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  1. RINK

    Wanted Youth shotgun

    Looking for a small 20 or 12 guage for my 12 year old, he is only 60 pounds and can't shoulder the guns I have. Thought I'd check here to see if anyone has one they're done using.. will pay with cash, ammo, or Silver... Thanks in advance Rink
  2. RINK

    Work boots

    Reaching out for advice.. I start a job that requires steel toe boots, I bought a $300 pair of Red Wings and have worn them for 2 days.. both of my heels have 1 inch open blisters.. I know the process of breaking in new boots, but these are just not a good fit for my old feet... Any advice from...
  3. RINK

    SOLD Glock 17, Gen 3

    I'm parting with one of my Glock 17's. It is a Gen 3, comes with 3 - 17 round magazines, Glock sights, Streamlight TLR-1 HL rail light, and a Blackhawk Serpa holster. I am a certified Glock Armorer and have gone through the gun in it's entirety. It is a sweet sidearm!!!!!!!! I'm in Sandy, UT...
  4. RINK

    Wanted Hatfield knife

    I seem to be an hour late every time Bob lists his knives... I am looking to buy 1, if anyone has more than they need.. lol.. I say that like its an actual possibility that someone would part with one.. I'm not picky, although prefer a drop point in Bob's higher end models. Figured it can't hurt...
  5. RINK


    Anybody hear from Elkasassin lately?? I'm worried about him, it looks like his last post was 8 days ago..
  6. RINK

    SOLD Glock 22

    Glock 22,,,, gen 3.. has $100 night sights on it. Comes with 3- 15 rd. Mags. I'll throw in 4 boxes of fmj-ammo(200 rds.) And 50 rds. Jacketed hollow points. $500 obo. If you just want the gun without ammo, I'll sell it for $425. I am located in Salt Lake County. Can arrange shipping if...
  7. RINK

    First buck

    14 y.o. step daughter got this nice 3x3 on general muzz hunt. I was more excited than I've been in a long time.. Funny how much enjoyment you get from watching your kiddos.. Myself, my wife (Jennie), Sierra, Alia, Duncan ( Sierra and Alia's Dad), Jamison, Deacon, and baby Ella were all in on the...
  8. RINK


    Hey Clint, I'm waiting for part 8 on your quest.. Keep em coming!!!! :) Rink
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