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  1. mlycrzy

    Wife’s 4th season buck

    Love that dark cape.
  2. mlycrzy

    Sons Buck

    Heck ya.
  3. mlycrzy

    dolores triangle late season deer hunts

    Great buck.
  4. mlycrzy

    CO Buck

    Woah! Heck of a buck.
  5. mlycrzy

    CO 67 buck

    Big threes are cool. Way to go.
  6. mlycrzy

    2021 mule deer success

    Love the looks of this buck. Congrats
  7. mlycrzy

    CO 21 Deer Tag Filled

    Solid buck. Way to go.
  8. mlycrzy

    Elk recovered 6 months later

    Wow. Cool story.
  9. mlycrzy

    Ready for a monster muley.

    Nice. I shoot a 28 as well and absolutely love it. Trying out the 195’s Bergers for the first time on a late elk hunt in a few weeks.
  10. mlycrzy

    Ready for a monster muley.

    Great bucks. What’s the caliber on that sweet looking rifle.
  11. mlycrzy

    Unit 242 opening day bull success!

    Very cool. Nice pics.
  12. mlycrzy

    Wanted CCI Primers

    Still available?
  13. mlycrzy

    My son Beckham’s first big game animal

    Sweet buck. Love the white face.
  14. mlycrzy

    Wanted CCI Primers

  15. mlycrzy

    Finished up 2021 for Deer

    That’s a heck of a year.
  16. mlycrzy

    Wanted CCI Primers

    PM sent
  17. mlycrzy

    Wanted CCI Primers

    PM returned
  18. mlycrzy

    Wanted CCI Primers

    Looking for some CCI Large Rifle Magnum primers. I will be in the Richfield/Cedar City UT area next week for football. Thanks
  19. mlycrzy

    Question about points

    I believe with 1 point you would go in with 2 draw numbers. One for the previous point and one for the current year applying? That's the way I understand it anyways. Basically square your points and add 1 for the current application year. This is from the NDOW website. Bonus points are squared...
  20. mlycrzy

    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    My son killed this unique piebald buck during the muzzy hunt. He had a goal of killing a mature buck and he passed on many small bucks during the hunt with hopes of seeing something bigger. When we glassed up this cool buck he said “Dad, I know he’s not a mature buck buck but I like him and want...
  21. A3D5322D-05F3-4C19-803D-649041AE807D.jpeg


  22. mlycrzy

    San Juan, Elk Ridge Deer Pics

    Great buck.
  23. mlycrzy

    My '21 Arizona archery elk

    Pretty sweet.
  24. mlycrzy

    SOLD CVA Accura PR muzzleloader

    I have a browning a-bolt .223 medallion I would trade if interested?
  25. mlycrzy

    Nevada archery Elk success!

    Great, great bull.
  26. mlycrzy

    Wasatch Elk

    Great bull and pictures.
  27. mlycrzy

    Lab/hound mix lost while scouting for goats in the Uinta West Unit 6/28

    Crazy. Glad he’s home.
  28. mlycrzy

    Now my daughter is going Bighorn Sheep hunting!

    Pretty cool. Look good forward to seeing some pictures from the hunts.
  29. mlycrzy

    Son's First Buck

    Great muzzy buck. I’d say he’s a low 160’s type buck. Either way he’s a shooter in my book too.
  30. mlycrzy

    What will it score?

    What a great first buck. I’d say mid 160’s
  31. mlycrzy

    Pretty crazy looking bull

    I like those funky bulls.
  32. mlycrzy

    MT 2021 Spring Bear Hunt (pics)

    Love that jet black coat.
  33. mlycrzy

    Antlerless CC Hits

    Any e-mails yet?
  34. mlycrzy

    Antlerless CC Hits

    Should be within the next week or so. Getting down to our last few packs of elk steaks and burger.
  35. mlycrzy

    Our Golden Knights

    Hell ya. Go Knights.
  36. mlycrzy

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    One of the best threads to ever hit MM’s. Lots of beautiful bucks of all varieties.
  37. mlycrzy

    draw results

    Nothing for my family. No surprise.
  38. mlycrzy

    draw results

    In the meantime, have a laugh or two.
  39. mlycrzy

    draw results

    A friend I trust who has contacts with NDOW. Whether it’s legit or not I don’t know but it has been a few days earlier the past year or two so who knows. Good luck to those hoping for a tag.
  40. mlycrzy

    draw results

    The rumor I’m hearing is this Friday. Either way it’s coming quick.
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