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  1. Vinootz

    338 VS. 325 wsm?

    325wsm is a great cartridge. At this point in time it’s safe to say it’s for handloaders.
  2. Vinootz

    WANTED .284/7mm 175g Swift A-frames

    Try 160 gr. if you haven’t already. Unless you’ve proven your rifle don’t like them. Sorry I couldn’t solve your problem. I normally strive to offer a solution within the terms of a question by members . But in these tight times when ammo availability is very poor, I’ll try different weight...
  3. Vinootz

    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    Shady? I suppose so. If state politicians are all of a sudden driving new cars, (or other perks), shady could be accurate-lol.
  4. Vinootz

    Remington M700 LSS accuracy

    One of the most accurate factory rifles I’ve purchased and haven’t done a thing to it.
  5. Vinootz

    SOLD Browning Abolt Stalker

    What’s it to ya? Lol
  6. Vinootz

    Which one?

    Good reason to buy a firearm. I always buy another when I don’t need one. I guess that’s why so many folks have collections. Lol
  7. Vinootz


    Yes. I have so much interest that I bought one after already owning a Kimber 325wsm. Lol.
  8. Vinootz


    Ahhh I’ve been trying to buy American my whole life and still to this day. I’ve also paid more for that loyalty and still do. And I’ve also paid for the repairs of scores and scores of defective products. LMAO. Buying American is not the same as when you bought American in the 1950s and 1960s...
  9. Vinootz

    POLL: What's your favorite style of hunting?

    The choices were limited in the survey. My answer is actually whatever the hunt requires. And when I’m not freezing my behind and feet. I don’t mind cold but there are some days where it penetrates the bones. Then I got to make sounds walking off the freeze.
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