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    Roto Pax gas cans

    My rotopax with the nozzle I posted above pour quite fast. The other safety ones likely are super slow.
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    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    Hope the M9 hunt works out. This weather should help. I was there the last 6 days of the X2 rifle hunt and basically never saw a buck! The does were migrating toward Mowitz and Badger Wells, but we could not pick a buck out of anywhere we hunted.
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    How accurate are deer counts?

    IMO it had more to do with predator removal. Up into the 80s and early 90s we were living on the coattails of 1080 use.
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    Max points Wyoming NR

    I was in 100 for the archery hunt last year and this year. PM me if you want to discuss the unit. Picts are all from 100.
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    New rifle for general purpose

    I'll stick with my non-magnum guns.
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    RCBS MatchMaster

    Replying because I want to follow this thread. I'm getting into reloading myself and have most of what I need to load, but haven't decided yet on a scale/powder measure. For this year I loaded all of my stuff by measuring powder on a Lyman digital scale...
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    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    I hit a waypoint on my OnX at the snowline which was 3500 feet elevation and where Ponderosa Way crosses Hwy 36. Our cabin at Almanor had a bit less snow than farther west where I took the above pict, but it was still snowing when we left at 8 am.
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    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    This pict was yesterday along Hwy 36 near Mineral. 5 to 7 inches of heavy wet snow.
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    A Bolt II Medallion 270win

    Selling a gun just to get $500 isn't worth it to me. It's just a day of work!! I'd throw it in the safe and just go get what you want.
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    Reloading supplies

    I have a bunch of magnum rifle primers for sale, but not interested in shipping them. I'm in CA.
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    X zone guys

    I've hunted the Garden quite a bit myself and it's a giant area. Even with all 189 X2 tag holders in the field at the same time it's not that many people for such a huge area.
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    X zone guys

    I was wondering how many people with an X2 tag returned it a few weeks ago when the Modoc NF was closed. My guess is that 10% to 20% of tag holders returned their tag when they heard of the closure. I bring that up because I'm hoping that there's hardly anyone out the last week of the season...
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    X zone guys

    I'm leaving on Monday to help a buddy the last week of the X2 deer hunt. Not sure if the incoming weather is enough to get those deer moving south out of Oregon, but it should be fun anyway. Next week the weather looks like highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s with scattered snow showers here...
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    Forest closures starting early this year!

    I returned my pronghorn tag in Aug and received my points back not long after I returned my tag. That was early in the hunting seasons and I think they've received a deluge of tag return requests since then and are likely still processing them.
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    In the market for a new game cooler

    I have a Canyon cooler too and really like how square they are. The sides aren't tapered like other ice chests so you can pack a couple of them tight with each other.
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    Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit

    I purchased this chronograph new off Amazon in 2018 and thought I'd use it more than I am. I'm tired of storing it! I've used it a couple times with my bow and works as it should. I'm letting it go for $50 plus shipping...
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    231 Archery Deer

    The roads to the the top of Table and White Rock Peak are some sketchy roads IMO. There are bucks top to bottom in 231. This buck was at the 7,000 feet elevation in Aug and Sept. Probably 190+ in this pict. Killed the year after and scored 232.
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    Roto Pax gas cans

    This is the spout I use for my RotoPax Fuel cans.
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    Woman's draw weight for deer?

    I just shot two cow elk with my bow last week that is set at 58 lbs. One cow was broadside and arrow was a full pass through (even went through one of the shoulder blades). Other cow was quartering really hard away from me and I was slightly above her....arrow went in at upper portion of...
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    Mathews V3 27....50th Bday present

    Yep, whenever I can get a tag I'll hunt elk with my bow. This is my archery bull from last year.
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    what compound bow do you shoot ?

    I have a newer Mathews Halon, but my Mathews Drenalin is soon much smoother and nicer to shoot.
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    Mathews V3 27....50th Bday present

    Wiz, Scott or Joel at CCA will get you set up. Me personally, I only shoot Goldtip HunterPro arrows and Slicktrick 100 gr broadheads. I use to shoot 68 lbs but as I age and shoot less I've dropped it to 60 lbs. You're not too far away from me if you want to chat archery and equipment.
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    Torn Meniscus....?

    Wiz, I turn 50 this year myself and I too had the same thing happen. Out of no where my right knee is swollen and hurts like hell. Especially when squatting.
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    505 outfitters?

    I hunted with 505 in 2018 for an on-range oryx hunt. It went fairly well.
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    Single or double?

    I add 15% bacon to my burgers when I grind. No other fat. Because of that I constantly get people asking me for meat!!
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    Today I received an email that states: Your preference point appeal for pronghorn antelope has been approved. Your preference points have been restored and you earned one preference point for 2021. You may view your current preference point total by signing into the Online License Sales and...
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    Yesterday I received a letter from CDFW with receipts showing my pronghorn tag fee being refunded and then a debit of $31.93 for a BG tag return processing fee. Now need my points back plus 1 for 2021!!
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    Big Tex Trailers

    I just bought a Diamond C 14 foot utility trailer for work and my hunting trips. It has the side-load option and has a single 5,200 lb axle. I added a 2nd spare tire to it also. Took it on one hunt so far this year and drove it 1,200 miles on the highway and another 250+ miles on dirt roads...
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    The paunz

    Same here. Keep it up. I may decide to burn my 25 pts on the Paunz next year. Just need to decide archery or muzzy.
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    Dive Bars....gimme a story or two

    If you Google "Dive Bar" and click on the Wikipedia link you'll see a pict of the Merrimaker in Los Osos. We'll just say I've spent a fair amount of time at this bar!!
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    Rifle shopping

    They're are a nice looking gun, but caliber options are lacking. I personally wouldn't buy one because I don't like detachable magazines. I prefer BDL magazines.
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    For Sale WTS or WTT Primers and Cases

    Let me know what you're interested in. Also, for powder trades I'll want unopened sealed containers.
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    Nonresident OHV permit?

    I don't know if I need one or not but I just get one anyway every time I hunt WY. For $15 it's easy insurance and I don't have to worry about it.
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    Roto Pax gas cans

    I've had rotopax cans on my ATV for over 8 years and have seen thousands of miles of gnarly roads. Neither have leaked or split. I really like them.
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