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  1. Muleman1

    20 gauge steel shot

    Anyone have any for sale I need some
  2. Muleman1

    Horse property wanted wvc

    We’ll the time has finally come, I need to move my mules from up north to a closer location to me in Wvc. Anyone have a pasture that they’d let me use I’d pay and clean up after them I have 2 mules !
  3. Muleman1

    8 crazy white tails from outdoor life
  4. Muleman1

    Tract optics

    Anyone ever use these ? Curious if there any good
  5. Muleman1

    Spotting scope

    What’s the beat spotting scope for under $1,000
  6. Muleman1

    160 grain barnes For 7mm

    Anyone have any they’d part with I need some for the deer hunt
  7. Muleman1

    Cold weather jacket

    What’s the best bang for the buck on a cold weather jacket ?
  8. Muleman1


    Headed up by Kamas for elk tomorrow looking for a spike or a cow anyone got one tied to a tree up there ?
  9. Muleman1

    Archery deer any thing dropping

    Any luck out there ?
  10. Muleman1

    Hunting/outdoor book

    What’s your favorite outdoor or hunting books? I’m almost done with the CJ box series on joe Pickett need some new reading material for the tent at night up on the mountain any suggestions?
  11. Muleman1

    Where’s deer killer

    Anyone heard from him just checking haven’t seen any posts for a bit liked following him
  12. Muleman1

    Great song

  13. Muleman1

  14. Muleman1

    Youth hunting

    So my son is 12 he worked his but off to get hunters safety and was excited to hunt big game only to come up with a big unsuccessful a buddy of mine has a daughter that it took 3 years before she drew and k ow she no longer is into it! to me that’s only going to keep the kids uninterested! I...
  15. Muleman1

    Turkey hunting land voucher

    Does anyone know of any land vouchers for turkeys I’m trying to get my son a bird and we’ve struck out the last 2 years and so far this year thanks in advance
  16. Muleman1

    Tag cuts
  17. Muleman1

    Good ole days!

    Man wish these days were still around! Ran across this box at the ole mans house today.$9.49 for a box of 7mm bullets
  18. Muleman1

    Expo results are up

    Nothing for me
  19. Muleman1

  20. Muleman1

    Here’s your chance
  21. Muleman1

    Where’s the 2021 hunting adventure?

    2021s started let’s get it up
  22. Muleman1

    Antlered doe anyone ?

    Anyone ever shot a antlered doe and how big ?
  23. Muleman1

    Beautiful day

    Went one last day this morning what a fun and beautiful day with my sons youngest found a skull not sure what kind maybe a raccoon? And the oldest got a drake mallard and oh yeah go Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️
  24. Muleman1

    Duck hunting

    So I know where to go as far as early season (because I use a boat) as far as late season no clue where to walk In at any suggestions would be great planning to take my 2 sons 12-8 along don’t want any honey holes at all just an idea as where to hike into
  25. Muleman1

    Tikka T3X or browning hells canyon

    Looking to get a new 300 or 7 mm looking at these two options ? Any info or recommendations?
  26. Muleman1

    Duck/goose hunting outfitter or land owner

    Anyone know of any good reasonably outfitters or land owners closer to Utah? I’m from SLC looking to take my son thanks in advance
  27. Muleman1

    Sons first duck

    Little man got his first duck on a cold slow day
  28. Muleman1

    Youth waders

    What’s the best bang for the buck on a pair of duck hunting waders for a 12 year old boy I have a younger son so he can pass them down when he’s done so want a quality pair
  29. Muleman1

    Kitty cat
  30. Muleman1

    Duck hunt opener

    How was it ? I stayed out of the madness this year any luck ? A lot of birds flying?
  31. Muleman1

    Youth boots

    What’s a good pair of warm boots for a 12 year old I’m thinking sorels ? Any other good ones out there thanks
  32. Muleman1

    Unit 34 deer

    Been out 3 times haven’t seen much at all anyone seeing anything ?
  33. Muleman1

    Youth duck hunt

    Anyone make it out how was it ?
  34. Muleman1


    Looking for a good detailed map of unit 34 deer in WY any suggestions on a good one I’ve looked at a few websites to purchase one just want ideas of who has the best map before I pull the trigger thanks
  35. Muleman1

    Unit 34 non res deer

    Howdy, everyone I drew 34 after 10 years of applying anyone have any pics of the land/deer they’d like to PM me ? Headed out around aug7 to do some scouting can’t wait
  36. Muleman1

    Happy fathers day

    Happy fathers day to all the fathers have a wonderful day keep hunting
  37. Muleman1

    Lifetime tag or LE tag

    How many people would choose a lifetime general deer tag and no option for LE tag or keep it the way it is if you had the option to choose one or the other ? just for shites and giggles
  38. Muleman1


    They still talking anyone still getting into them ? Been a rough year for me and JR ! We’re still trying though
  39. Muleman1

    LE turkey hunters

    What you seeing? Any pics ?
  40. Muleman1

    Turkey load

    What size shot you shooting and why?
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