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    Double throat patch odds?

    Wife’s deer from a couple of years ago…
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    Need help picking right .300win ammo

    Tikka, that’s very generous! I actually was digging through my safe and found a box of core-lokts. I guess we will shoot those up until I can find a box of Barnes for sale. 😑
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    Need help picking right .300win ammo

    I use the Barnes Vor-Tx TTSX 180 gn factory ammo in my .300 Win Mag and I've been very pleased. Dumped a deer at 285 yards and an elk at 685 yards this year. They haven't let me down yet. But good luck finding anything. I just handed over my Savage 110 .30-06 to my 14 year old son. He really...
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    Looking for quality 10x42 or 50’s binos

    Pretty good deal... I had to bite.
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    Guess the score

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    Zion park mule deer

    By the lodge and down in the campgrounds. Head further east and go look at some sheep as well.
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    What are you guys seeing for deer #'s where you hunted?

    This was the biggest thing I saw…
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    What are you guys seeing for deer #'s where you hunted?

    The area we hunt (Fillmore) seemed to be way down compared to years past. Maybe 25%-50% of what we typically would see. Did kill a buck though so I guess that's something.
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    New rifle for general purpose

    I’m not necessarily promoting a Christensen Arms gun, but I’ve had really good luck with mine. It’s been one of my favorite rifles.
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    New rifle for general purpose

    I have a Christensen Arms Mesa in a .300 Win Mag and it came with a brake. My wife hunted with it and she was fine. She's 5'1" and 110 lbs. It is definitely loud, but I wear ear protection hunting and I make my wife and kids wear ear protection as well so the noise is a non-issue.
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    A lot of variables involved. Have you killed a mature bull before? What weapon? What did you see while scouting all summer? How many points did you burn? What day of your hunt is it? Had I seen better bulls while scouting, burned a bunch of points and it's the first half of my hunt, I'm letting...
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    Pahvant 2021

    Fun unit. I have a rifle deer tag there again this year. I'll be content if I get to look at some big bulls.
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    Binoculars around $1000

    Cameraland has the 12X's in stock for $1,499.99 and the 10X's for $1,399.99.
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    Binoculars around $1000

    I couldn't get the 16% code to work but there is a 13% code that will work. I'm trying to decide between the 10X's or the 12X's, but the 12X's are out of stock. (sportoptics)
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    Binoculars around $1000

    So i went shopping today… I was set on the Zeiss Conquest’s… until I looked through them. Optics are great of course, but I was in no way a fan of the eye cups. Tried the Leupold Santiams and same thing, didn’t like the eye cups. Tried a pair of Vortex Razor UHD’s and really loved everything...
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    High of 73* tomorrow (Saturday) and a low of 42*. That aint too bad! Next weekend it looks even cooler!
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    Binoculars around $1000

    I currently have a pair of 10X42 Cascades. They’ve been a very solid binocular. I’m looking to upgrade and have seriously considered the Santiams. I’m looking hard at the Mavins and Zeiss as well.
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    So what you're saying is, I should go test out a pair of Mavens?
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    Henry Pahvant

    Anyone heard of or own a pair of these?
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    I've had pretty good luck with my Vortex products. Are they the best? No. Do they fit my budget? Yes. Have I taken advantage of their great warranty? Multiple times. I've actually loved my Leupold Binos. I'll be upgrading by binos here again in the near future and am seriously looking at the...
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    Yamaha 550 Grizzly issue.

    Yeah, It's spelled C-H-A-N-G-E-D.
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    Yamaha 550 Grizzly issue.

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    Yamaha 550 Grizzly issue.

    I've got 2 of the same machines... Like you said, they just keep running and running. They've been bulletproof machines.
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    Ideas for elk and deer?

    If you wanted to hunt elk or mule deer in 2022 and had a budget of $6,000+\- what would your preferences be? Obviously I’m looking for ideas for myself. I’d like to stick to rifle hunting in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Arizona or Nevada. Elk would be my priority but I’d also look...
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    Vernon rifle hunt

    It's a fun unit to hunt. You'll see plenty of deer and plenty of average to below average bucks. There are a few solid bucks on the unit but good luck finding them (not to say it's impossible). They give out quite a few tags for the unit and even though it's a large unit, most of the people hunt...
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    Best 7-mag with break for $1200 or less

    All good suggestions. I've always had great luck with my Savages. Although my current favorite rifle is my Christensen Arms Mesa (.300 Win Mag).
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    Daughters and Hunting

    +1 SS! Get them involved early (before they’re old enough to actually hunt). I think ultimately it might not be for every kid, but do all you can to find out. So far my girls show a lot of interest (12 and 17 years old). Just keep involving them as much as possible.
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    Vernon Landowner Deer Tags

    I’d probably talk to Jim Gowans. His # is 435-882-2120.
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    Yard sale find

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    Trophy rock etc???

    I think the definition of "bait" will include "salt licks". It looks like the DWR will post a Q&A section in a month or 2. Hopefully that clears a few things up. What about setting a bait just for entertainment? I've ran trail cameras of 20 years. In those 20 years I've never taken a specific...
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    Lightweight backcountry tents? Any suggestions??

    I have the KUIU Mountain Star 2. Ive only used it once for a Wyoming deer hunt. Great tent IMO.
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    Fillmore Deer

    We've hunted it for quite a few years. My son killed his first deer 2 years ago there (his first year hunting). My daughter has a rifle tag this year as do I. We have seen a few decent bucks over the past few years. Here's the only thing that's showed up on my trail cam so far this year... 👀...
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    South West Desert Pronghorn

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    credit card hits

    They used to require you to actually work some of the service hours. They might have done away with that and you might be able to buy all your hours now ($20/hour). I posted a link to the dedicated hunter rules (I know some of the rules and requirements have changed over the past few years)...
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    credit card hits

    You can apply for the same unit every time.
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    credit card hits
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    credit card hits

    You chose your own unit. You can kill 2 deer in 3 years. You get to hunt all 3 seasons. You have to provide so many service hours while your in the program.
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