my little gal, Ginger
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  12. OutdoorWriter

    A little bit of Mexico...

    ...last night with a few tacos & a side of refried beans. I used flavored ground beef & covered with two different cheeses, chopped raw onions, cilantro, hot salsa & homemade guacamole.
  13. OutdoorWriter

    Post One Photo Per Day

    A really, really old 'at work' photo....
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  15. OutdoorWriter


    Trust me, they're going to have plenty to deal with if I don't get my a$$ in gear selling more of my lifetime accummulations. I have a cabinet filled with fishing gear -- lures, tackle boxes, etc., at least 20 rods & a dozen reels. In another cabinet I have oodles of HO model railroad items...
  16. OutdoorWriter

    Big Game today, eel

    That $19 is for measley snow crab clusters. Prices for king crab legs are ludicrous.
  17. OutdoorWriter

    Big Game today, eel

    Actually sounds like more. :ROFLMAO:
  18. OutdoorWriter


    My wife wanted me to build a breadbox to match the kitchen cabs, but I doubt I'll ever get back into my shop. So do you wanna buy a bunch of that stuff since I no longer have a use for any of it?? I got everything you listed plus a lot more in my 40+ yr. collection like 10" radial, table & chop...
  19. OutdoorWriter

    IDFG - Input on Upland Game, Turkey and Furbearer Seasons

    Open houses set Dec. 1 – 9 to collect comments about upland game, turkey and furbearer seasons By Roger Phillips, Public Information Supervisor Friday, November 26, 2021 - 11:06 AM MST Hunters, trappers and others can also comment online Idaho Fish and Game will host a series of open houses for...
  20. OutdoorWriter

    Unique Holiday Traditions

    Maybe so. I guess none of the grocery store suppliers are aware of the 'gravy' option since it's called things like Del Monte tomato sauce, Prego tomato sauce, etc. while the brown stuff in jars is called beef or chicken gravy. :ROFLMAO:
  21. OutdoorWriter

    Give 'em room...

    One more recent one from Estes Park...
  22. OutdoorWriter

    Post One Photo Per Day

    Cool shot. I expected Nany Pelosi to sail thru on her broom. :ROFLMAO:
  23. OutdoorWriter


    That sounds like a place I worked on when I was in Colo. during the mid-70s. It was a 'summer' house we did for cardiolgist from Lubbock, Tex. It was 3 stories on about 10 acres. I spent an entire week just doing all the wood work in the master closet, which was about 10X 12. I lined it...
  24. OutdoorWriter


    I love working with redwood because it's so easy on tools. Anyway, I have a much greater respect for your talents with wood now.
  25. OutdoorWriter

    AGFD -- Special Season Apps

    Most of the units within the Mule Deer hunt where Wickenburg is located have a lot of desert type terrain, both flat & hilly. They yield some big bucks every year to guys who know how to hunt them. The nice thing with this hunt is the opportunity to chase them during the rut when big bucks do...
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  27. OutdoorWriter

    Now back to our regular...

    ...scheduled programing -- a NY strip with peppercorn sauce, snowcrab clusters with melted butter, a salad with Caesar dressing & fries.
  28. OutdoorWriter

    Give 'em room...

    Looks like every elk in Colorado is spending the holidays in Estes Park.
  29. OutdoorWriter

    Big Game today, eel

    Each one is 2lbs. & up. So that's $25 per lb. max at 2 ea. BUT...the devil is in the details -- shipping is an ADDITIONAL $55 min. for up to 15 lbs. That would make each crab quite a bit more 'on the hoof,' so to speak
  30. OutdoorWriter

    Big Game today, eel

    Duh! I crapped when El told me she paid $19.95 lb. for snow crab clusters. AND...with 7' swells I would indeed be joing the pukers.
  31. OutdoorWriter

    Unique Holiday Traditions

    Hmmm, my all Siciliano family from NEW JERSEY never used 'gravy' unless it was going on beef, turkey or mashed taters. Maybe farther east?? :ROFLMAO:
  32. OutdoorWriter

    Shockey's wife

    Jim's post... "It is with deep sadness that I write this. Six weeks ago, Louise went to her doctor to have a dry cough checked out. Two days later…the nightmare. The doctor phoned and said she was coming to our home and that Louise should make sure I was there. It is impossible to put words to...
  33. OutdoorWriter

    Son's AZ bull

    Super bull. Congrats.
  34. OutdoorWriter

    Landowner compact program access.

    It appears you can generate the access pass for a two week period, which should cover your entire season. Access From Date* MM ___DD ___YYYY The first date you will be accessing the ranch. Access To Date* MM ___DD ____YYYY The last date you will be accessing the ranch (must be within 14 days...
  35. OutdoorWriter

    Unique Holiday Traditions

    Thank you for sauce & NOT gravy! :ROFLMAO:
  36. OutdoorWriter

    Sheep mount help

    Not perfect but better...
  37. OutdoorWriter

    Dream Buck Down

    Wow! Dandy buck. Congrats.
  38. OutdoorWriter

    Son in. Law got his desert ram

    Super ram! Congrats to your SIL.
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