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  1. cmbbulldog

    Late Bull Utah

    What a great bull, congrats!
  2. cmbbulldog

    Utah late bull

    Great bull, congrats!
  3. cmbbulldog

    3rd Season strategy question. Mobility vs. Pressure

    Nice job, congrats!
  4. cmbbulldog

    1 For 2 in 67 3rd Muley

    Great buck, congrats!
  5. cmbbulldog

    CO 3rd Season Success

    Great buck, congrats!
  6. cmbbulldog

    Colorado Muley worth the 25 Points

    Great buck, congrats!
  7. cmbbulldog

    Late wasatch elk help

    Great bull, congrats to all involved
  8. cmbbulldog

    My unit 40 bull

    Nice work, good bull!
  9. cmbbulldog

    CO Buck

    Cool buck, congrats!
  10. cmbbulldog

    CO 3rd Season Success

    Nice deer, congrats!
  11. cmbbulldog

    CO 3rd season unit 44 deer

    I'll do a year in review thread at some point. Got 2 more tags to help fill in 3rd season, then my own hopefully in 4th. My 2 buds I have helped so far have killed there best bucks ever.
  12. cmbbulldog

    2nd season buck

    You did good, congrats!
  13. cmbbulldog

    CO 3rd season unit 44 deer

    Picked up a reissue tag for a buddy on Wednesday and killed a good buck within the first hour of being there. Can't imagine a 3rd season tag in that unit... you should do great!
  14. cmbbulldog

    CO 2nd Season - GMU67 Success

    Great buck, congrats!
  15. cmbbulldog

    2nd season success

    Nice job!
  16. cmbbulldog

    Gunnison 2nd season deer

    Heard from a couple different folks rut activity started picking up yesterday. Hope so, headed that way friday.
  17. cmbbulldog

    2nd Rifle, Unit 66 GOT 'ER DUN!!!

    Heck of a buck, congrats!
  18. cmbbulldog

    Book Cliff, South Bucks

    Nice one, congrats!
  19. cmbbulldog

    Western Colorado contact list

    Some good guys around!
  20. cmbbulldog

    Daughter in Law's monster 5

    Congrats Sid, what a tank!
  21. cmbbulldog

    Great bull for my daughter

    Way to go, congrats!
  22. cmbbulldog

    First season elk success

    He's a beauty, congrats!
  23. cmbbulldog

    2021 AZ Bull

    Great bull, congrats!
  24. cmbbulldog

    My '21 General Utah buck.

    Great buck, congrats!
  25. cmbbulldog

    2021 Punkin Patch Buck

    Nicely done, congrats!
  26. cmbbulldog

    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

    Great bull, congrats!
  27. cmbbulldog

    Sons muzzle loader bull

    Zach attack! 10-2. Congrats guys, well done.
  28. cmbbulldog

    Giant California Mule deer down!

    Nice job!
  29. cmbbulldog

    Henry’s Muzzy Buck

    He's a beauty, congrats!
  30. cmbbulldog

    2021 Buck…

    Good job!
  31. cmbbulldog

    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    We will be in a wall tent 3rd season. Sounds like we will have plenty of camping options!
  32. cmbbulldog

    2021 Success

    Nice job!
  33. cmbbulldog

    Bro's Wasatch Bull

    Great bull, congrats!
  34. cmbbulldog

    Early rifle hunt in Colorado

    Congrats on a nice buck!
  35. cmbbulldog

    1st Season Archery bull

    Congrats Paul, you always get it done!
  36. cmbbulldog

    Third generation Henry mountain buck

    Great buck, congrats!
  37. cmbbulldog

    Colorado Governor’s Bull

    Great bull, congrats to the hunter!
  38. cmbbulldog

    Wife's First Archery Elk

  39. cmbbulldog

    Co unit 21

  40. cmbbulldog

    2021 UTAH Sportsmans tag holders elk, 420+

    Amazing bull, congrats to the hunter
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