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    Nevada Elk 231

    Any guides still available to possible take my brother in and hunt with him? Maybe a day or two, or whatever options may or may not be available. I ma dealing with a possible covid situation here and am unable to determine whether i am healthy enough to go. The puking, chills, and chest pain has...
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    Nevada Elk 231

    Pucci PM'd you
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    Nevada Elk 231

    Right on
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    Nevada Elk 231

    Hello guys and gals Just wanted to see how 231 is looking this year so far, any success or stories My younger brother has an elk tag for early rifle and hoping to get his first ever big game animal on the ground. Hope everyone has had a great big game season so far
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    Dixie fire

    scary fire to say the last. now a new fire that broke off from the Dixie fire, called the Fly fire is 1200 acres and 0% contained. This could get ugly. Prayers.
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    SOLD Swarovski STS 65

    PM sent
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    6 points non resident

    thanks highfastflyer appreciate your guidance
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    Just some Mule Deer pictures from this last season

    beautiful bucks a dream....
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    Get them while they're hot

    less B tags than d3-5 interesting how has it come to this....
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    6 points non resident

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    6 points non resident

    what would you do with that?
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    Unit 104, 108 and 121 archery elk

    good luck on the hunt archery is always challenging but so rewarding if i knew about the zone i'd share info but i don't unfortunately. hope guys help you out as any elk tag in NV is a once and a lifetime opportunity have heard great things about quality in that unit
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    Results tomorrow

    zipped for 2 for deer maybe antelope next year. well see what this drought does....
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    Score guesses

    nice bull
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    Fundraiser Draw

    watch the weather
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    Apply Eighteen Years, What Do You Get?

    hope you have a fun hunt thats a long time to wait no matter the score, just enjoy yourself
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    Craziest ammo prices you've seen?

    about .90-1.00 per round for 9mm luger here in CA. plus they track you now! every single round you buy thank goodness for friends unreal.
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    Fundraiser Draw

    zip cash cow for the bureaucrats
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    New to CA

    lots of general hunting lots of bears lots of ducks if your into that with an extensive refuge system bring all the ammo you can with you!!!! or buy it here and get tracked......
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    CA Draw posted.

    so jealous congrats pm me and ill share what i know with ya. its not much but i have a few general pointers. hope its a hunt of a lifetime for ya
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    Drought conditions/Antler growth

    thx 3TOE
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    Colorado has wolf pups

    its all part of they're plan....... they want us exterminated
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    Drought conditions/Antler growth

    3TOE any intel on moisture in 231?
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    Who's Excited About Draw?

    buddy drew a grizzly spike tag
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    Who's Excited About Draw?

    zip for 2 of us
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    For Sale Honda 500 Pioneer

    nvm i see in a post above
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    For Sale Honda 500 Pioneer

    sako what part of california are you in? i am in the north valley
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    Vortex Viper HD 20-60x80mm Spotting Scope

    where are you located
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    Makaira sent you a pm
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    A little bit of Wyoming

    amazing keep them coming
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    Nevada draw

    my younger brother drew a 231 bull elk tag. very excited and thankful
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    Elk preference points

    its an 8 dollar lottery ticket. or at least thats what i think of it. had a buddy pull the NE zone and had a great hunt but mentioned something about the timber companies closing more access as of very recent so that may just put a lid on that entire hunt. not quite sure how accurate that was...
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    Makaira I will PM you........hope your still enjoying that over/under! Miss that gun! 3TOE I don't know i am more excited for him or if he is. We will see. Starting to get my thoughts together. Will be a challenging hunt always. Never stepped foot in the unit but hopefully will have enough time...
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    231. Excited and anxious
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    Hello guys I wanted to introduce myself I have been watching this site for years and really enjoy it. A little bit about me I live in Northern California and i work in law enforcement. Avid duck hunter and big game hunter. I have been investing in points/hunts in many states for about ten...
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