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  1. toklat

    New hunter looking for private land in NM

    Norman13, you are allowed one deer in NM!
  2. toklat

    Youth encouragment hunt success!

    Way to go! Congratulations to both of you!
  3. toklat

    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    Tayhot, nice buck! Congratulations and X2 on your LGB apparel! 👍
  4. toklat

    Unit Wide?

    Simplest answer, It is open for whatever “specific” 5 day period you chose to hunt identified under the E-Plus Unit Wide hunt beginning and end dates!
  5. toklat

    Bushnell has gone down hill!

    Slamdunk, perfect analogy!
  6. toklat

    Gross score this buck

    What does 175 get? 🤔
  7. toklat

    Gross score this buck

    175 from me! What do I win! Crickets?😂
  8. toklat

    unit 53 elk opinion?

    Don, it is in Unit 51! Good luck!
  9. toklat

    What does this guy score?

  10. toklat

    Gross score this buck

  11. toklat

    Hola Amigos

    Joe, sent you a PM. Will try again. Having trouble with my account? In any event since all Oryx areas have already been identified as being great previously, do not apply for the first hunts in September as the temperatures are brutal and you have to really break down your game and ice quickly...
  12. toklat

    Hola Amigos

    Send u a pm regarding at least Oryx.
  13. toklat

    New mexico 2B advice

    RR, point well taken. Resident deer are more active during the rut and are also more susceptible but not easy to locate during the early hunts where the rut plays no factor.
  14. toklat

    New mexico 2B advice

    Road Runner, I was specifically talking about “resident” deer herd numbers having nothing to do with migratory deer that yes typically don’t show up during the first “early hunt” and definitely factors in success ratios.
  15. toklat

    New mexico 2B advice

    Am in 100% total agreement with H8brick’s assessment! There is a resident herd in 2B but nowhere any where near historical numbers as has been experienced everywhere within the West as well. I am confident everyone agrees, Resident mature bucks can still be found in 2B but obviously not in large...
  16. toklat

    No bull for lazy hunter

    You gave it your best! That’s all that matters! Kudos to you and your wife! Hola Geno, get better!!!!!
  17. toklat

    SOLD 6.5 creedmoor and 300 prc ammo

    How much for the 6.5 More?
  18. toklat

    Mountain lion

    Cats have a typical 2O square mile home range they mark as their own and cover every five to seven days I believe but may stand corrected by the experts! Good luck!
  19. toklat

    Another One Bites the Dust - WY Antelope

    Congrats Bkank! Did you draw Kansas and Mortandad (sp. Tex.) this year? Good luck!
  20. toklat

    A big muzzy buck for Cody!

    PT, congratulations to Cody on an awesome buck. Configurations to your boys on their hunts this year as well! You need to buy a lottery ticket for your boys! As an aside, was your target buck killed by an archery hunter a slick 4X4 gross scoring over 210”?
  21. toklat

    Leoupold 3.5x14x40 vx3

  22. toklat


    Freaknasty, were those moose in Chama “euthanized” for purposes of relocation and sedative dose was miscalculated? Saw the same thing happen to one of four BHS ewes being lost several years ago —0 miles west of Pilar.
  23. toklat

    Where did the Deer Go in Unit 6

    “TUP,” I believe it has to be the same buck. Too much of a coincidence not to be. It was a main frame, wide 4X4 symmetrical buck. Apparently the lucky hunter only bow hunts and targets Unit 6! Good photo of a nice looking buck from up there. Just have to find the big ones as always!
  24. toklat

    Where did the Deer Go in Unit 6

    Funny you would ask. Ran into a guy in Albuquerque last week at a store and started a conversation about hunting. He pulled up a picture of his friend who bow hunted Unit 6 this year and took a huge symmetrical velvet 4x4 buck he claims grossed 204! It looked every big as that! He further stated...
  25. toklat

    Can you use a bow during muzzleloader elk season?

    Bogart, it is! Good luck!
  26. toklat

    6.5CM for cow elk

    Milligan, totally agree on 6.5! Congratulations on those late cow hunts! Impressive! That late youth hunt used to be a “sleeper unit” for many years. Not so anymore as is the case with everything else. Continued success with the youth.
  27. toklat

    1st Season Archery bull

    Congratulations to all! JFBNorthern, special congratulations to your daughters on those archery goat kills! Very impressive!👍
  28. toklat

    CO Ram down!!

    Marley, did you use your muzzy on this one too or one of Kevin’s builds? Congratulations!
  29. toklat

    CO Moose down!

    Congratulations Marley!! Knew it was not if but how big! Look forward to your upcoming sheep hunt!
  30. toklat


    Still killing good bucks at the Jicarilla but minimum 200 inch gross bucks are squeaking in and scoring with extra points to sneak into the 200 inch minimum class! They take one brute every so often but not like it used to be!
  31. toklat


    Drop Tine Outfitters Davey Montoya NM
  32. toklat


    Cody Robbins!
  33. toklat

    Az Banning Game Cameras

    Read an article that Arizona is banning game cameras beginning January 1 next year!
  34. toklat

    WTB Savage 99

    The recoil on the 1950s Savage 99 in our stable does have a stout kick. Am sure the same caliber in another configuration is not as pronounced? Irrespective, still a great caliber.
  35. toklat

    WTB Savage 99

    Buttplate should be metal. Expect a hefty recoil from the .300 Savage!
  36. toklat

    ISO NM unit 45 Archery Elk Tag

    Check Farmington NM Craigslist Elk. $3300. Also, Albuquerque NM Craigslist Elk $4500. Good luck.
  37. toklat

    Savage 110 ultralight 6.5 PRC

    Couse, same question from NMbowhntr27 above! I was ready to pull the plug on that platform but different caliber. It felt like it weighed more than the advertised weight and felt bulky for some reason? The carbon wrapped barrel is a big plus!
  38. toklat

    looking for oryx land owner voucher New Mexico

    With Private land owner access, you still have to pay for the opportunity one way or the other.
  39. toklat

    NM Bighorn

    You should have an awesome and successful hunt!
  40. toklat

    looking for oryx land owner voucher New Mexico

    Try the Armendariz Ranch owned by Ted Turner in southern NM. Should be able to contact and get info.
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