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  1. MrDoe

    CPW can suck it! Total BS!!!

    CPW is proposing creating doe tag hunt codes for Unit 54 now too. Kill em all I guess.
  2. MrDoe

    Jeffery City

    Haha I know. Last time I was there at the gas station the was a white van that said "Where the f#@ck is Muddy Gap!?" on the side.
  3. MrDoe

    Jeffery City

    Where the f is Muddy Gap?! ;)
  4. MrDoe

    Last Minute G3 Goat Opportunity

    I know it’s late but I just saw this post. If either of you guys need help in G3 or G16 I can share info. Send me a message.
  5. MrDoe

    Pronghorn's smell

    I think they smell like Fritos
  6. MrDoe

    Second Drawing

    Amen Orion! My son scored a good buck antelope tag, my daughter a late cow tag, and I got a muzzy bear tag.
  7. MrDoe

    Most coveted mule deer tag?

    Which is probably the same one I wrapped around this guy’s antler 😜 and Matt was there for both of them.
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  9. MrDoe

    Nevada Draw Today

    I tried to stay up last year and ended up going to bed. Woke up at 3 AM and saw I drew my #1 choice for deer. Needless to say, didn't go back to bed....
  10. MrDoe

    Anyone applying in Nevada

    Thank you! It was a draw tag, not likely at all. I got really lucky even with 11 points.
  11. MrDoe

    Anyone applying in Nevada

    Hoping for a repeat of last year!!!
  12. MrDoe

    2021 Tag Quotas

    According to CPW's numbers the population in 66/67 is higher than it was in 2007. 2007 pop 5330, 2021 pop 7840.
  13. MrDoe

    2 Days Poll

    This guy is a scammer.... don't buy anything from him. @Founder
  14. MrDoe

    2 Days Poll

    What do you think @Kayak_to_hunt ?
  15. MrDoe

    Cheater Buck Photo Contest - Win a Daypack!

    There were only 25 tags for this Utah hunt.... seemed like 50 guys chasing him once the hunt opened!
  16. Bladed Stud

    Bladed Stud

    MrDoe shared this pic in the awesome thread called, "Cheater Buck Photo Contest".
  17. MrDoe

    Cheater Buck Photo Contest - Win a Daypack!

    As he walked out of my life forever on a July scouting trip for an easy draw in Colorado.....
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  19. MrDoe

    Anyone seen 2021 tag allocations?

    Sorry, quotas are what I meant.
  20. MrDoe

    Anyone seen 2021 tag allocations?

    I know they aren't officially published until after the draw but it seems like they start floating around the local meetings around this time. Anybody seen them?
  21. MrDoe

    Super Duper Mega Archery Buck

    Amazing buck! Congrats!
  22. MrDoe

    Colorado leftover watch app.

    He was all over the forums and Instagram when he was launching and building the business, then went radio silent everywhere from what I've seen. He was on the CPW commission meeting mid year last year trying to drum up some business consulting for the CPW. I think it's borderline fraud to keep...
  23. MrDoe

    Drawing Moose and the fires aftermath...

    Yes they did that for Goat, Sheep, and moose tags. They created a new "type G" - Guaranteed license and they are reissuing to those impacted in 2020. Several units will have zero new quota in 2021.
  24. MrDoe

    Nevada Archery success

    Well, got reunited with my buck over the weekend. Jeff Baird with Strip Taxidermy in St. George did an amazing job. The velvet looks nearly perfect! I'm super happy with how he turned out.
  25. Big Typical!

    Big Typical!

  26. Big Typical

    Big Typical

  27. 2.jpg


  28. MrDoe

    203-inch Mega Muley

    The exact location where killed isn't filled out. Please fill it out and PM to me ;) Awesome buck!!
  29. MrDoe

    Wyoming High Country Hunt 2020

    I really enjoyed the video, great job!
  30. MrDoe

    Colorado 4th season bucks?

    It was 60* in Kremmling today
  31. MrDoe

    2018 Unit 67 4th seaon buck

    Amazing dream buck! Not that it matters but there's about +5" between math errors and too much spread credit in your score sheet.
  32. MrDoe

    Nevada Archery success

    Henry, He's not as big as he looks, I'm a little person ;) I can't wait for you to see him in person. Kevin
  33. MrDoe

    Colorado Mountain Goat

    Hey fellas, 14 years of applying and 4 days of scouting and I was able to get this 9.25” billy at 730 am on opening morning of my second season goat tag! I’m hooked! Can’t wait to go again.
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  37. MrDoe

    Nevada Archery success

    Thanks Jake!
  38. MrDoe

    Nevada Archery success

    Guys, got my biggest archery buck on an amazing hunt in Nevada with Matt Kelly and Mogollon Rim Outfitters. 41 yard shot on day 5. We were on him every day but day 3 when a lion had blown him out. Matt is an awesome guide and hunter and Greg is top notch as well.
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