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    .223 bolt action

    when i was a teenager i used to shoot a bunch of bench guns at long range and finally have a good paying job to afford such a thing. I always like the Savage LRPV back then but with all the high quality guns out there now it’s over whelming. considerations: gonna shoot heavyweight rounds...
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    Grass land Camo recommendations

    Iv been hunting low elevation yellow grassy oak forests this season and have been stumped on a good camo pattern. i don’t ever wear camo but due to a few recent stalks i hope that camo will help close the distance or actually help hide my outline. i usually just wear earth tone plaid long...
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    Unit 314 Camping

    Hi everyone new member and new to Montana elk hunting. Experienced deer hunter and stout backpacker. I was lucky enough to find a left over cow elk tag for 314. Iv spent lots of time in the Wisdom area fly fishing but not so much over in the paradise valley area. I’m headed out for the...
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    Pacific South West region closed

    Total bummer for archery season but hopefully rifle season the forests will be opened back up. Happy I got a ln elk tag in Montana…. Sorry not sure how to make the link clickable.
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