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    AZGFD Stop Paying Influencers

    I may be wrong but I am not aware of any other state where a non-resident can hunt deer during the prime rut on millions of acres of public land by just simply walking up to the counter and making a purchase.
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    Spring draw

    Only Javelina this year. 5 points could not get our group a turkey tag in what I consider an average turkey unit.
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    Burn Question

    burns are your friend
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    Glassing chair

    +1 for the helinox chair zero. mine looks identical to the chair in the picture above except for being blue. Don't forget to bring a dark towel to put over your head and block out all the light while glassing.
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    Kaibab Update Monsoon '21

    got a little more
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    AZ Deer Draw

    I enjoyed going down memory lane again this morning.
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    Arizona OTC Archery What's Going on?

    I have no problem with non-residents and I have helped many out that have been drawn here. But I care more about my state and the wildlife that reside here. I put in for a couple other states but I have to get drawn and that is the way it should be here as well.
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    Arizona OTC Archery What's Going on?

    The more units the make draw units forces more and more hunters into the few remaining OTC units. This will most likely cause more animals to be taken during the few OTC hunts which means G&F will make them a draw unit once they meet their percentage threshold. For the life of me I can't...
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    Wandering Wolf Captured

    Can we welcome them just like we do a coyote once they leave their boundary?
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    Kaibab Update Monsoon '21,-111.12121582031251&boundaries=false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false&tab=observation&obs=true&obs_type=precip&precip_interval=72&precip_filter=0.01,18&obs_popup=false&obs_density=20&obs_provide...
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    20c Youth

    Cherish the memories. cool pics
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    Kaibab Update Monsoon '21

    try this...
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    Watch The Super Raffle Drawing Tonight

    The point of the raffle is to raise money for AZ wildlife. The notion that "average Joe" gets a chance at a tag is secondary. Personally, I'm still not sure how I feel about the auction/raffle tags. I understand the money raised is great for wildlife but getting to hunt 365 days when other...
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    Hey BOHNTR- What is this?

    Every time I see one of the freakish NT's I want to ask the shooter or meat cutter if there was a noticeable injury, abnormality or physical anomaly about the animal. I guess I want to know "why" it grew a rack like that. Does anyone have such knowledge about these animals?
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    Come on monsoon!??

    I hope that rain forecast map is correct. If Coconino county gets 3-4 inches rain over next 72 hours that for surely should fill some tanks. Bring it!
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    Coconino NF closure

    A new one started last night 7 miles west of clints wells just south of poor farm by coyote tank.
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    AGFD - IMPORTANT Commission Meeting - June 11, Payson

    That rule of not hunting on Sunday's has always been a tough one to get my mind to wrap around. As a teacher who has pretty much just lived off of hunting weekends that would only allow me to hunt one day a week during the season. Which would make me 50% more unsuccessful than I already am...
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    AGFD - IMPORTANT Commission Meeting - June 11, Payson

    If they haven't already, guides and outfitters are conjuring up their new plans of action. Something tells me many will try to skirt the intention of trail camera ban by having friends and relatives say cameras are theirs for animal watching purposes only. Actually, I have no idea what they...
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    Return to Kaibab 2.0

    2002 & 2003 were the absolute worst IMO.
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    AZGFD accepting applications for 2021 fall hunts

    As an educator, it is more trouble to be gone from work than to be there. Getting closer and closer to retirement and most of my hunts have been Friday-Sunday hunts. Love my job but really sucks if you want time off to hunt in the fall. I don't want to wish my life away but when I'm done...
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    Arizona apps

    Welcome to the Arizona application system.
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    12a elk

    If you don't mind saying where about were you in the unit? I have seen old droppings but never set eyes on a live one yet. The droppings I found were in the mid-range around south-lake.
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    Point Sharing/Point Guard

    Good discussion. I have no idea how many people take advantage of the rules that are in place and set by G&F. One thing is pretty clear is G&F is not going to change anything that affects their bottom line. They have bills to pay and they even figured out how to make more money by offering...
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    GC Bison Cull

    Sorry but hunting is a lot more than just killing something for me. I can only imagine how this cluster is going to be with all the media, AR groups, G&F etc. Not exactly a quality hunting experience to me. No thanks, I'm out I bet someone tries to block the road to north rim.
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    No Deer Permits for the 12s & 13s.

    Happy to see them reduce the killing of does aka the baby makers.
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    13B pronghorn help

    G&F is trying to wipe out elk on Kaibab plateau before they really get a foot hold. They are not trying to wipe out the antelope in 13B. Like said above, apples & oranges.
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    Unit 1,2b,2c early archery

    Just curious but why wouldn't you spend the $5 and get points guard? Having 19 points and leaving it to chance is crazy. Crap happens all the time. My Cousin, who lives in Florida drew a rifle elk hunt last year. 2 weeks before the hunt he climbed up on his Elliptical machine, slipped and...
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    AGFD - Input on Hunt Recommendations

    Here's your chance to complain about too many tags and too many hunts in unit 33. It's a wonder there is even a single buck in that unit any more. There are other units too but this one hits close to home for me.
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    Why is the Arizona Game & Fish Commission going to ban trail cameras?

    Group of unified sportsmen = guides + deep pocket clients of guides + game camera manufacturers.
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    If a guy were to retire in AZ..

    I'm happy to have had the opportunity to enjoy this state when it was great. Now I would describe it just as "ok". I can't see it ever getting better but it is still better than the majority of other states.
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    Why is the Arizona Game & Fish Commission going to ban trail cameras?

    I listened to their podcast and they talk about how it is not a popularity contest. If people think the board is going to make their decision based on what get the most "votes" they are wrong. Being in a position of leadership is not always easy or popular. Sometimes tough decisions have to...
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    If a guy were to retire in AZ..

    My choice would be Verde Valley area if I ever leave the concrete jungle called the valley of the sun. Temps still get warm but cools down at night and winters are moderate(4 seasons). Born & raised in AZ and I will take heat any day of the week over cold. My biggest complaint of AZ is all...
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    Class Action Law Suit

    Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves? All I know is that the expected credit card charges have been delayed. It's time for everybody to relax.
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    Why is the Arizona Game & Fish Commission going to ban trail cameras?

    G&F now has two separate rule making proposals they are going to choose from. The first is the total ban and then at the Feb. meeting they opened the 2nd rule making proposal which is a camera season from Feb 1 to June 30. They are going to be having a comment period soon for people to write...
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    Local sporting goods stores

    Outdoorsmans 16851 E Parkview Ave #101, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
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    Classifides has a classified and it is 99% AZ stuff.
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    Credit Card Hits

    I have a $100 charge on my card from california that I didn't make but I have to leave it there until G&F starts hitting cards. Contacted card Co. and they want to cancel the card and reissue a new one but I said never mind until az results are out. My level of concern has gone up dramatically.
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    How many pairs of hunting boots do you own?

    I'm not a real religious person but I am a believer. I went to church yesterday for the first time in about two years. This thread hits yesterdays message right on the head. Makes a man start to think about things other than just boots and more stuff. By the way, I have more than 7 pair of...
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    Credit Card Hits

    I stopped investing in the stock market in 2008 when everything hit the fan. Instead, I should have been buying then maybe I could be hunting in the hills every fall with guys like you. My timing always seem to be off. Oh well...........
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    Credit Card Hits

    I got out of IT in early 90's. If I thought I could work from home someday I might have stuck with it. I was never so miserable in a job I was as a computer programmer. I was blessed to have an understanding wife that encouraged me to do something that I really wanted to do. It's a great...
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