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  1. Chesterwyo

    Tree Stand Elk

    Anyone here ever done it successfully?
  2. Chesterwyo

    WTT Accubonds

    Looking to trade only. I have (94) .308 200 grain nosler accubonds. One sealed box of factory first, and one opened box with 44 factory seconds. I want to trade for .284 160 grain accubonds. Bullet for bullet.
  3. Chesterwyo

    300 RUM stuff

    I’ve got some 300 RUM reloading supplies for sale. Including new and once fired RP brass. Retumbo powder in one pound containers. And a bunch of 200 grain nosler acccubonds. Willing to ship brass and bullets, but not the powder. PM for prices.
  4. Chesterwyo

    Area 22 type 6 elk

    I've got this tag. Anyone with experience hunting cow elk there? I have time this weekend, and was thinking about going to take a look. Given how nasty and steep the Ferris Mountains are. I hope the elk can be found more towards the bottom 🤠
  5. Chesterwyo

    Tags In The Mail

    Anyone received their tags yet?
  6. Chesterwyo

    Youth Hunt Area

    Hello all. I got my kids age 10 and 11 nonresident deer tags in Idaho this year. I was wondering if anyone could recommend an area to take them to try for their first deer? We mostly want to hunt the units in the far eastern side of the state. They hike pretty well but I don't think I want to...
  7. Chesterwyo

    Sweetwater River Whitetail

    Anyone ever hunted whitetails in the area north of Jeffery City? Along the sweetwater river.
  8. Chesterwyo

    Nonresident Youth

    Hello all. I plan on taking my two kids (ages 10 and 11) to Idaho for their first big game hunt this year. We plan on hunting the general units on the border with Wyoming. I've read the regulations regarding the youth mentored hunts, but still have questions. As I understand it they will both...
  9. Chesterwyo

    Antelope Area 10

    I picked up a couple last minute leftover antelope tags for my dad and myself for area 10. The area is between buffalo and Sheridan by lake de smet. I've found a couple state sections and little parcels of blm land that look huntable. But was curious if anyone here had any experience with this...
  10. Chesterwyo

    Vernal auction

    Anyone make it to the auction in vernal yesterday? They had some pretty nice guns for sale. But I couldn't make it. Just wanted to get a feel for how much some of the guns sold for.
  11. Chesterwyo

    Where's the beef??

    The elk hunt didn't treat me very well this year and the freezer is empty. Can anyone reccomend a good place to buy half a beef in western wyoming or northern Utah? Thanks.
  12. Chesterwyo

    Area 130-6

    Was wondering if anyone here knew of any landowners in the Farson WY area who would let us on their land to shoot a doe mulie. My little sister has the tag which is valid for private lands in area 130 within sweetwater county. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.
  13. Chesterwyo

    Old style swarovski spotter

    Does anyone here have any experience with the older style swarovski spotters (they were grey in color) are they optically compareable to the newer ones?
  14. Chesterwyo

    My WY 102 buck

    Here is my 2009 Wyoming buck taken from area 102. This is the 2nd year in a row I have drawn this tag. I hunted hard, walked a lot of miles (which is hard to do in country that has so many roads) and glassed till my eyes bled. While scouting I saw quite a few nice bucks and a couple that were...
  15. Chesterwyo

    Question of the day

    Let me start off by saying I post this here because I know there are a few law enforcement officers on this board and was seeking some advise. My wife is a manager of a shoe store in our local mall and she was working the other day and one of her employees found what looked to be a rolled up...
  16. Chesterwyo

    Bison priority list

    The wild bison priority ranking list is out. I am number 65 I may be close.
  17. Chesterwyo

    area 12 turkeys

    I've drawn a limited quota turkey tag for are 12 which is the platte river valley near saratoga. Was wondering if anybody here might have some ideas on where to find the turkeys in april? Any help is much appreciated.
  18. Chesterwyo

    Anyone buy beef?

    I was sorting through my chest freezer the other day and noticed a large void where an elk would normally go. So I have decided to buy half a beef. I don't have any idea how to go about doing that. Any of you guys ever buy a beef? Whats the typical price? And any recomends from anywhere in...
  19. Chesterwyo

    wolf spotted in UT

    I was traveling from Rock Springs down to Vernal on highway 191 the other day and right before I dropped down the hill into Dutch John I spotted some deer running across the road and right on their tails was a HUGE black wolf. Just wondering if anybody else has seen the same?
  20. Chesterwyo

    WY 101/102 deer hunters

    Hello all.. I have a moose tag for the area that overlaps these two deer areas and it has been an incredibly tough hunt to say the least. I have spent a total of 8 days hunting from daylight till dark and doing a lot of walking and havn't been able to turn up any moose. I passed up a very small...
  21. Chesterwyo

    Credit cards

    Here is my situation. I have a credit card that I let get out of control,(very dumb and irresponsible I know) I simply quit paying the monthly balance hopeing it would magically disapear (again dumb and irresponsible) Now they are saying they are going to sue me. Just wondering if an of you have...
  22. Chesterwyo

    WY moose opinions

    Looking for some opinions on what I should do for the upcoming wyoming resident moose draw. I currently have 11 points. I am one point off of max because the points system was implemented a year before I was old enought to apply. I am thinking about cashing in this year in one of the units that...
  23. Chesterwyo

    Great sheep guide passes

    I just looked at the ramshorn outfitters website and it says that outfitter Cort Feely passed away in a car accident. He had a reputation of being one of if not the best sheep guides in wyoming. Very big loss for the sheep hunting community.
  24. Chesterwyo

    Great sheep guide passes

    Just looked on the ramshorn outfitters website and it says that Cort Feely has passed away in a car accident. He was one of the best sheep guides in wyoming. And just purchased his own camp a couple years ago. Truly a sad situation.
  25. Chesterwyo

    antlerless hunts

    Any of you guys on here apply for antlerless tags? When I go through the annual ritual of applying for tags here in Wyoming I alwasy apply for a few antlerless tags. I feel that it makes me a better hunter in the respect that I know the limitations of my equipment and my own personal limitations...
  26. Chesterwyo

    worst hunting boot??

    As I was packing out my elk the other day I could't help but notice that the irish setter boots that I was wearing were the most uncomfortable boots on the planet. They offer no support whatsoever and they seem really thin on the sole. So heres one vote for irish setter being the worst boots...
  27. Chesterwyo

    building points

    How many of you out there are currently banking preference points in the western states in hopes of drawing a good tag a few years down the road? What states do you build points in and what are some of the fees associated with building points? How many states have a "point only option" that you...
  28. Chesterwyo

    WY tags in the mail?

    has anyone recieved their wyoming tags in the mail yet? I got my two antelope tags and antlerless deer tag the day after the drawing but still havn't got my elk or deer tag. Starting to get a little nervous
  29. Chesterwyo

    wyoming 32

    My dad and I both drew elk tags in areas 32 and we didn't apply as a party. I've spent a little time out there but not much. Anyone have any insite? I would be willing to trade info on western wyoming.
  30. Chesterwyo


    My wife has been houding me to take her on a vacation so we can get out of the cold and just relax for a week or so. Does anyone have any suggestions on places to go. I've been looking into a cruise but I'm not sure if they would be all that fun. I would appreciate any suggestions anybody can...
  31. Chesterwyo

    wyoming antelope

    can anybody help me post pics of my antelope?
  32. Chesterwyo

    Wyoming antelope area 25

    Hey everybody, my wife and I drew leftover antelope tags for area 25 this will be her first year hunting and I want her to have a quality experience, I know the unit is mostly private land. I also know there is a walk in area there. Does anyone know where there are some big sections of public...
  33. Chesterwyo

    spot and stalk bear hunt

    judging from the pictures of sucessful bear hunters here it looks like this would be a good place to ask where in the western states would be the best place for a spot and stalk bear hunt. I've heard northern Idaho and montana have good spot and stalk hunts but I can't seem to find very much...
  34. Chesterwyo

    Spot and stalk bear hunt

    from all the photos of sucessful bear hunters here I thought this would be a good place to ask where is the best place in the western states to do a spot and stalk bear hunt? I've heard that northern idaho has a good hunt but can't seem to find very much info on it. I'm not looking for anyones...
  35. Chesterwyo

    Monster Wyoming buck

    Go to and check out the 2004 hunt gallery and check out the monster buck taken from the wind river indian reservation
  36. Chesterwyo

    Parachute Colorado

    I was down in the parachute area working yesterday and couldn't help but notice that the country there looks like awesome mule deer habitat, has anyone here hunted that area? How hard is it for a non resident to get a tag? I'd appreciate any info that you guys would be willing to share. If you...
  37. Chesterwyo

    Mega bucks from the old days

    In the latest additons to the photo gallery there are pics of some bucks taken back in the day in colorado. The buck in the last picture is absolutly amazeing I have never seen a more massive deer, alive or dead. Looks like I need to ditch wyoming and move to colorado!!!! CHESTER
  38. Chesterwyo

    Anybody shoot a 257 Wby?

    do any of you out there own a 257 weatherby? If so how do you like it? I'm trying to decide if I want to get one or not and was just wondering if anybody could give me some insight on the caliber. CHESTER
  39. Chesterwyo

    Can you imagine

    If this buck was real
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