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  1. Clint

    Cheater Buck Photo Contest - Win a Daypack!

    The elusive big one
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  3. Clint

    Muley Scouting Pics Contest ... Nice Prize

    Public land, general unit. Hoping he'll be back.
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  5. Clint

    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    "I want that pack on my back!"
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  8. Clint

    Colorado unit 71/711 3rd season

    Nice buck, Thank you. I'm hoping for a great time.
  9. Clint

    Colorado unit 71/711 3rd season

    Thank you
  10. Clint

    Christmas in June!

    I got a 3rd also, unit 71/711, hoping for something great.
  11. Clint

    Colorado unit 71/711 3rd season

    Hey all, I drew a 3rd season mule deer tag for Colorado unit 71/711. I'm not seeking any honey holes (unless you're willing to say), I'm just wondering if anyone is willing to provide some direction, aside from me going out scouting which I'm hoping to try and get out there and check it out...
  12. Clint

    Bull Elk Scouting Pic Contest!

    Bugling for the ladies
  13. Elk.jpg


  14. Clint

    Mule Deer Scouting Pic Contest!

    I hope he is still around too, he's elusive when the hunts come around.
  15. Clint

    POLL: What species will you be applying for?

    Hoping to draw 3rd season deer 71/711, third year putting in.
  16. Clint

    Mule Deer Scouting Pic Contest!

  17. Crazy Cool Monster Muley

    Crazy Cool Monster Muley

    This buck is something else!!! Forum member, Clint, shared this photo in a thread called, "Mule Deer Scouting Pic Contest". See it here...>>>
  18. Clint

    Win a Bino/Rangefinder Harness - Easy to Enter

    "Set Me Up with Goodies"
  19. Clint

    WIN a Nosegunner Bino Case! - Easy Entry...

    "I want a bino case!"
  20. Clint

    Big Archery Buck Photo Contest!!

    2019 DIY Utah archery, most exciting hunt ever. 28 yard shot after 3 years of following this buck
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  23. Clint

    WIN a New Pack! - Easy Entry...

    "Heck yes I'd like that pack!"
  24. Clint

    WIN a Daypack! Easy to Enter!

    "I want that pack!"
  25. Clint

    TL Utah

    Maybe you should forget about hunting & work on your yard this Fall?
  26. Clint

    Gun barrel cotton test.?

    What's da teflon step? Just got the .50 DISC 26". Haven't shot it yet. Is this some kind of break in or accurizing step? Sorry, I'm pretty new to the mz world. I've seen your posts before bluelk, you seem to be quite the guru on this stuff. Any help would be appreciated.
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