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    78, 105-107, 121 antelope

    I drew a muzzy antelope tag in these units. Was wondering if anyone hunted there this year or recently that had any suggestions. I cant wait for my first hunt in Nevada I have the full season to hunt and I'm not in any hurry. Been scouring onx and have a game plan, just wondered if there was...
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    Unit 19

    I picked up a first rifle season elk tag in unit 19 today. Has anyone hunted that area lately that can shed some insight? How is the population? Any areas to avoid? Is there a certain elevation that holds elk? Any info is appreciated. Not looking for a trophy, just to fill the freezer. Thanks
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    Draw question

    I applied for a doe antelope tag as a party leader. My hunting partner attached his application to mine. Results show that he drew but I didn't. I thought if anyone in the party drew, all of the tags are issued. Am I missing something that would allow him to draw but not me?
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    270 150 gr accubond LR

    Nosler has some in the shooters pro shop. I think someone was looking for them the other day
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    Got one

    Had a little extra time yesterday so I decided to see if I could find a coyote. Had time for one stand. Sun setting at my back, creek to my front and the wind coming from the right. First sequence and one came running in. What a great way to end the day.
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    Getting started

    I am interested in hunting deer with a muzzleloader in Colorado. I have never shot one and have no clue where to start. I know scopes and sabots are out for Colorado. Is a 50 cal better, or is something smaller better for deer? I would expect to keep shots under 100 yards. Is this...
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    New Stock

    I am looking for a wood stock for a Model 70 Winchester Long Action. Anyone have any ideas of places to look that won't break the bank? Thanks
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    For what it is worth, the local Walmart had some ammo. 22lr, 223, 9mm, 40, 45. 3 box total limit. 1 box limit on any cartridge.
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    Duck Hunt

    Here's a pick of a duck hunting trip in Texas. We had a pretty good morning hunt.
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    I am trying to find a source for maps that show public/private land ownership. I am trying to research some units and want something that shows access. Any help would be appreciated.
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    270 load question

    Does anyone have a pet load for a 270 they would be willing to share. I am trying to get a load worked up for my deer hunt. I have 130, 140 and 150 grain bullets.
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    2009 mule deer

    pic of my 2009 deer.
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    Need Help - Unit 51

    I am new to MonsterMuleys and need some help. I drew a unit 51 mule deer tag for the early season. I have never hunted this unit before. I am looking for any advice someone would be kind enough to share. Thanks Lott
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