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    Thor did the job in Colorado for me.

    Fortunate to take this nice Muley in Colorado last week with a Thor Bullet. Performed awesome with 100 grains of BH 209
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    Looking For Early Season Muley Cape

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-10-12 AT 08:28AM (MST)[p]Anyone have access to a cape for A Early Bowkill velvet Mule Deer. Was an older buck 6 year old or better 180" with a large head. Cape slipped and need a replacement.Let me know
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    Muzzleloader Elk Unit 34 vs. 52

    Trying to decide on a 3rd choice for my wife for an elk hunt. Got the 1st and 2nd choice figured out. As far as 34 and 52 which would be easier terrain or more vehicle access. Don't care to road hunt yet do not want to pack in either. I know 34 has a youth hunt just prior to the 1st ML Hunt that...
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    Archery Muley 61 or 21/30

    planning for next year and would like to be able to do some glassing. Have heard 61 is quite thick, but are there places to do some glassing. I am leaning towards 61 up along the divide road. I have been looking at maps and on google earth and looks like some nice canyons to glass. Whats your...
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    Unit 75 Archery Antelope

    Taking my wife out for the opening week of archery in unit 75. Is anyone familiar with that unit. I have good maps and have done the research over the phone, so we have a starting point. Just looking for any more info I could add to our arsenal.
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