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  1. Gunnihunter

    CO 4th season deer success?

    I’m kind of surprised there hasn’t been any postings for CO 4th season bucks. Even with the very unseasonably warm weather, I was expecting to see some large bucks being taken. Anyone know of any special deer having been killed?
  2. Gunnihunter

    Female looking for hunting help

    What happened to the post/thread from the lady hunter looking for help in Utah? When I first saw it, guys were jumping out of their socks to offer tips. If she had been a man, she would gotten a bird emoji. What happened?
  3. Gunnihunter

    Great heavyweight fight tonight

    The Fury/Wilder was a great heavyweight fight tonight. Both throwing bombs with knock downs. It was reminiscent of the Lyle/Forman fight many years ago, for those of you that can remember that far back. It will go down as one of the best ever. 🥊💥
  4. Gunnihunter

    Where are we?

    Where are we? I mean all of us. We seam to be in a weird socialist tax zone. Countries have borders. By design, be do not. With everything that’s going on, ( $600 banking, parents are terrorists, lack of free speech, etc.), why are so few speaking out? This is not about Trump. Is the hatred for...
  5. Gunnihunter

    Stories of it could not or would not happen now

    Some or many of us may have some stories of things that happened years ago that could not or would not happen today. Here is one of mine, I would appreciate any of yours: There was as group of six of us cutting timber in the Los Pinos region south of Gunnison. We were all good friends. If I...
  6. Gunnihunter

    A question to my Wyoming neighbors.

    What are your thoughts on Liz Cheney? After what I saw today, I can’t imagine her being re-elected as a Republican. Is there any way that conservative WY sends her back to Washington? I really would like to know what WY thinks. If your not from WY, I don’t care what you think.
  7. Gunnihunter

    A question to ponder.

    Can a racial hate crime be perpetrated against a white person? I think not, it would never be prosecuted, so therefore it can’t exist.
  8. Gunnihunter

    Grilling Season

    Marinated Wagyu Tri Tip, Balsamic grilled asparagus, Gorgonzola potato salad, and Texas Ranch Water cocktails. One of my favorites.
  9. Gunnihunter

    Spending Question

    Can anyone explain what is meant by environmental justice or environmental equity? It’s being proposed that we spend 20 billion on it. What is it and how does a dollar value be assigned to it? I hope someone can enlighten me.
  10. Gunnihunter

    An easy prediction

    Derek Chauvin will be acquitted of murder due to George Floyd having a lethal level of Fentanyl in his body and having heart disease. There will be riots across the country and most of the media will side with the rioters. Ammunition will be scarce for anther 2 years.
  11. Gunnihunter

    China Virus

    Robert Redfield has said he believes Covid came from a Chinese biological warfare lab. I believe it and it makes sense to me. I don’t think it was an accident and the Communist Party unleashed it upon the world purposely. Besides the economic benefit to China, I think it was a test run for the...
  12. Gunnihunter

    One Liners

    Just heard this on “Carlson”, I wish it was mine, “It’s like finding a woman that cooks at a feminist rally.” Even my wife laughed. Post whatever you find funny or clever. Could be good.
  13. Gunnihunter

    It’s Time. Less than 2 days. Super Bowl!

    For all you haters and “I don’t watch spectator sports “ guys, I don’t care. My white self says go Shaw Barrett. Make yourself a force and a champion. FOOTBALL 🏈👍
  14. Gunnihunter

    Unbelievable money

    I just saw on Denver TV news that the Rockies are giving St Louis $50 million to take Nolan Arenado who has only 1 year left on his contract. Giving 50 mil to get rid of the arguably the best 3rd baseman B in the baseball is: I don’t know? It’s just appalling, I just don’t understand. Every day...
  15. Gunnihunter

    The Woke entertainment industry

    While I’m being told I need to be reprogrammed, a NY mass murderer is given an Emmy and a LA rapist is given an Oscar. Does the term absurdity come to mind.
  16. Gunnihunter

    John Kerry

    Maybe it’s just me, but every time I see John Kerry speak all I can think of is that he reminds me of Lurch. Urrrrr......
  17. Gunnihunter

    What a half for the GOAT

    For all you guys who would rather clean the garage that watch the NFL, you should turn on your television.
  18. Gunnihunter

    Another 1.9 Trillion?

    Even liberals must agree this is a bad idea. The original covid relief hasn’t been used yet. And he says he wants to spend trillions more. The bill must be paid sometime. Inflation, remember Carter? That administration’s failures will be dwarfed by what is coming. I know this won’t be taken well...
  19. Gunnihunter

    Utah State Football team quits

    The snowflakes on the 1 and 5 Utah State team quit on the year. Would they have quit if they were 5 and 1. I don’t think so. I hope they never come back. The school should “cancel” the program.
  20. Gunnihunter

    Just a thought

    At no one in particular, when taking photos of your mule deer, don’t hide the ears. You killed the buck, be proud of it. I think it ruins the photo. It doesn’t make it it look bigger, it looks like you’re trying to hide the true size. As soon as I see it done I think too bad.
  21. Gunnihunter

    Are masks working

    First let me say I’m not making this post as a political statement. With hundred of thousands of new cases reported every day, 100,000+ hospitalizations, and now 3000 deaths daily, I find it hard to believe that the majority of these people were not wearing masks. When I am out anywhere there...
  22. Gunnihunter

    They’re blowing up my neighborhood

    They’re blowing up my neighborhood! Firecrackers and fireworks everywhere! Oh My! Happy 4th of July! God Bless America!
  23. Gunnihunter

    Would you take this ram?

    For the fun of thinking about it, would you take this ram on opening day at first sight in Colorado. You know there are other hunters in the area. If not, Why? This ram was photographed on Memorial Day by my Buddy.
  24. Gunnihunter

    County pandemic restrictions

    I get social distancing and stay at home guidelines. And I understand the fear of the virus in small communities with most likely inadequate health care facilities for a large virus outbreak. Take Gunnison for instance; I know multi decade residents with second homes in Gunnison that leave for 4...
  25. Gunnihunter

    Favorite Westerns

    I see a lot of nostalgia recently on this site. I like old westerns, war movies, monster movies, film noir, etc. What are you favorite western movies and actors ( leading and side kicks )? A few of mine: True Grit (both), Jeremiah Johnson, Unforgiven; Jack Elam, Walter Brennan (he was born old)...
  26. Gunnihunter

    Large Elk sheds

    I didn't find these sheds. Some other lucky guy did and is having them mounted. Estimated to have been from a 380 bull. This is the second year complete sheds have been found from the same bull by two different people. These sheds were found this year and last year's shed were mounted also.
  27. Gunnihunter

    Picked up my Gunnison 4th Season Mount

    I'm very pleased with my Gunnison buck mount. I'm very fortunate to have taken a deer of this caliber. It gross measures 202 3/8, 25" inside spread, and 41" of mass.The taxidermy was done by Shane Guerrieri of Trophies Unlimited in Gunnison. Shane also has a game meat processing business that...
  28. Gunnihunter

    Colorado Bird Whisperer

    My buddy Shannon taking a lunch break while elk hunting. Not photo shopped.
  29. Gunnihunter

    Gunnison 4th season Whopper

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-31-19 AT 02:58PM (MST)[p]I had success in the Colorado 4th season. I'm privileged to be a Colorado resident and big game hunter. I used 16 points on my 2018 tag. Although I could have drawn earlier, I waited because of drought and winter kill. So glad I waited. With my buddies...
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